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All Groups Check in week of 3/2

The board seems really quiet since most people moved to facebook, so I thought I'd start this thread since no one else had. Sorry if someone else was wanting to do it!


Team pink/blue/green: 

Baby is the size of a(n): 


Upcoming appts: 


Re: All Groups Check in week of 3/2

  • The board is so quiet- kinda sad! But thanks for starting this thread for those of us still around here. 

    EDD/W+D: April 12, 34w1d

    Team pink/blue/green: blue

    Baby is the size of a(n): not sure... feels big!

    Cravings/Aversions/Symptoms: I've been craving really heathy foods which is good, I suppose. Last night I had a plate of steamed broccoli and sautéed spinach for dinner! I do still get a craving for dessert - chocolate, ice cream in the evening! 

    Upcoming appts: Tomorrow, 34 week check in

    Rants/Raves/Questions: I keep worrying about baby being breech, for no particular reason as he was head down two weeks ago based on physical exam (no u/s). I'd like to deliver naturally and breech would necessitate a C-section, so that's part of it I guess. They'll probably check tomorrow and there is still time for him to flip/flop even if he is. Also, having a newborn with this impending coronavirus pandemic is bleh to think about! On a happy note - it is getting so so close!! we ordered our big furniture items this week and plan to set up next weekend. Also, realizing this may be like a diary entry to myself if no one is really around this board any more :) 
  • EDD/W+D: April 1st, 35w5d

    Team pink/blue/green: team blue 💙

    Baby is the size of a(n): giant! At least that's what my ribs say! The app says pinapple.

    Cravings/Aversions/Symptoms: none in particular but I made awesome ground turkey and black bean baked chimichangas the other day and I have been loving those with queso and avocado

    Upcoming appts: I start weekly appointments tomorrow for my 36 week appointment. I'll have a last ultrasound tomorrow to check baby measurement. Since I'm a high risk pregnancy (due to having uterine didelphys, or 2 uteruses) they just want to make sure baby growth is on track, which it has been so far. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: Major rant is I have officially never been this pregnant! This is my 3rd baby and I've delivered both of them prematurely by this day. I'm super glad we made it farther this time but I have to say, physically and mentally I'm about ready to be done being pregnant. I figured he would come by now so I have no idea what to do with myself at this point. This is the only pregnancy I haven't been on bedrest and work is getting hard with this big old body! And I'm an ER nurse so this coronavirus drama the media is creating is getting a little obnoxious to deal with. Gotta be in the homestretch soon! 

    @gingers19 so glad others are still around! Thanks for starting!
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  • @mwill291im sure that’s an exciting milestone after having premature deliveries. I also cannot imagine working as ER nurse while this pregnant. I’m in school full time now, but used to work as a pediatric RN and was just telling my husband how I can’t imagine having to do those shifts (night shift especially!) while pregnant! 
  • EDD/W+D: April 26th, 32+1

    Team pink/blue/green: Green!

    Baby is the size of a(n): Squash, Jicama, Brioche, Bento Box

    Cravings/Aversions/Symptoms: Still craving chocolate milk since day 1, baby is starting to boop their head on my bladder more so way more frequent bathroom trips have started. 

    Upcoming appts: Next appointment is on the 13th for a 34 week midwife check-in

    Rants/Raves/Questions: Struggling with wanting to get more done but simply not having the energy, and DH rarely has much time after work to help out, then I work weekends so I'm not here to ask for what I'm hoping to get done. Mat leave starting at the end of the month so we may need to plow through a bunch together then.
  • KFrobKFrob member
    EDD/W+D: 4/30, 31w 5d

    Team pink/blue/green: pink 

    Baby is the size of a(n): large bottle of Listerine 

    Cravings/Aversions/Symptoms: craving citrus drinks and fruity stuff in general.  Loving limeade, pineapple in yogurt, canned Mandarin oranges, sherbert.  Same aversions this whole pregnancy: BBQ, chili, any strong heavy flavored meals 

    Upcoming appts:  next week, the 13th 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: rant 1. A coworker and I were talking Friday about how relatively healthy our kids have been and how many more call outs/PTO we had this time last year.  I jinxed it.  Home with DD1 for the second day in a row.  She’s had a sore throat for three days.  I’m hoping it’s strep so we can get some antibiotics and she’ll be feeling better fast.  Rant 2 is I tried to set up a dummy FB to feel out moving with the group and apparently I made it too sketchy and FB won’t let me use it.  I just used an alternate email address that I only use with DH and a variation of my name... how do they let all these real scumbags use it?!? Glad to see people still hanging out here since I wasn't super comfortable going to FB.  
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @gingers19 I’ve also been craving ice cream!  I keep telling myself at least it’s got some protein and calcium haha

    @mwill291 my doctor was complaining about the media and the Coronavirus.  She was telling me how bad this flu season is and it’s not getting the attention it should bc of the Coronavirus. Also, I can’t imagine being an ER nurse! My desk job is hard enough pregnant! 

    @korthouse I’m in a similar situation with the energy level and motivation not matching up.  Also this time of year my DH is basically gone all the time so I know how hard it is when you physically can’t do something and need DH to do it but schedules not lining up.  Glad you get to go on maternity leave soon!  So jealous of you Canadian ladies! 

  • @mwill291 @KFrob The coronavirus mania is definitely getting out of control. Luckily not my province, but in BC there are massive shortages of supplies at grocery stores because the provincial government said everyone should have 2 weeks of groceries etc on hand just in case of an outbreak. My friend out there now can't find toilet paper anywhere. Flu season is much much worse so I'm glad to have gotten my shot for it this year.
  • EDD/W+D: April 12 / 34+3

    Team pink/blue/green: Blue

    Baby is the size of a(n): Butternut squash 

    Cravings/Aversions/Symptoms: potatoes, cheese, cheese fries, pimento cheese fries...

    Upcoming appts: Just had a BPP yesterday (baby passed quickly), another BPP and checkup on Friday. My blood pressure is just not cooperating on meds like they hoped it would. I feel like I basically live at the OB office now. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: I'm just exhausted at this point. I'm continuing to work as long as my doctor says it's ok, but the daycare kids are kicking my butt. I'm ready for a break. 
  • @chrissdee I used to teach theatre to 4-6 year olds and cannot imagine doing that while pregnant, let alone full on daycare! You're a trooper!
  • EDD/W+D:  35w+5d

    Team pink/blue/green: blue

    Baby is the size of a(n): bunch of carrots

    Cravings/Aversions/Symptoms: finally caved to my lucky charms craving. I’d been holding off for months! Symptoms... hmm I had hot flashes today at work. I also have had mild period like cramping that comes and goes. Braxton Hicks, maybe? Also, feeling pretty tired at the end of my work day. 

    Upcoming appts: 
    Appointments with the midwife are going to be weekly starting next Wednesday! I have the group B strep test then. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: I’m sick of working. I‘m a physical therapist and I feel like my caseload has not died down at all and keeps coming. I feel like my work is very underprepared for me to be out on maternity leave, especially if baby comes earlier than my due date. 
  • @mwill291 @KFrob @gingers19 @korthouse As scary as it is bringing a newborn into the world with this big epidemic, I’m not getting too worked up about Coronavirus. The flu has had 18,000 deaths this year, which isn’t nearly talked about as much in the media. The good thing is, children who have been infected by the coronavirus have had mild symptoms. People treating it like they need to buy out the entire grocery stores and the potential for quarantining an entire area is more worrying to me!  
  • @gingers19 Interesting read about coronavirus and how it’s not affecting children too much to reassure you!
  • @babyrummom thanks! Super interesting. I have seen that as well as a small study that found pregnant women have also done well. Which is great news because the flu is so dangerous for newborns and pregnant ladies. I agree the apocalyptic behavior is a huuuuge over-reaction. 
  • Also, this made me laugh: 
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