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  • @keikilove. I think the restaurant idea is perfect!  So much less stress if someone else is handling the food and drink. 
  • I didn't go to my 10 year reunion, it was planned super last minute, and i had to work. I thought about calling out or taking a personal day, however it didnt seem worth it to me to use a sick day for it. However, the best friend whom I mentioned previously, My MOH, said many people were asking about me. So that makes me feel good haha. 
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  • I too think I was a "middle of the roader", not heavily involved in a particular sport or group.  I was on the swim team but was pretty mediocre at it. I dabbled in clubs but never stuck with one. I has a serious boyfriend all through high school, but a different one each year. I had a core group of girlfriends but I never had any classes with them because I took honors level and they were all in the regular level. One semester I didn't have any friends at lunch so I would eat in the bathroom instead of sitting by myself. I was so insecure! But I was good at school. Popular kids would ask to copy my homework. But apparently some in the popular crowd were scared of me because they heard I was a witch  :D  Cannot make this shit up!  Overall, I had friends and I had fun. If I could do it again, I would learn an instrument and be in band, that looked fun.
    Then, just like @ttcbabyodo I moved away after graduation and lost touch with most people. 
  • But when I was 18 months old a little boy my age but bigger pushed me off my toy. I came back with a toy bat and knocked him off my toy, then took it back. So I’ve always been that way. 😬🤣
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