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January 2020 Mental Health Check-In


Re: January 2020 Mental Health Check-In

  • @inthewoods23 glad to hear you are looking into therapy. I’m actually a therapist so maybe I can help with the butting in feeling. I know I want people to start where they are comfortable. I ask questions to help gather info and create a connection. Know I felt the exact same way though when I started my own therapy haha. The best advice my therapist gave me was go at my own pace and share as much or little as needed. It’s my time and they only want to support us through the good and hard times :) hope that is helpful! 

    Personally this week has sucked anxiety wise. I have been struggling to remember to take my medication but thankfully I found my PRN for panic attacks. I definitely have felt much less patient and on edge this week. 
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