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Check-in 03/16/20-03/22/20


Re: Check-in 03/16/20-03/22/20

  • EDD/weeks+days: 11/5 7w

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Finding out and not telling anybody :)

    Baby is the size of a(n): Tip of an eyeliner brush 

    Upcoming appointments: 4/2 for intake + U/S

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Nausea on-off all day, exhaustion, and a headache for the last 2 days that will not go away.

    Raves/Rants: Had an U/S yesterday and was so pleased by the result. My RE said LO is developing "perfectly" which makes me very happy. We saw the heartbeat at 125bpm. We are in NYC so practicing extreme social distancing/quarantining which is difficult, but also makes not spilling the beans a lot easier.

    Questions: Has anybody started sleeping with a body pillow, yet? Been having a lot of trouble sleeping and wondering if it makes sense to take out the snoogle, but also I feel like this is really early to need it?

    GTKY: What was your first car? 2003 Honda Civic in cherry red (I was such a hotshot when I was 17).
    Me: 34 DH: 34
    Married: August 2015
    TTC since January 2018
    BFP#1: 12/25/18
    MMC: 2/1/19 D&C 2/7/19 
    BFP#2: 5/5/19
    MC: 6/9/19 D&C: 6/11/19
    Medicated Cycle: 1/31/20
    Letrozole + Novarel Trigger
    BFP#3: 2/24/20
    EDD: 10/5/20

  • EDD/weeks+days: 11/14, 5w5d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Green

    Baby is the size of a(n): Not sure. Still tiny! 

    Upcoming appointments: Still haven't scheduled it. Last time my midwife didn't see me until 12 weeks and with the state of hospitals right now it seems like the check in appointment I had last time around this point would be an unnecessary addition. Both for the overrun clinic and unnecessary exposure for me and DS just so they can hand me a pamphlet, do a urine test that's the same as the pee stick at home, and still not schedule to see a midwife until 12 weeks anyways. 

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Very tired. Sometimes crampy and with a few bouts of nausea but not bad, all things considered. 

    Raves/Rants: This is a similar rant to what I had this time around last time. Everyone is having first semester ultrasounds!! Or at leave have them scheduled for soonish! My doctor doesn't even do them. You only get the 20 weeks one and that's it unless there are concerns at other points. They say that early ones are unnecessary (unless there are concerns) and don't really help with dating so they don't do them. Which, sure, fine, whatever. But I want one anyways!! Still bitter about this it seems. :)

    Questions: More an overall concern about pregnancy and birth in the time of over-stretched hospitals...but I guess we just cross that bridge when we get there. 

    GTKY: What was your first car? 1991 Toyota pick up. I had it up until about 3 years ago. That thing lived forever and I definitely miss it! Mostly the stick shift which I always thought was fun to drive. 
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  • @laurenmicheley if you think you’d be more comfortable with the pillow, go for it!! No such thing as too early to be comfy! 
    @auburnvelvet86 aww man. I would be upset too. Those early ultrasounds do wonders for peace of mind!
  • EDD/weeks+days: 7ish weeks

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: green 

    Baby is the size of a(n): uncooked macaroni noodle

    Upcoming appointments: supposed to have US on Monday 3/23, fx it happens so I have some idea of due date 

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Still a lot of head drainage and nausea. Fatigue. Brushing my teeth is a chore in not throwing up

    Raves/Rants: I'm considered an "essential worker" (which I'm totally not haha) so I'm glad for the job security but not loving myrisk for exposure 

    Questions: too tired to remember any right now 

    GTKY: What was your first car? 80s Chevy Cavalier  affectionately called the "Baby Blue Bomber" that I shared with my older brothers and was my Grams 
  • EDD/weeks+days:
    Nov 22/ 4 weeks 6 days

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: 
    Finding out but I’m keeping it a secret!

    Baby is the size of a(n): 
    Grain of Rice

    Upcoming appointments:
    Struggling to pick an OB.

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? 
    Cramps Nausea Peeing Gas Burping Indigestion Heartburn Food Aversion Nipple and breast tenderness/itchiness

    A close family member of mine is 6 months pregnant and I don’t want to be the girl that steals her thunder

    Today my symptoms decreased in intensity, which feels nice but worrying. Is that normal to have a strong onset?

    GTKY: What was your first car?
    1995 Dodge Neon or sometimes called a Plymouth lol depending on who you talk to.
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