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FFFC Feb 7

Okay ladies, let’s hear ‘em!

Mine: I’m seriously considering getting a new job solely so I can qualify for a special enrollment period for health insurance. 

Re: FFFC Feb 7

  • Also mine: I’m happy to be pregnant, but am dreading 9 months with no wine and no scotch. :(
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  • @kmalls Same, girl. I KNOW google is the worst for pregnancy, especially this stage, but I can’t stay away from it either. Solidarity. 
  • @kmalls @tdevlindrye trying so hard not to Google! Last time I drove myself nuts.

    My confession is that we are watching The Mandalorian and I don't understand the hype much yet. MH is a huge star wars fan but so far I don't find the show super interesting. I feel like the franchise should just end!

    Also...I don't care much for Game Of Thrones and I've only watched 2 seasons!
  • @MJDsquared omg what a great idea!

    @morethanamama I can watch a Star Wars movie/show if it’s happening, but I don’t go out of my way to watch them. GoT is hard to think back on because I wasn’t impressed with the ending. 
  • I’m only 5 weeks along but I’m wearing maternity jeans to Disneyland tomorrow. Holy bloat, Batman! Plus, I freakin love how comfy most maternity clothes are. 
  • @aztecash do you live in California or is it Disney World you're going to?
  • @morethanamama I’m a Cali native. I’d love to live somewhere cheaper, but then I’d have to deal with weather...
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    DH has been gone for a week DS had 3 banana muffins yesterday because I got to the IDGAF stage. One week to go. 

    @aztecash super jealous about Disney! Hope it’s a great time! 
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  • aztecash said:
    I’m only 5 weeks along but I’m wearing maternity jeans to Disneyland tomorrow. Holy bloat, Batman! Plus, I freakin love how comfy most maternity clothes are. 
    Ha! Yes!! I had this with my first... but it took me a long time get over the maternity clothes stigma so it was skirts/dresses for my first trimester plus. 🤣 Then I finally caved and bought some maternity clothes and was blown away. I have a few maternity tops I never quit wearing! 😁
  • aztecash said:
    @morethanamama I’m a Cali native. I’d love to live somewhere cheaper, but then I’d have to deal with weather...
    YUP. My thoughts exactly! I was born and raised in Europe and have lived in California for 10 years (because a US citizen last year!). It's so stupid $$$ but I absolutely love the weather and the lifestyle here. Smaller homes, but we can be outside year round! (Except when it's a "freezing" 50F like today 😂)
  • @aztecash jealous! I’m the same size I was when I delivered my son, none of my maternity stuff is going to fit me. And of course Motherhood Maternity’s physical stores are all closing. I loathe online clothing shopping. Ohh, that’s my FFFC!

    I hate online clothing shopping. 9/10 things I try on look like trash on my body type. The process takes too damn long and if I need something to wear right away it’s useless. 
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  • @deaddahliah WHAT all the motherhood stores are closing? That sucks, I love going in there! And the maternity section at Target is teeny tiny in comparison. 
  • @kmalls I think so. Now I’m doubting myself. I know my local store is closing and I read somewhere that they all were. Then again, probably read that they were all closing in the local mom group. And you know how those can be.  :D off to research...
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  • @deaddahliah Nooooo I hadn’t heard that about MM! @kmalls I don’t think my local Target has ANY maternity section... 😭 I got some decent things from StitchFix maternity last time, but it’s not cheap!
  • Ok so what I found online is that 150+ stores are closing but not ALL stores are closing. I have two near me, and it looks like one is staying open. I’ll take it! 

    @klngnhp I actually order tons of maternity clothes through gap and old navy. Their sales are ridiculously good and you can load up on a lot for not much $$. 
  • @kmalls thanks, got distracted by laundry and a toddler.
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  • @kmalls ooh good point! I didn’t have good success with Old Navy last time, but I’ll try again. 
  • I was also bummed out last time that most places that have a maternity line don't carry it in store, which is super frustrating! My MIL had treated me to a few summer pieces which I will be able to re-use since my son was born in July. Our summer is usually past the beginning of October:)

    I liked the Jessica Simpson stuff quite a bit! My Target has a decent section I think but I haven't looked at it in a while!
  • H&M actually has some pretty cute and affordable maternity clothes. I got a ton of essentials there last time around. I cant WAIT for my first scan for all the regular reasons but also so I can give in and get a couple stretchy items.
  • @Smelh324 I didn’t even think of H&M! We just got one a year or so ago and I keep forgetting about it.
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  • That's true! And their nursing tanks were so comfy and affordable!
  • My 6month old has been up twice tonight (she’s teething) and one of my dogs has been up a bunch too (he’s annoying). DH is working a 24 hour shift (FF/Paramedic) so I’m solo. This Mama needs so sleep! First tri exhaustion is the worst!! 
  • So I went and looked up the whole Motherhood Maternity store closing thing. Not all stores are closing but quite a few are. Apparently the one in my city is closing so that's slightly disappointing but I mostly shop online anyhow. There is a list here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/10/24/destination-maternity-store-closings-2019-list-motherhood-maternity/4073818002/
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  • @aztecash we did Disney yesterday, Epcot! Spirit jerseys and oversized tshirts are my life right now. 

    My FFFC is Im pissed I can't drink any of the amazing bourbon I just got last month, and I won't be able to try the bourbon at a distillery next month that I've been so looking forward to trying. It's like my liquor cabinet is staring at me in the face, laughing. 
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  • Oh no about the motherhood stores closing! It's hard in plus sized to find decent maternity clothes.  I got rid of all of mine after the last pregnancy.  I have been looking online, but I can't remember if I preferred the high band or the low band and can I get away with a capsule wardrobe based on the seasons of this pregnancy?

    I missed Friday, so I'll confess something next time ;)

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