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The Ultrasound Thread

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When posting your pictures, please be aware of any personal information that might be visible, such as date of birth, full name, name of hospital/OB practice, or SSN.

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Re: The Ultrasound Thread

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  • I am very impatiently waiting for my first u/s on Tuesday (I’ll be 9w6d)... all these posts make me giddy for you girls- especially for @mammatoomc and @kboydbowman so glad to hear there were heartbeats 💗 !! 
  • BLuvsEBLuvsE member
    Because of my history, got a surprise ultrasound at my intro visit today.  Measuring 6w4d with a visible heartbeat (which should revise my due date to October 26th).  I've never had a heartbeat before. 
    So excited for you!!!! I bet that was an awesome moment.
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  • Were all of these u/s performed transvaginally?
  • @morethanamama Thanks. I'm an ER nurse and tried using our transabdominal u/s to peep my growing LO yesterday and while I totally anticipated not being able to see anything yet, (I'm just 6w 3d per LMP only) I was still pretty disappointed that was the case. I've experienced loss before and seeing just an empty uterus filled me with anxiety. I keep reminding myself that our ultrasound machine probably isn't as good as the one at OB and this early in pregnancy they would definitely use a transvaginal approach...but I'm feeling pretty desperate to see my doc and have some confirmation everything is progressing nornally.
  • @smalltown_squirrel
    I totally understand. I was bitching my practice for making me wait until 9 weeks but they told me it's sometimes hard to see well before at least 7 weeks. Were you on a full bladder? I seem to remember that when I went for a US with my son at 6+5 last time they told me that they can see better with a full bladder. We saw the heartbeat but I seriously think it was newly formed. I am guessing you are right at the edge between being able to see things, so I am sending you and your bean all the good vibes <3
  • @smalltown_squirrel my OB ordered transvaginal but the tech said she’d try abdominal first. We were able to see everything she needed abdominally. I also have a tilted uterus usually making it more difficult abdominally. With my first I needed transvaginal. But I was happy that wasn’t the case this time. 
  • alil1212alil1212 member
    Mine was!
  • angela444angela444 member
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    Just got my first ultrasound today!  Little lump is doing well, such a relief after having a bit of spotting a couple weeks ago.  Measured at 7w5d and a heartbeat of about 150bpm.  

    Knowing that we have this reassurance, I think it's time to tell our parents!  It'll be so good to have in on our little secret.
  • @glupglup hello fellow Albertan!  
  • We just had our first US today and left thoroughly confused. We were expecting to be 8w 1d, but ultrasound showed a yolk sac, but not much else. Had to do some blood work and will be back in on Friday for more blood work to check my pregnancy hormones. Doc seems to think I could have ovulated later than I thought and is not ready to call it a miscarriage. I guess we'll find out for sure Monday, but for now, just a little confused.
  • @herecomesm0mmy, I hope your US on Monday is where they want it to be! 
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  •  Its a baby! Measure exact to the day we anticipated, leaving me at 8wks tomorrow w/ a due date of Halloween! Tiny little thing with a 158 for hr... biggest down of the day was that because of the viral precautions my husband had to wait in the car and I had to be alone. I felt so bad for him as a first time dad to not get to be there to see it live. Dont get me wrong... these precautions save lives, but still a little bummer. 
  • mimsermimser member
    My original due date by LMP was November 2nd, but as per today's ultrasound my new due date is October 30 so I shuffled over to this board 😊

    I saw a little baby measuring at 8w3d with a good heartbeat at 175 BPM! 😍 My fiancé unfortunately had to wait in the car, but I'm just happy I had good news walking out of there.

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