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How did you tell your SO?

I always love to read/see how people tell their partners about baby! I haven't
told DH yet about this pregnancy, but I'll share how I announced the others...

DD 1- I got a gift bag and put a boy bib and a girl bib in it and put the positive digital tests inside a clear yellow bottle. 
          - On FB I just posted a pic of the positive tests lol 

DS 1- I had DD make a picture frame with a pic of her and DH in it with all the reasons her daddy was the best, and I made a t-shirt that said #1 Daddy on the back and "Daddy x2" on the front. 
          -On FB, I posted the video of DH opening his announcement

DS 2- I reused the tshirt and crossed out the number 2, and wrote a number 3. 
          - On FB I had taken some pics of DD and DS1 with a little handmade tiebreaker tally board. 

CP- I had a friend take family photos of us, and for a little series of photos I had her set us up so that i was behind DH, and when he turned around for the next pic, I was holding a onesie in front of my belly. 

DS 3- I honestly forget how I told DH about our rainbow, but on FB I posted a picture of our U/S with a Christmas border and a comment about our rainbow coming for Christmas as he was due on 12/24. I need to ask DH if he remembers how I told him!
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Re: How did you tell your SO?

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  • He was heading to Costco after work to pick up some stuff and I sent him a picture of the test and said You might wanna grab some prenatal vitamins while your there! 😆 I was going to wait and do something cute but I couldn’t keep it in. 
  • mimsermimser member
    He knew I would test that morning, but didn't want to find out before going to work. So, when he came back home, he just asked! 
  • @pinky111220 it’s so funny when they’re oblivious!!! 

    MH and I also weren’t trying but we weren’t preventing either. I was tracking my cycle just to stay on top of it for when we were ready to try (also, I wanted to watch closely to know whether to keep drinking or not). I told MH by hand painting a white onesie with the saying “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future” with a tree in the middle (LOTR reference) while he was at work late one night. I laid it on his pillowcase in bed that night and he noticed it when he got into bed. He stared at the shirt for a whole 10 minutes and just kept asking me “really? Really really?” He had tears in his eyes but no full crying - I was hoping for tears 🤣🥰
    Me: 27 DH: 30
    Started dating: 10/2010 ;; Married 10/2017
    Started TTC: 10/2019
    BFP: 12/20/19 ;; MC: 12/24/19
    BFP: 3/5/20 ;; EDD: 11/11/20
  • For DS-1 I put a pair of infant socks in a box for my husband. 

    For DS-2 DH (husband right?) was on the west coast while we were east. I had DS-1 tell him. 

    For DS-3 we were SUPER surprised. I took a test early and woke him up at 4am and said holy sh*t we’re expecting. We were pumped just not expecting a third before DS-2 was one. 

    For this one...let me see if I can paraphrase...we were trying for a boy (healthy baby really) and read boxers help conceive a boy. Who knows 🤣. So I took a test the moment my app said to test. I immediately bought 4 different boxer briefs with the test wrapped in one pair. I told him it was a late Valentine’s Day present. He opened the wrapped boxer briefs and his face fell. “Honey...remember I needed boxers not the tighter briefs sweetheart.” He kept opening them and got to the fourth with the test. The test had a note that said “Congrats Dad #4.” His response was awesome. NO WAY!  Then pure joy. We’re both super pumped!

  • With DS, I wrapped a baby hat and the test with a note that said surprise daddy! He thought he was unwrapping a video game. 🤣

    With DD, I wrote him a very long letter and gave it to him before we went to bed. I told him all the things I love about him and ended it with the news of DD. He was shocked! (We were experiencing secondary infertility and were about to start seeking medical treatment. 💜)

    With this baby, I was so in shock I just called him at work. He had a late meeting and I ask him to cancel. He said no and I told him it was an emergency, but not a bad one. He straight up asked if I was pregnant and I simply answered “Yes.” 😂 Then I facetimed him and showed him the two tests, all while our other two kids were running around in the background talking about making socks for silly sock day. 😂💜 

    @name1109 DH does stand for dear husband 🥰
  • Why am I reading these and crying. Stupid Hormones!
  • Why am I reading these and crying. Stupid Hormones!

  • Lol, He asked if I was worried about COVID-19. I said "No, I have something else to worry about".

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  • @name1109 I can't wait to hear if the boxer theory worked for you? Though it doesn't look like you needed any tricks to make a boy... lol
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  • I’m an early bird, DH is not (I mean, I get up at 4.30, he gets up at 7, but, yeah). With DS 4 years ago I took the test first thing in the morning (we had *just* started trying) and jumped on DH and woke him up and he said “ok” and hugged me and went back to sleep!

    With this one I was in the middle of a call with a student (with COVID my office hours are now on the phone) and the sitter had just gotten here to look after our son and a plumber arrived to fix the toilet and DH came up from where he was working to get lunch and ask me if he could eat my leftovers and it was literally the most chaotic half hour ever and then my doctor called with my blood test results and I told my student I would call her back and I cried on the phone with the doctor and then DH heard but by the time he got to me I was back on the phone with my student so I had to shoo him away. After I got off the phone with my student I went down to where DH was working and told him. 

    Tl;dr : I’m crap at this stuff.
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