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Weekly Check In (All Groups) Week of 1/6/20


Re: Weekly Check In (All Groups) Week of 1/6/20

  • @literatureandink I haven't while pregnant yet but my old chiropractor was AMAZING and it did a lot to help with chronic headaches I used to get from knots in my neck, as well as some foot issues I was having. I highly recommend!
  • @literatureandink I’ve gone to a chiropractor for years. I suggest getting a recommendation from someone you know and/or do your research on them/their practice. Luckily for me when I got pregnant my chiropractor was all trained up on prenatal adjustments and has worked with moms of twins before too. 
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  • @literatureandink Like others said, try to get recommendations or at least read reviews... but a good chiropractor can make a world of difference! Try to find one who is Webster trained, as that’s a specific certification for prenatal adjustments. Last time I stayed with my general chiropractor, who was great, but I switched this time and am finding it far more helpful for the pregnancy specific issues 
  • @literatureandink - I have been adjusted throughout all my pregnancies (this is my third).  I can’t imagine how I’d feel without it.  I’m due to go.  I last went before the holidays.  Also, prenatal massages are a must!

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  • Sorry @doraleigh35 - I am only just seeing this. I did my glucose test on Friday around 10:25 AM and am impatiently waiting until Monday for them to get me the results so I can know if I passed this one too or if I'm going to have to take the 3 hour test. 
  • @literatureandink I'm a little nervous about a chiropractor too. I've been to one but not for years and not while pregnant. The one I went to in high school with my mom is 3 hours away so I'd have to find someone new. But I'm contemplating it because I'm already starting to feel achy and I'm the least far along in this group at 24w3d being due April 30th. 
  • @sbalding88 same! I hope you pass, let us know!
  • @doraleigh35 Passed with a 92! :smile: I'm SO relieved. Hope you do as well. <3
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