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Weekend Plans

What does everyone have going on this weekend?

Re: Weekend Plans

  • Working as per usual, and it's looking like a busy one for appointments. All the newly engaged from the holidays. I like busy shifts though because they fly! Just have to remember to bring snacks...
  • Probably hitting the gym in the morning. We have friends coming over with their kids for a visit in the afternoon. Otherwise, just some cleaning and grocery shopping.
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  • DH is working all weekend so we don’t have any big plans. DD has a play date tomorrow and I think MIL may take her for a few hours on Sunday. I’ve been doing lots of purging and cleaning to get ready to move this spring and preparing for baby boy, so I’ll probably try to get a bit more done. 
  • I plan on knitting a lot. Goal is to have baby boy’s blanket done so I can start on baby girl’s. Tonight I just relaxed on the couch after a long week. 
  • My husband’s friend and his new girlfriend ce
    over for dinner which was fun but exhausting (I was not originally in the mood to entertain).

    Tomorrow my good friend is coming over for lunch and then Sunday I’m just planning to relax. I’d like to go through some of baby girl’s clothes and organize them by size to see what I need more of.
  • The weather is going to be a wintery mess, so mostly staying in this weekend. Probably work on finalizing baby shower plans, maybe organize some of the baby stuff I got for Christmas, workout, and relax!
  • @babyrummom where are you located? We’re in the NorthEast and this weekend it’s crazy warm - 60s!!
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    @literatureandink I live in Maine and it was unseasonably warm today, but it’s supposed to get cold and have an ice storm tomorrow! Today I got outside for a nice walk! It felt like spring.
  • @babyrummom New Hampshire here 😊
  • @babyrummom Same here in Southern Ontario. Very unseasonably warm and rainy today but it's all supposed to freeze overnight!
  • @korthouse yeah there is a weird weather front going through! 
  • I’m joining on the weather train! I’m in Ohio and we were in the 60’s with record flooding, so that’s awesome. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Wr had a family night with my in laws last night, this morning we had my glucose screening then went out to breakfast, met up with friends for lunch, and I got in a nice 2 hour nap and some football watching tonight. Not ready for tomorrow to be Sunday already. 
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    Today we are hoping to meet up with a mom from my last BMB at the park. We happen to live in the same city and really bonded after being 9 months pregnant when a hurricane hit our area. 


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  • Busy weekend. Swimming class, costco, more potty training. Today we're making get well card for my mom (shoulder surgery next week) and some bday cards. Maybe organizing and storing all the holiday stuff we put away but haven't stored. Indoors bc its snowy and wet out.
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  • Over here in Virginia it's in the 70s and sprinkling. But I'm inside working at the library today as I do every other weekend. Hoping for a nice quiet night in this evening with my sick husband before the week starts. 
  • @literatureandink I somehow missed that you are in NH. I grew up on the Seacoast, my whole family is still there. I live in Alberta now (married to a Canadian), but DH and I still own a house in NH.

    -27C/-16F here today, we are having an awful cold snap this weekend. DD told me yesterday “Wow Mama, Canada is cold”. Yes, girlfriend, yes it is.
  • @doraleigh35 I love the Seacoast! We live in a small town around the Nashua area - I grew up in MA though and hope to move back there within a few years.
  • @literatureandink both of my parents grew up north shore MA. They’re all around Portsmouth/Exeter now. Our house is Concord area.
  • Just had a great sales day so my boring weekend plans just turned into date night with DH to celebrate! Sold to two awesome brides who were just so lovely and gracious, and one of them we're managing to get her her dress for an April wedding (aka VERY tight timeline). Baby has definitely been my good luck charm lately  <3
  • @literatureandink Grew up in Vermont, but am familiar with NH since one if my best friends lives near Manchester.
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  • I had no idea so many people were in (or are from) NE!  I'm in northern CT.  We'll probably move over the boarder to MA in a few years when we buy a bigger house.  
  • @KFrob and then we will be best friends forever and ever.
  • @literatureandink we were clearly separated at birth 
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