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7 month old still hates tummy time

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My 7 month old seems to roll all over the place when we put him in his crib, and sleeps on stomach. However when we are doing tummy time during the day he acts like he has no idea what to do. He will flutter his limbs but cant roll back over. We play with him, leave him be, I dont know if this is normal or what we can do to help. Thanks!

Re: 7 month old still hates tummy time

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    My baby hates tummy time abs can’t roll back over to his back either. I feel like helping him is hindering his ability to do it on his own but hate to see him struggle and flail his arms and bob his head up and down. Can your baby roll both ways in his crib? Our baby can’t which is worrisome and also why we can’t leave him in there alone. 
  • My baby is 7.5 months and she will roll onto her stomach and not know what to do after that. She does this in the crib too and then sometimes will end up sleeping on her stomach. Every baby develops at their own pace. My sister-in-law told me that her little guy never rolled. He went straight to sitting. So I think that sometimes as parents we worry too much. My doctor seems very relaxed about the milestones too so I am telling myself she will develop at her own pace.
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  • My son is 5.5 months and started to roll tummy to back at 3months. At nighttime he rolls both ways across the bed but in the day he freaks out. I have no clue it's like he forgets he can do it. He is so lazy in the day and just stays static in his back or stomach. Then he hangers upset he can't reach something when all he has to do is roll over. So co stably hear him whinge and complain. But come night time while awake and asleep rolling champion  :|
  • By fluttering arms and legs, do you mean he is doing what looks kind of like a superman pose? If so, that is perfectly normal and actually a good thing! It is helping develop more core strength. You can help him practice rolling back over by doing the movement the way he "should" do it a few times each day just so he gets the neural pathways to do it on his own. My daughter learned to roll from back to tummy first and almost never rolled on her back. I wasn't sure if she could do it (she's 6m) but she just lays on her tummy forever and gets bored before she gets tired, I think. I know she can though because maybe once or twice a week I'll put her on her tummy and next thing I know she is on her back. 
  • I’m glad to hear this is pretty normal! I was worried my 6 month old might have a problem. But, he’s doing exactly what everyone here is saying. He acts like he has no idea how to roll over, gets angry and flails during tummy time, and just lays on his back. But, at night he’s taken to rolling on to his tummy and sleeping that way all night, he does some push-ups at night, and wiggles like he wants to crawl. But during the day, hardly any of that ever happens.
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