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GTKY - High School Edition

Stolen from TTGP, because I thought it might be fun. 

Who were you in high school? What clubs were you in? What sports did you play? What activities did you do?


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Re: GTKY - High School Edition

  • I played field hockey in the fall and softball in the spring for the school and did gymnastics year round. I was in this outdoor adventure club briefly and NHS. I played piano/took lessons for 10 years and was an extra in the high school musical. I also worked at an ice cream store! 
  • I went to a private Catholic high school, very preppy New England. I played softball and basketball, was on the honor roll - was best in English and History. I liked going to concerts with my friends (lots of emo- dashboard, yellowcard, something corporate, etc.) and hanging out at coffee shops. I babysat most weekends to make extra money and also worked at the nursing home my mom owns. I studied abroad for a summer in Europe and stayed with a home stay family in France. I graduated in 2004.
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  • I went to a tiny high school in my tiny hometown. I graduated with 55 kids in my grade. There were no real cliques - everyone really got along pretty well. There was NO DIVERSITY though. We did not have one non Caucasian student which looking back is a real bummer. After school I babysat or hung out with my best friends (still my best friends today). I was a pretty good student and excelled in literature/writing/history.
  • I was homeschooled. I was very involved in Girl Scouts and that was my group of friends(most still are today). I was also involved in horseback riding and took lessons for years.
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  • Band nerd here. My high school was pretty big. Graduating class around 700, school close to 3,000. Our band was about 300. That was my primary activity. We actually did the Rose Parade my sophomore year. We don’t need to talk about how long ago that was.

    I also reffed hockey to make some cash. This is kind of a weird high school job in North Texas, but I’m a big Dallas Stars fan. 

    I don’t actually talk to anyone from high school now. I’m FB friends with a bunch of them and have seen some when I visit the area, but it’s not common. It helps that I found out during my divorce that my best friend from high school slept with my ex-husband (high school boyfriend) when we were engaged and she was engaged to his best friend. Kind of soured most of my fun high school memories.


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • Theatre kid here. I spent a lot of my time in rehearsals for shows and hanging out with my friends. I was also in the philosophy club. The only sport I ever played was softball but that was more middle school for a church team. I really enjoyed it though just never tried to pursue it in high school. I'm still very close with a lot of my high school friends and really had a great high school experience for the most part. 
  • I went to a pretty bougie academia-focused public high school (major pressure on making honour roll, getting into the "good universities") and was in the french immersion stream. I was very involved in in drama club but didn't really get into other extracurriculars (I cannot sport...). I'm not close with many of my high school friends mainly because I went further away for school after, but my maid of honour and I met when we were 14 in grade 9 and have been thick as thieves ever since, even though she lives in the Maritimes now.
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    I'm not even sure how to describe high school me!  I was a cynical under achieving sort of outcast/loner although I had my clique of friends haha (can you be a loner with friends?).  I wasn't a bad kid, just lazy, a non-participater.  I was into a bunch of fairly nerdy stuff that my friends weren't into though.  I'm the mythical movie style cliche of the person who hated high school. I used to still hang out with my high school friends until a falling out while I was pregnant with DD1, none of them had kids or understood.  I would like to add that DH does not believe me!  He was was semi popular jock, he loved high school.  His super secret nerdy side is what draws us to each other lol.  
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    I was an overachieving, artsy type. I was in honors classes and then AP classes for college credit. I liked English classes best. I was in the auditioned choirs (one large ensemble and one chamber group), and I was also in most school plays and some community productions as well. I am not much of an athlete, but I ran cross country because some of my friends were on the team and also because I wanted to prove to myself that I was tough enough to make it through the practices. I wasn’t fast by any means, but I did continue to get better! I’m still close with a few high school friends, but mostly with those I knew in elementary school. 
  • I was an Honors/GT kid who came from the inner city to suburbia so it took me a while to get there because no one believed I belonged in those classes.   I was in Showchoir and I did musicals.  I didn't play sports but I danced.  I went to football games to see my friends in Marching Band and Flags and then go to the sock hops afterwards.  I had friends in many different groups but my core friends were the music nerds :)  I was always the friend who was there but also the friend who got stepped over because they knew I would always be there.  I had a hard time trusting people and kept to myself alot especially my feelings.  I'm still that way a lot.  

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  • Honors theatre kid here. Pretty big HS and competitive arts program. We did Les Miz the yr the rights were released and the studio show we did later that season was Laramie project. So we were also a pretty open accepting school.

    I was also on speech team and President of our ambassador program which was a new student+current student partnership program to help integrate new students into the school. Which happened a lot bc we had a military fort that's students went to our school. 
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  • Small private school kid, here. I was a bit of a “floater” and had friends in every group, but wasn’t particularly popular because I had a super low BS tolerance even then 😂 I did cheerleading, student government, honors/AP, community service programs, and theatre (I was costume director junior and senior year - I was never a preformer). Most of my good friends were either in band or part of the smaller athletic teams - i.e. golf, tennis, and track. I’ve kept up with a number of friends, but am not particularly close to anyone still
  • I went to a huuuuge HS in the ghetto (seriously- metal detectors on the way in & stabbings in the cafeteria). I was one of those friends with everyone/honor roll/never had to study/graduated top 10% of the class/but still skipped class all the time kind of students. I did do crew/rowing club for a while, but wasn't much for extracurriculars.
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