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November 2020 Moms

Check-in 03/16/20-03/22/20

Let’s do another all group check-in until we get the rest of our November mamas in here and then we can figure out the formatting for the due date weeklies. 


Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: 

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Upcoming appointments:

How are you feeling/Symptoms? 



GTKY: What was your first car?

Re: Check-in 03/16/20-03/22/20

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  • Ecat504Ecat504 member
    EDD/weeks+days: Nov 15 / 5w +2?

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: finding out as soon as I can!

    Baby is the size of a(n): a grain of rice or a lady bug (which is wild something so small makes me so tired and nauseous). 

    Upcoming appointments: next week on the 24th 🤞🏼 to at least hear the heart beat 

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? NAUSEOUS. And so dang tired. 

    Raves/Rants: I could rant all day about this Coronavirus and our school / city situation. I actually need toilet paper because and I can’t find it any where because people are buying 300 rolls to hoard at their house. 

    Questions: none 

    GTKY: What was your first car? I had a mini van 🙃 2005 Kia Sedona and she was my baby! 
  • EDD/weeks+days: Nov. 22/4w1d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: finding out!

    Baby is the size of a(n): poppy seed.

    Upcoming appointments: Tomorrow, March 17. Probably just intake and confirmation? I can't believe I got such an early appointment!

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? A little tired, a headache coming on.

    Raves/Rants: I am already mourning my piping-hot bath habit.

    Questions: None right now -- thanks for the book recs!

    GTKY: What was your first car? 2011 Toyota Corolla, white, perhaps the most anonymous car on the road. Still going strong (though I just got another recall notice related to airbags/seatbelts, ugh).
  • @bserena yay for getting a lot of sleep over the weekend! I hope you’re able to get lots this week too to help deal with the fatigue. 
    @mimser great silver lining!! It’s funny because I keep hearing people around the office talking about stocking up on alcohol and I’m like well, I guess I’ll save money not doing that! 
    @Ecat504 ugh.... I hope your able to find TP soon! 🤞🏽 
    @kitkatz1990 right there with you on feeling like 4 weeks from now is an eternity to wait for an OB appointment!
    @katepercy are hot baths bad in early pregnancy? I may have forgotten this from my first time around and I probably wasn’t too concerned back then anyways since I lived in a small apartment with a small tub. 
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    Dec2014 BMB / DD born 1.1.2015 
    TTC Baby#2 Nov2019

  • Got my first ultrasound this morning!  7w5d is the official count, and little lump's heart rate was looking good at 150bpm. Doctor also put my due date at Oct 28th, so I will be shuffling over to that group.  Good luck all!
  • @krystrist2014 -- Basically, what I've read suggests avoiding very hot baths ( or hot tubs) for the same reason saunas aren't advised -- maintaining a core body temperature below 100 degrees F is safer. I've also read that WARM baths a (below 100F) are just fine.**

    So last time around I measured my bathwater temp and discovered that I prefer extra hot baths, so I'm learning to like cooler ones, but nevertheless feel resentful in a silly way about it. :smile:

    **Please take all of this with a grain of salt; I'm not a medical expert and am just summarizing Dr. Google!
  • @katepercy ah, that makes sense. Thanks for sharing! I definitely like them good and hot too! Especially since they seem to cool off pretty quickly haha.
    February Signature Challenge - High School Celebrity Crush:

    Dec2014 BMB / DD born 1.1.2015 
    TTC Baby#2 Nov2019

  • EDD/weeks+days: Nov 11/5w6d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Finding out but not sharing except with DH

    Baby is the size of a(n): one of those square letter beads from those 90s friendship bracelets 

    Upcoming appointments: Intake on Friday (3/20) then ultrasound 4/1! Can’t come soon enough. 

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Just bloated mostly and constipated today. A little cramping but I think it’s because of the lack of bowel movements. It seems strange that I’m not having more...but maybe not. 

    Raves/Rants: On edge trying to figure out what’s happening next in Washington state. I’m still working, but I was scheduled to see 7 kids today and now I’m only seeing 3 because the rest cancelled.  

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What was your first car? 2010 white Kia Soul! I begged and begged for it. Still going strong 10 years later! 
    Me: 27 DH: 30
    Started dating: 10/2010 ;; Married 10/2017
    Started TTC: 10/2019
    BFP: 12/20/19 ;; MC: 12/24/19
    BFP: 3/5/20 ;; EDD: 11/11/20
  • BabyL52716BabyL52716 member
    edited March 16
    EDD/weeks+days-unconfirmed November 18th 4 weeks 5 days

    Team finding out-Finding out

    Baby is the size of a- poppy seed

    Upcoming appointments-Need to make one still. 🤣 My office. Doesn't usually see you until 8weeks I do believe. 

    How are you feeling/symptoms- Sore boobs, bloating but no more than my normal 🤣  no cramping today (woohoo), kinda short/irritable with some people. 

    Rants/raves- having seasonal depression and now needing to be stuck at home for. God only knows how much longer. 

    Questions- none

    GTKY-Black Dodge Stratus 2001 maybe? 

  • EDD/weeks+days: 11/4, 6w5d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Still deciding - last time we were team green and loved it, but this time I think I want to know.

    Baby is the size of a(n): sweetpea

    Upcoming appointments: Intake, week from today

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Queasiness that comes and goes, lack of appetite/food aversions, then suddenly starving, eating too many meals a day, fatigue.

    Raves/Rants: I'm worried that appointments will be delayed due to COVID-19, but also hoping maybe they'll try to combine appts or something? 

    Questions: What are you ladies seeing about the dangers of COVID-19 during pregnancy? I'm mostly seeing that it seems to be not affecting pregnant women too badly, but I am concerned about the risk of high fever during first trimester. For those of you who have seen doctors already, did they address this? 

    GTKY: What was your first car? 1988 Ford Festiva hatchback! It was basically a tin can with wheels, but man, it sure worked great for us!
    Me: 33 DH: 32
    Started Dating: 2003 Married: 2013
    Started TTC August 2016
    BFP: 2/1/17 MC: 2/8/17
    BFP: 3/8/17 MMC: 5/1/17
    BFP: 7/23/17 EDD: 4/5/18
    BFP: 2/27/20

  • @mimser I have had a couple of hints of the "gotta throw up" feeling in the last couple of days too! I never had that with previous pregnancies, and it still isn't full force, but now I guess I have an idea of what to expect.
    @krystrist2014 I definitely had that heart racing/uneasy/heart pounding feeling in weeks 4 and 5. It seems to have subsided, and it has helped that I went decaf for my afternoon coffee. I have read that it's pretty much normal unless you're getting light headed or dizzy, in which case, see your Dr.
    Me: 33 DH: 32
    Started Dating: 2003 Married: 2013
    Started TTC August 2016
    BFP: 2/1/17 MC: 2/8/17
    BFP: 3/8/17 MMC: 5/1/17
    BFP: 7/23/17 EDD: 4/5/18
    BFP: 2/27/20

  • EDD/weeks+days: 11/24 3weeks 6 days

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Green. We didn’t find out with our first and it was super exciting. 

    Baby is the size of a(n): chia seed

    Upcoming appointments: none yet. I’m calling tomorrow. 

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Bloated but I did eat a ton of pasta for lunch so 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Raves/Rants:  I’m in PA and everything is shut down including daycare. My Husband and and I still have to work and we are struggling to find care for our son everyday. My office said they are preparing for everyone to work from home but have yet to pull the trigger. 

    Questions: None yet

    GTKY: What was your first car? A 1988 Chevy Cavalier 😂
  • @krystrist2014 I hope  My symptoms started super early this time around too! I found out really early, at like 3w2d and I was already dealing with some nausea and fatigue. Not fun! 
    @hedgepig I’m worried about the high fever thing too, especially since we can’t take ibuprofen. Hopefully none of us catch it!
  • EDD/weeks+days:Nov 16 / 5 weeks

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Team Finding Out I guess, we haven't talked about it yet

    Baby is the size of a(n): an apple seed

    Upcoming appointments: First Ultrasound scheduled for 4/9 and First Prenatal 4/16

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? I'm tired, thirsty, need to pee, and sometimes cry super easy

    Raves/Rants: I just told my boyfriend this morning and I was nervous because he deploys next month... but he held me and we talked about first steps and taking the time of his deployment to learn to communicate well and make positive steps towards creating a strong relationship to support this little life.

    Questions: ???????????

    GTKY: What was your first car? A reliant K.
  • @hedgepig thanks girl! It is definitely reassuring that I’m not the only one that has experienced that. I have t been in to OB yet, but I have seen the same as you in my research - that there is no increased risk for pregnant women. I could be wrong but K also don’t thing that super high fevers are common with it - just mild ones, I believe.
    @kitkatz1990 it makes me feel less crazy that someone else also started having symptoms super early. And wow! 3 weeks is so early. But I would take that as a good sign. ❤️ LO is making their presence known early on. 
    @[email protected].com yes! I am definitely more thirsty too! I normally have to force myself to drink water but over the weekend I was drinking non-stop.
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    Dec2014 BMB / DD born 1.1.2015 
    TTC Baby#2 Nov2019

  • @roseble[email protected] I’m so glad to hear you are thirsty. I thought this was a solo crazy symptom I was experiencing! I read that normally you have excess saliva, but I feel like my mouth is always dry and I am drinking way more. 
    Me: 27 DH: 30
    Started dating: 10/2010 ;; Married 10/2017
    Started TTC: 10/2019
    BFP: 12/20/19 ;; MC: 12/24/19
    BFP: 3/5/20 ;; EDD: 11/11/20
  • crizz13crizz13 member
    EDD/weeks+days: 11/23 (according to FF) 4 weeks today. 

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: FINDING OUT

    Baby is the size of a(n): poppy seed

    Upcoming appointments: intake phone call on 4/1 and first appointment in a million years (aka 4/24)

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? totally fine

    Raves/Rants: The COVID situation in Boston is terrifying. I have friends who work at local hospitals and the situation is much worse than any of the numbers/the media is reporting. 

    Questions: n/a

    GTKY: What was your first car? A secondhand Volvo which I promptly totaled a few months after getting. 

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  • @crizz13 due date twins!! And also twins in that we both promptly totaled our first cars. 😬🤣
    February Signature Challenge - High School Celebrity Crush:

    Dec2014 BMB / DD born 1.1.2015 
    TTC Baby#2 Nov2019

  • crizz13crizz13 member
    @hedgepig Though there aren't any concrete numbers on pregnancies and COVID (there is one SMALL sample report out of China), I am very nervous about it. We are taking this social distancing to a social-isolation level because of it. I would never forgive myself if something happened because I couldn't be inconvenienced to not go out. *I know I am extremely LUCKY that I have the means to stay home during this pandemic, and I'm not taking that privilege lightly.

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  • EDD/weeks+days: Nov. 21/423d?

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Will find out

    Baby is the size of a(n): poppy seed

    Upcoming appointments: TBD

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Feeling good! Just a little sleepy.

    Raves/Rants: Practically our whole state is shut down due to COVID-19. I really hope this won't extend beyond the 2 weeks we are facing right now. The governor will re-evaluate at that time. While of course I want as many people as possible to remain healthy and untouched by the virus, I am annoyed that my wedding set, which was was being resized and dipped and was supposed to be back by the 18th- Wednesday- but will now not be sent back until these restrictions are lifted and all these businesses are allowed to open back up. 

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What was your first car? First I shared my mom's old lady Buick Skylark, and then borrowed my brother's old Bronco (which I loved!) Then my dad gave me a little beat up Hyundai Elantra, and when that bit the dust, the first car I bought and was really proud of was a Nissan Altima.
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  • EDD/weeks+days: 7w5d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: finding out

    Baby is the size of a(n): blueberry, still

    Upcoming appointments: not until April 7. Tried to
    move it up but they didn’t want me to come in any earlier 

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Still nauseous all the time and tired. Tums have been a life saver!

    Raves/Rants: my preschool class is part of a daycare center and we are still open. We are implementing SO many precautionary measures to do so. I understand people still work and need the childcare, but I’m being really childish about it and saying it’s not fair lol. 

    Questions: n/a

    GTKY: What was your first car? 1989 Honda Accord. It was a golden brown color and had a racing muffler 😂
  • wychetswychets member
     EDD/weeks+days: I believe I’m almost 6 weeks.

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: I want to be team green but I know I’ll probably go insane!

    Baby is the size of a(n): a pea.

    Upcoming appointments: March 25th. Seems like foreverrrr!

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Bloating, some pressure, and exhaustion!

    Raves/Rants: None at this time.

    Questions: Anyone else have bloating and pressure?

    GTKY: What was your first car? 1996 Grand AM, red, and the driver window didn’t roll down lol
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  • kruth15kruth15 member
    EDD/weeks+days: I think 7 weeks 2 day 🤷🏼‍♀️ I assume the Dr will be able to tell me a more accurate date. 

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Not sure yet. 

    Baby is the size of a(n): Altoid

    Upcoming appointments: Dr Apt March 24th, 1 week to go!!🤞 Worried that they didn't mention getting an U/S. But I assume that'll all work itself out. 

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? My boobs are sore, as are my back and feet. I'm also having a hard time eating dinner and any fruits or veggies which is giving me bad acid reflux. 

    Raves/Rants: This COVID-19 has me worried. 

    Questions: Sooo many! But my main question is should I cancel my vacation on April 8th? We had planned to fly to S.C. but now I'm very nervous.

    GTKY: What was your first car? Kia Sophia, we bought it off Ebay 🤣
  • @wychets I’m definitely bloating and not sure if I’d call it pressure but am having some sort of sensation that’s not cramps...stretching maybe? I don’t know. FTM so I’m not super helpful but wanted to reassure you that you’re not alone!
    Me: 27 DH: 30
    Started dating: 10/2010 ;; Married 10/2017
    Started TTC: 10/2019
    BFP: 12/20/19 ;; MC: 12/24/19
    BFP: 3/5/20 ;; EDD: 11/11/20
  • @wychets lots of bloating and pressure here!! It’s normal. :)
  • jessileedjessileed member
    edited March 18
    EDD/weeks+days: November 23rd, 4w + 2d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: DEFINITELY finding out!!

    Baby is the size of a(n): a poppy seed

    Upcoming appointments: early April (at about 7 weeks) for first ultrasound + bloodwork

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Tired, a little bloated and I wake up BOILING in the middle of the night! Also have been slightly gassy, but that seems to have gotten better the last few days (or at least fingers crossed for my husband’s sake 😂)

    Raves/Rants: nervous about COVID-19, but making the most of social distancing by taking the chance to slow down and spend extra time with my husband

    Questions: none yet

    GTKY: What was your first car? Honda Accord - maybe ‘93 with red velvet interior 😂
  • pinky111220pinky111220 member
    edited March 18
    Hey mammas! 

    EDD/weeks+days: Nov 12/ 5w+5d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: I think we are Team Finding Out

    Baby is the size of a(n): apple seed

    Upcoming appointments: March 25th though they left me a voice mail today that they need to reschedule. We'll see 🤞

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Sore boobs, fatigue, seem to be irritated easily at times, mild cramps every now and then, need to run to the restroom all the time 🤣

    Raves/Rants: As FTM can't wait to have that first appointment to confirm pregnancy. And corona virus is starting to freak me out 😬 My bf has a 20 y.o. who needs to work at Publix as he messed up his first semester in college and owes $5k. So I am worried that he has a high risk kd exposure and trying to figure out when do we pull him back from working. 
    Questions: None

    GTKY: What was your first car? Mazda 6 2006. Loved that girl, named her Zizzy

    And @kruth15 If I were you I would cancel the trip. Given how the virus spreads and when it peaks I would say it seems like we are still in the early phase and the worse is yet to come. 
  • EDD/weeks+days: Nov. 4/ 7w0d
    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Finding out
    Baby is the size of a(n): blueberry
    Upcoming appointments: first u/s and appt on 4/1

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Fatigue and nausea daily, irritability, cravings, aversions, very strong sense of smell

    Raves/Rants: I had a dentist appt on Monday. The dentist said congratulations to me and I got a little emotional. It feels different hearing it in person.

    Questions: Has anyone had appts rescheduled specifically because of COVID19? I'm getting nervous... I already feel like I'm waiting forever for a little reassurance.

    GTKY: What was your first car? 2002 Mercury Sable. My uncle called it "The Tank" because I honestly wasn't a great driver back then and it lasted much longer than we expected. 
  • @hedgepig you have very accurately described my eating habits right now! Lol. 
  • mimsermimser member
    @warmwinter my dating ultrasound actually got canceled.... I found another clinic but I'm worried it may be canceled too so I also asked my doctor to put a request for my first trimester US so I can at least make sure I get that one 
  • EDD/weeks+days: Nov.1/7w3d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Finding out

    Baby is the size of a(n): Dry macaroni noodle

    Upcoming appointments: April 9th. I'll be at 11 weeks so I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more than the dating ultrasound 

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Constant nausea, but I haven't actually thrown up. The consistent nausea has me feeling like complete crap the last two weeks and I cant seem to get a handle on it. I've been trying to eat small meals, keep snacks around, drink so much f-in water, ginger tea, but nothing sems to be working. It's been rough.

    Raves/Rants: This social distancing is actually kind of good timing for me. I won't be around groups of friends and risk accidentally saying anything or have to explain why I'm not indulging in Friday cocktails for a few weeks.

    Questions: I'm a FTM so I'd love to hear opinions on books. Which ones are worth it? I have the Mayo Clinic guide and Expecting Better

    GTKY: What was your first car? 1996 Saturn coupe. It was also my older sister's first car and had 280k miles on it when we gave it to a neighbor. I loved that car. 

    @jessileed I also frequently wake up sweaty and hot, but I'm not sure if that's due to pregnancy, my heat radiating husband, the one dog who is allowed to sleep with us, or the one who constantly sneaks on to the bed 😂
  • pinky111220pinky111220 member
    edited March 18
    @warmwinter I am supposed to have my first check in appt next Wedneday and they called me saying they need to reschedule as the midwife wasn't available anymore. But now they need to call me back as they have a new procedure for scheduling appointments given the virus, so I am waiting for them to call me back... More and more seems like a possibility that they might cancel/reschedule non-urgent appointments. 😔

    @glenncoco20 - Great question about the book. Looking forward to hear ideas and recommendations. Have you started reading the ones you have? What do you think of them? I haven't gotten any yet. 
  • @pinky111220 I've found Expecting Better very interesting and informative. I could see it being a bit divisive because she challenges a lot of pregnancy "norms", but she is very diligent about presenting her sources, so it leaves people room to follow up. The Mayo Clinc Guide to Pregnancy seems pretty good to me, but it's the only week-to-week one I've looked into. 
  • EDD/weeks+days: 11/6 - 6w5d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: finding out

    Baby is the size of a(n): sweet pea 

    Upcoming appointments: intake 4/1, 1st OB and U/S on 4/7

    How are you feeling/Symptoms? Exactly what @hedgepig said. Nausea in waves, fatigue, food aversions, over eat, womp wompppp

    Raves/Rants: DS is in a new 18 month old hitting phase. It is completely NOT F^*$ING CUTE. But I adore him. So there’s that.

    Questions: nada nada ding dong

    GTKY: What was your first car? 1992 Mazda Mx-6. Man. What memories
    me 31 | dh 45
    married <3 11.11.17
    epicurean. plant lover. wine enthusiast. husband annoyer :wink::
    DD 11.20.09
    DS 10.6.18

  • @glenncoco20 Thanks! I will look into Expecting Better. 
    My health insurance has this Future Moms program over the phone and they also send a pregnancy book as a resource so would wait and see what's it like. 
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