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Week 3 Check-In w/o 1/27/2020

Good Morning Everyone!

This is the group check in for those of us due during the 3rd week of September!


Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: 

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Upcoming appointments:

How are you feeling? 



GTKY:  What is your hobby?   

Re: Week 3 Check-In w/o 1/27/2020

  • EDD/weeks+days: 7 weeks today!

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Finding Out so far my guess is Blue

    Baby is the size of a(n): blueberry

    Upcoming appointments: February 5th and I am counting down the days

    How are you feeling?  Tired and nauseated and cranky.

    Raves/Rants: I don't know whether this counts as either of those things but I've gotten a few comments about "Aren't you getting a little old?" when we have talked about trying for a baby (no one knows we are expecting yet) and I was so psyched to see how many of us are over 30! It made me feel so much better!


    GTKY:  What is your hobby?   I am OBSESSED with names. I research them and write name list blogs. Currently I am in the middle of an alphabet series writing my list of O names. 
  • greylgreyl member
    @beaandthebabes sorry that people feel the need to bring up your age!! That’s horrible!!

    EDD/weeks+days: 6+1

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: finding out

    Baby is the size of a(n): sweet pea/chocolate chip! <3

    Upcoming appointments: one week from today! 2/3

    How are you feeling? Nauseous a lot: haven’t gotten sick yet but it feels like I want to! The first bite of food is scary lol. All I want are sweets. Other than that maybe a little more tired but overall fine. 

    Raves/Rants: work is killing me. I’m trying to eat slow and 30 min is not long enough of a break.  I’ve been stressed because a lot of changes are happening and I have meetings this week so I’m scared. Hoping all goes well. 

    Questions: Anyone else have meat aversions? Heard it’s super common. I never thought I wouldn’t be able to eat steak but here I am :( 

    GTKY:  What is your hobby?
    video games, watching tv (with H we usually watch anime together) I don’t really have any creative hobbies! 
    me: 28
    dh: 26
    married: 10/18
    bfp: 1/7/20
    edd: 9/20/20
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  • EDD/weeks+days: Sept 15, 6w6d (only one day apart @beaandthebabes!)

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Green!  I love surprises

    Baby is the size of a(n): bumblebee

    Upcoming appointments:  first US on Feb 14

    How are you feeling? Very tired,  sore gassy, occasional cramping and off sore boobs off and on. I've been sick with a bad cold/sore throat this past week so been miserable with that too!  Easily frustrated/annoyed now.

    Raves/Rants: I can't wait to see baby and have a check-up, so hard not knowing if everything is ok all this time.


    GTKY:  What is your hobby?  Organizing and eating :)

  • EDD/weeks+days:  9/18

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green:  Would love to be team pink after 3 team blues!

    Baby is the size of a(n):  jelly bean

    Upcoming appointments: Wednesday!

    How are you feeling? ugh, pretty miserable. Low level nauseous, tired, and grouchy all the time. Poor DH.

    Raves/Rants: I have been trying to keep up with exercising every day, but it's been hard! I am always glad I did it, but forcing myself to walk down to the gym is torture every morning!

    Questions: When are you telling people about your pregnancy? We have told some people. I'm ready to tell more in our close friends/family, but DH wants to wait.

    GTKY:  What is your hobby?   I feel like I hardly have time for hobbies these days! DH and I have TV shows we're into, and we love going to car meets - we both have sports cars.
    DS1 2009
    DS2 2010
    DS3 2014
    #4 due 9/2020
  • EDD/weeks+days: 6w4d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: Um, no team. I'll figure out how to change their diaper regardless

    Baby is the size of a(n): sweet pea

    Upcoming appointments: None yet

    How are you feeling? Nausea, first vomiting episode yesterday

    Raves/Rants: I want a proper Philly cheesesteak! (But I'm in Pittsburgh)

    Questions: not a question, but I really hate feeling cramps in my lower abdomen from gas. It definely makes me feel anxious

    GTKY:  What is your hobby?   Art
  • @greyl not meat, but shrimp stock. I deveined ask the shrimp and cooked some in a spaghetti squash shrimp scampi the day before, but smelling the stuck the next day pushed me over the edge ... Now I'm scared to make the étoufée and eat it! 

    @readytobemama we all got sick this past week, too! I thought it was the flu but less intense because we all had flu shots, but only the toddler clocked a fever so who knows. Also can you organize my craft supplies!

    @dontcallmeshirley1 we are telling friends we want to share things with. I've had two losses before our rainbow baby in 2018 so I know that personally I want the support. I haven't felt the need to tell my parents though. The hardest was telling a close mom friend who has been trying for months when we had just decided to try again
  • @pghren Same about my mom. She wasn't very happy or supportive when I got pregnant the first time, and I don't think she's going to be happy about this one.  We've been telling close friends when it's relevant (like, why I'm not drinking at brunch)
    DS1 2009
    DS2 2010
    DS3 2014
    #4 due 9/2020
  • @dontcallmeshirley1 We aren't telling anyone until after our appointment on the 5th. I just need a little more confirmation to feel comfortable. We'll tell our very closest friends and family probably in early February but I'll probably wait until mid March to officially announce. I am torn because our best friends/DH's sister and brother in law are moving out of state and leaving tomorrow and I almost want to tell them tonight so that I can tell them in person. 
    Also we used to do a lot of car meets and car shows too! We own a vintage (well vintage ish 1990 lol) blue cadillac hearse and used to belong to a car club before we had the baby. 
    @readytobemama I am the opposite! I am chronically anemic and when I am pregnant I could eat nothing but roast and be perfectly content. With my first pregnancy I could not abide fresh veggies (usually my favorites) because EVERYTHING smelled like it was decaying to me. Thus far this go around it is only broccoli that is problematic.
  • Sorry for the late post! Work was insane. I’ll come back later and add tags!

    EDD/weeks+days:  Sept 18th/ 6w3d

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: finding out!

    Baby is the size of a(n): sweet pea/chocolate chip 

    Upcoming appointments: repeat ultrasound 2/5, it feels so far away and I want to hear the HB!!

    How are you feeling? Gross. Nausea kicked in this weekend and while I haven’t been sick yet, it’s making it impossible to do anything. Chewing on ginger in the OR and trying to eat anything that sounds the least bit appetizing (even though I often regret it). That plus exhaustion means I haven’t done anything lately. 

    Raves/Rants: I want my scan sooner 😭

    Questions: Has anyone started thinking NIPT? I’m interested but not sure if it will be covered given my age...

    GTKY:  What is your hobby?   
    I don’t really have one anymore with work. But I guess I like to cook/try new restaurants and cuisines. 
  • @notagoodpatient I am definitely planning on NIPT! I'll be 35 by the time I deliver so I think it'll be covered, but I think we would do it anyway.  More data and info is better for us (plus, they can tell you the sex!)
    DS1 2009
    DS2 2010
    DS3 2014
    #4 due 9/2020
  • Sorry to post so late, I work 12s on Mondays and Wednesdays so this is my first chance to sit down!

    EDD/weeks+days: 9/14 based on LMP

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: finding out, DD wants a sister so badly, so I guess I'm leaning girl, but I'll settle for healthy

    Baby is the size of a(n): Blueberry 

    Upcoming appointments: 1st appointment on 2/14, feels like forever away

    How are you feeling? "Morning" sickness alllll day, sore boobs, lethargic.

    Raves/Rants: seems crazy to get a BFP and everything changes for you and your family in that instant of knowing and then..... you wait, and wait... i just really want proof that things are progressing properly 

    GTKY:  What is your hobby? Reading, doing what my 5 yr old wants  
  • @amathera totally agree on the roller coaster of changes and wait times this all brings.  I was thinking today that at this point the 3 weeks to my first US seems like years away... Never mind 8 more months till baby's born!  I'm so impatient but at the same time I know I need all this time to adjust and prepare.  Does anyone ever feel like they're actually "ready" by the time baby comes? 
  • EDD/weeks+days: 7.1 September 13

    Team Finding Out/Pink/Blue/Green: keeping it a surprise. I like it plus last time it drove other people crazy. It’s so weird to me that people must know all the things about my baby. 

    Baby is the size of a(n): raspberry 

    Upcoming appointments: Feb 3. Finally getting closer. 

    How are you feeling? Miserable. Nausea day and night and it’s getting hard to hide it from people

    Raves/Rants: I don’t know if this is a rant or rave but my husband had some horrible digestive thing that the ER told him was viral. He got so dehydrated we had to go to ER and had to bring my DD.  Neither DD or I seem to have gotten it thankfully. 

    Questions: not at the moment

    GTKY:  What is your hobby?  I used to love reading and still do but grad school sucks up most of my time and I do so much reading for that. 
  • @beaandthebabes that is crazy to me that people are saying stuff about your age. I’m 36 and decided now was the time and I’m getting the opposite. I’m in grad school and most people think I should wait until I’m done. But I’ll be edging closer to 40 by then. “Oh it’s fine people are getting pregnant later and later these days” 

    @greyl no meat aversions this time. Last pregnancies I couldn’t stand even seeing chicken. It’s so weird. 

    For some reason tag won’t work but as far as announcing in trying to wait until my appointment but I think people are starting to get suspicious. My mom knows because we’re Super close. Wanting to wait to tell my husbands family because they pretty much told us already it’s a bad idea since I’m in school. 
  • @readytobemama haha it does take FOREVER, and I promise by the end you will be SO READY to be done with being pregnant!! :)
    DS1 2009
    DS2 2010
    DS3 2014
    #4 due 9/2020
  • Nausea got so bad today that I tried to do a virtual appointment for a prescription, but they told me to go to the ER. I found some old ones so I'm going to take those and hopefully get in with my midwives before I need the ER
  • Taking medications while I'm pregnant makes me so nervous but I'm thinking of asking about a prescription at my appointment next week because I have got a house and a 2 year old to keep up with and this nausea is kicking my bum to the point where I just want to lie down all the time.
  • @readytobemama I was soooo ready to not be pregnant any more but I don't think you are ever 100% ready for baby. lol
  • @pghren how’s the nausea? Did you avoid the ER? Hope things are better!! 
  • I’m gonna try to check in later today after I get some time to read everyone’s posts. I have just been so nervous!
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

    Me: 36 DH 35 
    TTC  9/2016     BFP 12/9/16    EDD 8/21/17    NMC 1/8/16 at 7w6d
    TTC  2/2017  BFP 3/6/17   EDD 11/17/17   DS born 11/25/17 via ECS
    TTC 12/2018   BFP 6/2/19   EDD 2/12/20  NMC / BO at 7 weeks, low progesterone
    TTC 7/2019   BFP 8/21/19 EDD 4/22/20 CP at 5 weeks
    TTC 8/19    IUI #1 w/ Clomid + Ovidrel + progesterone  BFN, IUI 2 and 3 w/ Letrozole + Ovidrel + progesterone,
    IUI 4 Follistim + Ovidrel + progesterone BFP 1/9/20 EDD 9/18/20

    AMA, ITP in pregnancy, vWD type II - low Factor VIII, unexplained RPL and secondary infertility
  • @angbaby83 I did avoid the ER but if I have another day like this past weekend, I'm going to need the suppository version and not the oral pills

    I wish it was easier for docs to just listen to you when you tell them exactly what prescription works for you
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