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  • Hahaha @pretzellover! Your work team knows you well, that was sweet of  them.  
  • @modoodles agreed! Unless they're the big fresh ones or the pieces ones that are SUPER flavored.... The honey mustard and onion ones are, obviously, the best :D 

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  • @blaf322 Girl. You and I? Same page. As long as it's heavily flavored and doesn't actually taste like a pretzel, I'm down. 
  • @kboydbowman yeah I doubt they’ll give you all that in writing. But I did love that the Kaiser I’ve given birth in has the lowest c-section rate in my state because of their policies. They also wouldn’t let me induce before 41 weeks even though I asked constantly. 😂 I know so many people whose doctors just let them induce at 38 or 39 weeks just because they wanted to. 

  • Visited my parents for tgiving. During the tgiving potluck, she immediately gave away that I was pregnant and I had a room of strangers congratulating me. Awkward times.
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