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December symptoms

I don't think I've seen one started yet? (Still using November's? ) 

Anyone else feeling super achy in the crotch? Lol I am pretty sure it's the main reason I am waddling right now 

Re: December symptoms

  • This baby is in my ribs and kicking them and it’s so uncomfortable. 

    +1 to itchy boobs (bringing over from Nov. symptoms)
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  • @misstree5 only every day. I full on manspread when I sit because it feels the best. And when i go use the restroom if it handicap stall is open I use it so I can do some deep squats and hold them for 30 seconds. It seems to help ease a little bit of the pain 
  • +1 for a rib-loving baby. I'm always trying to push her feet out. Feels like an organ folded underneath my right side ribs.

    Also started getting crotch pain, but it's like when I go to stand up and take step it feels like my groin is pulling. Not a fan. At least it doesn't last too long (for now)
  • @clee5711 I started using bag balm on my skin when lotion doesn't cut it.
  • @SassyPants150 I’ll be trying that! 
  • +1 for the rib loving baby, hip pain and weird pressure in the crotch lol.

    Anyone having extreme nipple pain? Like just radiating bolts from the tissue to the nipple. My one friend who was due in December also had it but it doesn't seem like I hear about it much on here! Definitely more painful than getting a tattoo IMO! 
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  • @brookert615 I get it from time to time, but it doesn't last too long
  • @brookert615 I get that from time to time but also doesn’t last long. 
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  • @brookert615 My last BMB called that lightening tits haha- I had it last time so just waiting this go round.
  • @craftywitch BAHAH lightening tits sound pretty much on-point! I've had it for months now! So annoying haha.
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • @brookert615 yep. I haven't experienced the itchiness, but I definitely get incredibly sharp pain like someone stabbing a needle or safety pin through my nipples. I was wondering if this is colostrum related, too... thankfully as others have mentioned it usually doesn't last more than a minute or two. 
  • After talking to the doctor this morning, I guess I can add pregnancy rhinitis to my symptoms. Bah
  • @doodleoodle I’m going to try an ice pack! Anything for a little relief. 

    Sorry for everyone else also dealing with a baby in the ribs. 
  • @misstree5 I also have terrible aching in my crotch too!! Hurts the most in the morning from laying throughout the night. I also have left back pain and right hip pain. I’m just falling apart! Lol
  • @kbrinks2 yes!! Makes me feel so old! (I'm 28 lol) I am counting down the days until my next chiropractor appointment
  • I've never felt a baby in the ribs. DD1 was breech so maybe that is why - I don't have a long torso, hmm. She was kicking upwards last night which made me happy.

    Add me to the dry skin train, it is SO dry like sandpaper and nothing helps (not that I remember to be consistent with anything)
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  • Awful sciatica pain but only when I'm laying down and about to go to sleep. Let's  not forget the gas pains.. and like @leksiL the dry skin. I'm pretty sure if I walked into a hardware store someone would ask if I could sand something for them. 
  • Yes to the dryness. I swear I don't remember this being a symptom with my daughter. But then again she was born in the summer. For me it's my hands. I've never had dryness around my cuticles before. I guess it's time to start using heavy duty oil and sleeping in gloves. 
  • I scratched my forehead today and watched as my skin flaked off 😖

    I am super emotional. DH just said he no longer likes the one name we previously agreed on and now I feel like crying.
  • @doodleoodle I hear you on the super emotional. What was his reasoning for not liking the name now? DH and I agreed on a name and he recently said "oh that's the name we are def giving her?"  So annoying. 
  • @Mrstomommy1114 that is so frustrating!

    He said the name sounds lazy. Like, it just falls out of your mouth? 🙄
  • The dryness is awful and I absolutely hate it because it's partly due to the 4 degree temps here right now 🥶 on the plus side, my HORRID pregnancy acne has dried up a little bit 🤷 
    Belly belt has helped so much with bladder and pelvic pain, I highly recommend to anyone who was suffering as much as I am! I'm 5' with a short torso so I just feel like baby has gone straight out and the weight is painful 😖 
  • @doodleoodle I thought we had a boys name picked (from a list of like 10) and my husband also said “oh that’s the name we picked??” Umm I guess not!! I wanted to cry and now I’m just ignoring the fact that we don’t have a possible boy name
  • @kbrinks2 what is with these men?!
  • @doodleoodle yes sometimes I feel that I could cry at the drop of a hat. I’m sorry your H has changed his mind. Why?!? 

    I posted our daughters name when we found out she was a girl and my H said oh thats her name for sure then? Ummm yes, Deal with it. 
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    Married: May 2011
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  • @doodleoodle I teared up at a Chick Fil A last night because I saw a baby and then thought about actually having our own. So right with you. 

    The sudden and constant urge to go to the bathroom is out of control. 

    Also currently super nauseous at my 3 hour glucose test. 🤢 Blegh. 
  • Late to the party, but +1 on Charlie horse as of last night. I woke up with my calf muscle seized up and screaming “Ow, ow ow!!!” And punched my calf to make it stop... which means that I did not go back to bed after 430am 😂
  • Anyone dealing with RSL? It has started the last few weeks when I lay down to go to sleep and is driving me nuts. Between that and my hips and inner thigh killing me, I am done with my lower half of my body. lol 
  • My BH are something else today. They are kind of painful and I was breathing hard which is oh so strange at work. I think it's because I have only had about 12 oz of water and 2 cups of tea since I was out and about this morning with my daughter...whoops.
    Me: 38, DH: 36 
    Married Jan 2008 
    DD Baby Bells born Dec 2016 5 lbs, 12 oz, 18" <3 so in love <3
    Due with #2 Baby Arya EDD February 2020

  • @leksiL same here with the Braxton Hicks today. I Only had coffee and a muffin before taking the boys to toddler bounce at a Trampoline Park. Chasing the 1.5 year old around kicked my butt and it took most of the afternoon to recover. 
  • @clee5711, I was scrolling through the thread and I think I hit “report” on your post by accident. So sorry if I did!
  • @bg122785 Yes with the RLS! Started about 3 weeks ago for me. I shoved a bar of soap into my pregnancy pillow (the one I use between my legs) and that has helped a ton.
  • The skin on my face is so soft and smooth...
    I told H that if I need to go to the bathroom, it is now an emergency or I WILL pee my pants. If my bladder is full/baby is pushing on it and I bend down, I need to go ASAP. I should wear panty liners because some days I am going through 2/3 panties :|
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