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  • @bows22 I was for sure not relaxed. I was a ball of anxiety because we went from no kids to taking care of 2 girls who were taken from their mom. On top of that DH was working constantly and at school full time. Then my childhood dog died. It was a rough time. 
  • @legendairymomma oh wow that is a lot. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that at once. It sounded like you were saying that sometimes you need to relax and let it happen and I wanted to clarify. Sounds like you just meant that you don’t have to track to get KU which is definitely true! Doesn’t hurt though!
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  • @bows22 it totally doesnt hurt! I feel more in control and being the type a that I am, control is a good thing. 
  • @kpearse99 you should be POd I would have been! 

    @bows22 I hope you feel better soon!

    @thebeelady welcome! I'm also fairly new to the TTGP board, I have found a great sense of comradery here, and I hope you do too!

    @dobiemom11 ugh people are so ignorant, seriously.   

    I don't usually post in this thread, but I figured I'd try something new!

    Month/Cycle: This one kind of confuses me, how many months and cycles we've been trying?

    CD: 16

    WAYDTGKU: Femara&trigger, IUI 

    R/R: I triggered tonight, i was so nervous for no reason, I have no problem jabbing other people with needles, but had to coax myself into doing my own injection 😂 but I did it! Haha 

    CS/Q: Not right now!

    May Siggy Challenge: It's Gonna be N*SYNC!

    TTC #1: 1/2019
    Dx: 1/2020 Borderline PCOS
    Rx: Femara &Trigger with IUI
    IUI#1 2/26/2020- BETA 3/11 (AF arrived 3/11)
    3/20/2020- Benched due to COVID-19

  • I suck and never got a moment to come back here yesterday. Better late than never, right? 
    @feather_heather I’m glad you enjoyed the dance competition! 
    @kpearse99 glad to have you back over in the WTO. I hope your body starts cooperating! Ugh, I would have been raging about not getting credit for the project! Stuff like that drives me crazy! And honestly, recognition is one of the most important things to creating happy employees IMHO. I hope they will send out a correction if this is brought to their attention. Re tamales- I make pork ones that are not spicy and then cheese and green chili ones that are a tad bit spicy. 
    @bluetickgal glad you had some good family time! Thank you for the temp advice! I definitely didn’t know that crosshairs were mostly depending on the 6 temps before the high one. That is good to know! I’m gonna leave it as is. 😊
    @mindyb2019 ugh, heavy periods can suck it! I hope it starts lightening up for you soon. Yep, tamales are a ton of work but definitely worth it! My dad, grandma, and aunts taught my sister and I. It’s a nice cultural/family tradition to be able to pass down.❤️
    @_orchid_ welcome! Happy to have you finally jumping in! 
    @dobiemom11 ugh, I’m sorry  you’re getting annoying advice. And I’m so sorry for your husband! I hope ha has a better day today!!
    @thebeelady welcome! I feel you on the expert procrastinator thing.... a year ago I completed the last course of my MS in Cybersecurity but I still haven’t technically graduated because I owe them a portfolio and a survey. I don’t know why I am like this. It makes no sense. 

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