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Baby Names- Drop 'em here!

I apologize right now if one of you are a Karen. 


Re: Baby Names- Drop 'em here!

  • We have had a running list for months. 
    This is a combination of names I like, names DH likes, and for funsies I included my kids' suggestions. Some of those are funny. 

    Girl Names:
    Sophie, Ada, Julia, Mila, Luna, Mia, 
    **kid choices- Grace, Ever, Hailey, Cindy, Chloe, Beatrice

    Boy Names:
    Graham, Grady, Dawson, Sebastian, Ethan, Isaac
    **kid choices- Grant, Landon, Leroy, Thomas, Declan, Austin

    Middle name is likely going to be Grey, for boy or girl, unless it sounds horrible with whatever first name we end up with. 🤷‍♀️

  • So my sons both have first names that begin with a vowel and are 2 syllables. One is E and the other is O. This was not intentional. But we somehow have it in our heads now that this baby's name must start with A, I, or U. Are we being crazy?? I think we are being a little crazy. 

    I do want to try to find an A name if possible for my grandmother though. For a girl I think we like Alice, Annette, and Anya. I can't really think of any A names for a boy that I like. 
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  • @zande2016 

    Aaron, Asher, Archer Adam, Alex, Austin, Anders 

    A names are hard! 😂
  • @modoodles you have a lot of great names on your list! A few were on our list with DD too. 

    @zande2016 if you're crazy, I'm crazy too. My daughter's name ends in -yn and a few names I've liked have a similar sound ending (-en or -an) and I'm over here like, "but if I do that and we have a third, then does that one need to have the same ending too?!" I'm also drawn to several names that start with the same letter as her name, but I have imposed a made up rule upon myself that I don't want their names starting with the same letter. It's eliminating a lot of names I really like! haha FWIW, I love the name Alice!
  • For a girl I love the name Elodie Louise which would be after both our grandmothers and maybe calling her Ellie. I have 0 idea for a boy as both of my grandfather's were named Samuel and I haven't heard an S name I like. One of my grandfather's went by his middle name of Bernard and I like the name Beauregard/calling him Beau but H needs to be sold a bit more there.
  • @modoodles I love your name list! 

    @zande2016 yes, you're a little crazy, to me lol... That said, I don't judge. But if you can't find one that works, I think it's totally fine and your LO won't feel left out with the name thing

  • Hell yes, I’ve been waiting for this thread! I love names! 
    Right now, a couple names that are in the running for girl are Violet, Lucy, and I recently started really liking the name Eloise. 
    Boy, we only have the name Henry so far.

    Middle name is almost definitely going to be my maiden name for a boy, possibly for a girl as well, but I also really like Elizabeth as a middle. It’s my sisters middle name. So we’ll see. I think we’ll have another boy, anyway. 

    @modoodles I love your lists! 
  • @blaf322 ohh, I loved Hudson when I was pregnant with DD but MH vetoed it. I think they're both great names though!
  • For a girl I love the name Elodie Louise which would be after both our grandmothers and maybe calling her Ellie. I have 0 idea for a boy as both of my grandfather's were named Samuel and I haven't heard an S name I like. One of my grandfather's went by his middle name of Bernard and I like the name Beauregard/calling him Beau but H needs to be sold a bit more there.
    Beauregard is an AMAZING name! I love the old-fashioned names that are just a bit out of the ordinary. Plus, Beau is a great nickname.

  • @pocketrose how do you pronounce Beauregard? Just like it looks? Beau+regard? I've read the name several times but haven't heard it said aloud, so I always mentallu shorten it to Beau. 

    @blaf322 I would be Team Hudson- I like your strategy! 

    @kristinl492 I love all your names. 💜 
  • @modoodles thanks! I keep wondering if Lucy is too much of a dog name 😂 But then again, I also would give my dogs names to a human (Ruby & Hazel). 

    @blaf322 I’m also team Hudson!
  • @kristinl492 I looove all those names! I think Eloise is so beautiful.
  • @stlbuckeye132 exactly, it's like we've set a precedent with the first two and I'm afraid to change things up with #3. My need for symmetry might then make me want a 4th lol 
  • @zande2016 I was talking to my mom about my predicament of the names ending in the same sound and then what about a third?! She pointed out that out of her 4 daughters, 3 of us have the same sound ending to our names and there's one outlier. I had literally never noticed that before, and I don't think our names sound weird together AT ALL, so that was a good reality check for my crazy. haha

    I did this the first time too, I had all these self-imposed "rules" about names, but I ended up naming my daughter one that broke a couple of the "rules" because I just loved the name so much. I know by the end of the pregnancy, I'll just be concerned with which is our favorite and not care so much about if it's top 10, starts with the same letter, has the same ending, etc. etc. But I start full-out crazy. :lol:
  • zande2016zande2016 member
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    I have an Owen  <3@stlbuckeye132
  • @stlbuckeye132 So many of your names are either on my list or were on my list for my first pregnancy! They’re beautiful 
  • We haven’t thought too much about names. But I of course throughout life have always been thinking of names. So MY names I’ve been thinking of (my guess we’ll end up picking something not on these lists late in pregnnacy😂)
    girls: Elaina(I would love elaina Elizabeth but “EEL” is not a good initial lineup😂), Charolette(Charlie for a nickname), Kennedy
    boys: Grant, Rhett, my husband likes Kyler, Hudson, Aiden, Paxton 
    I really don’t want a name that’ll have given either in their class named the same thing. But I HATE off the wall weird names and weird spellings of names.. (Maybe that’s my FFFC.) 
  • @modoodles Yep! I probably would always use the nickname Beau though.
  • Yay! I love so many of these names! DH and I haven't started talking names and probably won't talk seriously until after we find out the sex at 20 weeks, but I'll be checking in here to get ideas before then! We were team green last time and we agreed to a girl name pretty quickly but struggled with a boy name. I don't know why boy names are harder for me! Luckily she was a girl because we both liked our girl name better (although neither of us confessed this until after she was born lol). 

    My only "rules" for our name (just my personal preference):
    - Needs to be either one syllable or easily shortened/nicknamed into one syllable (baby's last name is three syllables and I like short first names with long last names and vice versa)
    - First name can't end in the same sound as first or last syllable of baby's last name (for example, first name Landon last name Easton or some other last name ending in -en or -on)
    - I like to do a family name as a middle name. DD's middle name is my paternal grandmother's maiden name. She and I were very close.
  • @meanjellybean People asked us how we'd nickname with Hudson... and I reminded them that our daughter's name is Ella and we call her E... so, we cannot be stumped when it comes to nicknames :D 

  • Oh man, we always have a tough time with names.

    I try to avoid the most popular names, but I read recently, "The top 20 names for boys and girls through the 1960s covered about 33 to 50 percent of all babies born. Today, the top 20 names cover only 12.5 percent of babies and dropping." I care less about general popularity than about knowing people who've already used that name, depending on how close to them we are. 

    Oh, and I do try to avoid names that were really popular maybe 20-30 years ago and have dropped way off. IMO those are what are going to feel like "old person" names by the time our kids are grown up.

    For girls, I like: Clara, Felicity, Genevieve
    For boys: Archer, Corin, Alexander

    This time, MH keeps saying if it's a boy, we're going to name him Theodore and call him Teddy. I'm not on board with that. I can't not think of teddy bears, Teddy Ruxpin, etc. I don't mind Theodore as a middle name maybe? @stlbuckeye132 I like your other boy names, so maybe it will grow on me? LOL

    Also, if you haven't used the name generator on Nameberry, it's addicting.
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  • kc0711kc0711 member
    @blaf322 i like both Hudson and Grayson, but Hudson more. I love boys names that end in -son but our last name ends in -son so it knocks all of those names out of the running  :'(
  • @kc0711 I have a 10 YO Gunnar! 
  • @kc0711 I love Savannah! That was what I wanted to name DD until Ella just struck me and I changed my mind. I loooove Savannah, GA and we got engaged there, so it had some meaning... But we went with something that had no meaning b/c I loved it so much lol

  • @treeofcheem I looooove Clara 💜 But that's my one year old niece's name, so it's out for us. 👎
  • kc0711kc0711 member
    @modoodles DH is dead set on a Scandinavian name, and once I read the meaning behind Gunnar I just loved it. 
  • stlbuckeye132stlbuckeye132 member
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    @meanjellybean is your boy name from last time a possibility if it's a boy this time? We had two boy names (I liked one, MH liked the other) last time and were going to decide after baby was born if it was a boy. Now I don't think I like either one of them though! lol

    @modoodles now I really want to know your given name haha

    @treeofcheem I wanted to avoid any names in the top 10 last time too, but then I read something similar about how the top 10 now are nowhere near as common as the top ten 30 years ago. My daughter does have a name in the top 10, but according to SSA's website, it accounts for 0.562% of total female births that year. So... I'm not sweating it. Turns out I just like a lot of top 10 names! ETA: I just threw Theodore on there this weekend, not totally sure if I love it or not either. I personally like Teddy as a nickname, but what about Theo instead of Teddy? Does that change anything for you?
  • b_1029b_1029 member
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    @treeofcheem would YH be open to Theo for Theodore instead of Teddy?

    edit - I see that @stlbuckeye132 said the same thing above while I was taking my sweet time contemplating names haha

    I have a bunch of names I like but I already know what I want to name our first son and daughter. DH is fine with those names but I don't know how he feels about the rest of the list. 
    Girls - Quinn, Olivia, Nora, Hallie (but can't use it since our last name is O..HO. ugh), Kate, Peyton, Taylor
    Boys - Clark, Graham, James, Noah, Mason, Samuel
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  • @kc0711 my husband and the baby's last name also ends with -son and that throws out those names for us too! And I'm same as you - I love so many of them!

    @stlbuckeye132 I don't know! I'm kind of feeling the same as you, I'm not really in love with it, and like I said, was kind of relieved that we didn't have to use it lol. And there's something fun about starting fresh with a new list of names!
  • @b_1029 FWIW, it took me way too long to figure out why Hallie was out for you. (Partly probably b/c I'm an Ohio native and was trying to figure out where the missing I was in all those O's and H's haha) I don't think the initials HO are a big deal though personally. There's a middle initial you can throw in to break it up. *shrug*
  • rachstar18rachstar18 member
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    Lots of good names here. I only have a few real contenders but I’m fairly certain they’ll be changed. We don’t share our final names but I’ll list some that we’ve tossed around in the past.

    Girl: Hattie (love, but DH is just meh), Felicity, Daisy, Clara, Evangeline. Baby 3 would have been Iris if he was a girl. I still love that name but I’m not sure if we will use it for a girl this time. I’m big on a name fitting the kid.

    Boy: Asa (pronounces Ace-uh - and is a biblical name), Vander, Titus)

    We have locked ourselves into a Star Wars theme for some part of the name. At this point, non negotiable. Also, I feel like it gets harder to find a name to fit the siblings, the more kids you have.
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  • @stlbuckeye132 and @b_1029 - OK, I do like Theo, I think. So maybe I won't rule it out, haha.

    I really like Nora/Norah too.

    @rachstar18 DD2 was almost Iris. MH kept bugging me, "What's her name?" while I was all shaky and wiped out from delivery, and that was the one name I could remember from our list, lol. He wasn't set on it, so he picked her name. I'm happy with what it ended up being.

    @modoodles MH says that Clara is a "cat name" so he's vetoed it. I think his neighbors must have had a cat named Clara or something similar when he was little.
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  • DH and I have been talking about names since we got married hahaha. We are about 95% set on names for this LO already, but here is our short list:

    Girls: Jane, Harper, Sophie, Charlotte, Yvonne
    Boys: Henry, Sam, David, James, Theodore
    married to DH on March 15, 2018
    TTC since May 2018
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    tx: timed intercourse with meds
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    July 29, 2019 - BFN
    August 1, 2019 - started a break from fertility treatments
    November 16, 2019 - surprised with a BFP! EDD 7/23/20
  • I just love this thread and all these cute names! 

    @stlbuckeye132 that’s how we were with our girl names for our second. We had a whole list with our first but we were pretty set on one and then with our second girl none of the names made it to the list. We found that odd but we just didn’t feel drawn to them anymore I guess. 

    If we have a 3rd girl I’m pretty sure the name will be Everly. We had a small list but when we both heard that name it seemed to fit if it’s a girl. 

    We struggle so much with boy names. One of us will like one but the other do

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