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  • WTFFFFF.... The compounding pharmacy for my PIO (can't just get the regular kind b/c I break out in full body hives) shorted the two vials they sent me by 10 doses so I just noticed with this AM's dose.... oh shit... I only have one dose left. So now, I have to take two days worth of the stuff I'm allergic to until they can get me more bc of delayed holiday shipping. 

    Andplusalso, now I have no clue if I can trust what they sent me. Like, how do I know the concentration is correct if they can't even get the volume correct? What if my levels are low now and that's why *TW* I was bleeding over the weekend *TW over*? I was already concerned b/c the vial said 100mg/ml and the paperwork said 50mg/ml. FML.... the RN at the RE office said if I've been taking doses I should be fine but I've asked her to give me a call so we can talk through it and make sure we're both considering all the circumstances before making a decision about labs or no labs. UGGGGGH... this is not how I wanted to start a long weekend. 

  • @blaf322 Is there another compounding pharmacy in the area you can try?
     My WTF is after my labs were drawn and came back with my HCG exactly where they would expect it and my progesterone being pretty low (concerning) and my bleeding this week they decided to push my first ultrasound back. Like WTF I was already anxious to see baby and now even more so and you are making me come later? So now I have to wait 6 extra days, my husband had already taken the other day off of work and if something is wrong I have a final right after my appointment. 
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  • @beckylookatherbump nope! There are none in the area. This one is 4 or 5 states away as it is. Apparently this isn't something many pharmacies compound.

    Also, wait, what?! Why did they push the appt back? I feel like that makes no sense!

  • @blaf322 that’s just so odd to me. I guess I’m spoiled being near a large city. Is there a reason they aren’t doing oral? And the nurse I talked to was concerned it would be too early since we will only be just over 6 weeks (7 from lmp but I have pcos and ovulated late) so she insisted we push it back as to not scare me if it’s too early. Someone just little me see my little peanut! 
  • It seems like a WTF progesterone kind of day.  I just got my labs back from yesterday--my numbers are doubling fine, but my progesterone dropped slightly.  The nurse isnt concerned bc they are still in the "average" range, but wants me to double up on the meds. I just want to fast forward through this time of uncertainty. 

    @blaf322 I hate that you are dealing with such a major mix-up.  @beckylookatherbump Hang in there.  I wonder why they pushed everything back?  When is your first appointment now?
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    @magnolia305  December 9th. It’s the only time they could get me in before I leave for Florida on the 12th till almost Christmas. The nurse wanted me to wait till I got back and would be like 10 weeks. I’m like hi first time mom I have all the questions I can’t wait 4 more weeks. It’s just the 9th is a bad time for me. This is my last year of classes for my doctorate and I have finals that day so if god forbid something is wrong I have to go take my hardest final a few hours later. 
  • @blaf322 omg that sounds so incredibly frustrating! I'm sorry.

    @beckylookatherbump ughhh I'm so annoyed for you that they pushed your US back!! Not fair.
  • @beckylookatherbump oh my word, that’s so infuriating! If it were me, I might call back in a few days, reiterate that date is awful and see if they can squeeze you in earlier. Maybe someone else will cancel and a free spot will open up. Ugh. I’m sorry for the long wait, especially with finals looming. 
  • @rachelredhead I had an appointment for the 3rd for like 2 weeks now and then at the last minute this nurse decided it was too early and had to be moved to either the 9th  , the 12th when I’ll be making the 12 hour drive to Florida or in JANUARY! So the 9th it is. 

    I’m so glad everyone else is understanding my frustration. My husbands like it’s only 6 days what’s the big deal? I’m like how about we have pcos and are high risk and I was bleeding all weekend? Men. Like I feel like I can’t really even be happy until I see baby and know it’s ok in there. 
  • @beckylookatherbump I would be a wreck. Yeah, it’s 6 days, but that’s a LONG time to continue to hold on to that anxiety. Exhausting, and made more so when DH struggles to understand how hard it is. But you will get to the 9th. It’ll pass slow but hopefully the holiday will be a nice distraction. Try to stay busy and be reassured that your doc pushed it out with the expectation that there’ll be more exciting things to see on the 9th! 
  • @beckylookatherbump I can't do oral only b/c IVF. Apparently, once you start with the injections, there's a risk of MC if you move to any other delivery method. So, I could do suppositories but I'm not willing to risk it.... so, an injection I'm allergic to it is!

    The crazy thing with the compounding pharmacies that supply it is, they all seem to be in the NY/NJ area (seriously, I found tons... I'm wondering if it's b/c NJ has IRMS). I'm in a city, but we have no compounding pharmacies that will supply this. I'm sure the reimbursement on it is shit and that's why no one does it.

  • @blaf322 noooooo that sucks. I feel personally victimized by my PIO injections on the daily. We can do this! 

    @beckylookatherbump I’m sorry you’re dealing with all that, that is beyond frustrating 

    mine is doctor related too—I ALWAYS show up early or on time to my appointments and as a doctor myself I get it; but we have to drive 2.5 hours to our RE, our appointment was 20 min ago...and we’ve been here for almost an hour. I am fuming. It’s legit my last US, and they only spend 5 min doing it. Ughhh
  • @blaf322 Oh my god I would be furious! This is literally your job and it means my health/baby's health! Get your stuff together!

    @beckylookatherbump I am sorry they pushed that back. It makes no sense if your levels are low to delay a diagnostic scan. I hope you get some good news today.

  • @footdrbritt bahaha... same girl, same.

    WTF with all the doctors and pharmacies today?! Get it together people!

  • @blaf322 I have no idea but it’s mentally draining 
  • omg... I hate everyone at this freakin' compounding pharmacy!!! I'm so ragey right now! 

    They called back and have an effing attitude about THEIR screw up. "Well, how do you know you were short doses?" Ummmm... I compounded IV medications for MANY years. I feel confident in my ability to draw up 1/2ml of fluid into a syringe each day. I also feel extremely confident in my ability to count doses. I started on 10/30 and should have had 20 doses (to get me through until 12/8). I know how many doses I'm shorted because I counted syringes and needles to make sure I had enough for the anticipated doses. And she goes... "oh, well if you're basing a dose shortage off of how many syringes you have, that's not very accurate.... moving on though." No, bish.... we will not move on. You will OWN your error!

    When it's all said and done, I'm getting a free vial of meds that would have cost us $200+ so, at least that's my consolation prize :neutral:  :Rant over:

  • Dang @blaf322! I don't know how you haven't lost your 💩 today! 

    @beckylookatherbump I'm sorry for the ultrasound delay. My doctor's office won't  do one until mid-January, even with my recent loss. I understand the anxiety in waiting. 
  • @blaf322 sorry for your super frustrating PIO drama! But also thanks for also mentioning it bc I just looked and I run out of my progesterone in 4 days!
  • @pretzellover I was just thinking of you this morning and wondering if you'd had your follow-up US yet. I hope you see that little flicker heartbeat! Is the 7 wk US next week then?
  • @modoodles I was speaking with the RN at my RE office and apologizing for how crazy I am while we were going over what happened/convos that were had with the pharm and if we should check my progesterone levels... but really I was thinking, lady, I am holding back so much crazy on this pharmacy right now. You just have no clue :D I'm feeling pretty impressed with my self control today bahaha

  • My initial appointment was with an NP; from here on out I'll be seeing the doctor since I am automatically high risk based on my age.  Multiple WTFs:

    1) Can I just saw how much I hate the medicalization of pregnancy???  Kaiser doesn't allow nurse midwife or birthing center options.  When I go in for my doc visit, I'm going to ask some VERY pointed questions about birthing policies, as unless there is a documented medical reason there will be NO labor induction/acceleration of any kind (i.e. pitocin), NO IV, NO continuous monitoring, NO internal monitoring, NO restriction on labor/delivery position, NO restriction on movement during laboring, NO restrictions on food/drink while laboring, NO episiotomies, and NO restrictions on labor time allowed before insisting on C-sections. If they cannot agree to all of that IN WRITING, I will cough up the $4500 to cash pay for a midwife/birthing center for this pregnancy.

    2)  I hate the fact that medical professionals cannot/will not listen to me about my own body and chronic health conditions.  I have had chronic urinary cystitis since I was 2 years old.  Basically, I have a UTI at all times, but have no symptoms other than urinary frequency and sometimes some mild odor most of the time; no pain, no blood, no kidney involvement.  When put on antibiotics, I will literally have a full blown UTI again within a 3-5 days of completing the antibiotics.  As a result, I developed resistance to a LOT of antibiotics when I was a kid and teenager.  Eventually, my urologists decided it was best all around that I not take antibiotics for the UTIs unless I had more active symptoms.  Additionally, as an adult, if put on a course of antibiotics there is a 100% chance I will get a yeast infection, and my yeast infections do not respond to anything other than oral fluconazole.  So, surprise surpise, at my initial visit, I tested positive for a UTI.  The NP refused to listen to me and insisted I needed to take a course of antibiotics and also that I need to be on low dose antibiotics nightly throughout the pregnancy because there's a "a small chance" my UTI might turn into a kidney infection (which it never, ever has in nearly 40 years of dealing with this).  I tried to argue that having a yeast infection for 9 months also sounded not so great for the baby, but she claims the possibility of kidney infection is worse.  So I took the damned antibiotics and am now doing the maintenance dose.  Surprise, surprise, I now have a yeast infection that is not responding to topicals/suppositories, and my UTI is back (I can tell, again, have dealt with this for 40 years) even on the maintenance dose.

    3)  Again with medical professionals who do not listen to me.  I had a relatively unknown (outside of bariatric surgeons) weight loss surgery about 30 years ago called a duodenal switch.  The overly simplistic version is that it's a combination of a gastric sleeve and an intestinal rerouting that causes purposeful malabsorption. We lose and keep off far more weight than any other form of bariatric surgery, but we are also prone to far more vitamin insufficiences and have to take a lot of highly specialized supplements.  We also need a ridiculous amount of bloodwork to check vitamin levels every 6 to 12 months for life.  Well, Kaiser has a "standard panel" of blood draws they use for pregnant bariatric patients.  The standard panel is based on the "normal" bariatric surgeries and does not include several of the vitamin levels that are necessary for DS patients because they're the ones we're most likely to be deficient in, specifically vitamins A, E, and K (they did, at least test my D).  And there have been times in the past when both my A and K were off and I needed to modify my supplements. I tried to tell the NP that and she was like, well, we gave you the standard panel.  So I'm finally seeing the prenatal bariatric nutritionist today and should be able to get him to order the additional labs, but it's just frustrating, because there's no good reason these labs shouldn't have been drawn 2 weeks ago with all the other labs.

    4) Kaiser also doesn't do basals or pre-8-9 week early ultrasounds, even with high risk.  This is not good for the stress level of someone who has previously had an early loss.

    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 10/31/19.  Estimated due date 7/8/20 (pending sonogram confirmation on 12/6/19).

    Previous loss - 
    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
  • @kboydbowman sorry you're feeling so frustrated today
    1- you should probably just go ahead and spend the $4500. Honestly, your birth plan does not sound hospital-friendly... or the hospital isn't your birth plan friendly? However you word it, it doesn't seem like you all are going to see eye to eye... and I'll be surprised if Kaiser is going to put something like that into writing. 

    2- have you looped in your urologist? It sounds like his/her input would be beneficial here. Sometimes I think it's hard for medical professional so weed through the folks who actually have some knowledge about their condition and those who just think they're an expert on everything. Having another medical professional weigh in may help your case.

    3- Glad you're meeting with someone who can understand your unique situation!

    4- sorry you're having to wait for an US. Hang in there  :-(

  • @stlbuckeye132 yes, next u/s is 7am Tuesday at 7+2. Hopeful to get positive news then 🤞🏻. Have had all day nausea for a week + all the crazy dreams (and we already confirmed not ectopic + all hormone levels are high)... so am cautiously optimistic.
  • @blaf322 more like hospitals aren't women and birth friendly. There's a reason why the mortality rate for women in labor/delivery is higher in the U.S. than pretty much all other Western countries (and even some "third world" countries), and it has a LOT to do with the medicalization of birth.  Nearly all Western birth practices increase the risk of complications and negative outcomes.  If you haven't seen "The Business of Being Born," I highly recommend it.
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 10/31/19.  Estimated due date 7/8/20 (pending sonogram confirmation on 12/6/19).

    Previous loss - 
    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
  • @blaf322 with all these pregnancy hormones you are showing great restraint 
    @modoodles I would have switched doctors before waiting till January. Especially now that I’m on progesterone. There would be 0 signs that I’ve lost the baby. 
    @pretzellover They actually were between this day and the next day that my husband couldn’t go to which is why I told her she had to make the 9th work. If I this one nurse was very unpleasant to deal with, thankfully she’s not the nurse who is normally with my ob. I understand her reason for wanting me to wait which is the only reason I’m not throwing a fit I just would have liked to have that reassurance early that baby is settling in ok. 
    @kboydbowman I personally would probably just go with a midwife some of these things are standard to be allowed to deliver in the hospital so idk how much they will wiggle there but I do hate that they don’t seem to listen. I asked when we first found out we were pregnant if we could run my progesterone since it’s normally low thanks to pcos. They said no until this weekend when I started bleeding and guess what? My progesterone was low. 
  • @pretzellover that definitely sounds good! Hopefully Thanksgiving makes the next few days go quickly - Tuesday will be here before we know it!
  • @beckylookatherbump That's my point - they're standard but completely unnecessary and most of them are actually detrimental.  They are for the convenience of doctors and not for the health of mothers/babies.
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 10/31/19.  Estimated due date 7/8/20 (pending sonogram confirmation on 12/6/19).

    Previous loss - 
    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
  • @kboydbowman First off, I didn’t read the whole rant of above (but I skimmed it well!). 

    My 2 cents is this: your goal from this point forward is to maintain a healthy pregnancy and to give birth to a healthy child. Period.

    Yes, it is your body; also, I 100% believe in self advocacy to ensure they know and understand your medical history in full; and, you absolutely ensure you have a medical team you trust to make the most informed and safest decisions for you when the time comes.
    BUT, you are not a medical expert, and you will not be delivering this baby.
    When you’ve got a complicated medical history with pre-existing conditions and are AMA (note, me too on both), birthing in a room filled with insense while you swim in a pool of your own funk probably isn’t gonna happen.

    Let go of the things that don’t really matter, and get that baby here safely while maintaining your physical health too. There are a lot of previously perceived indignities and changes of ‘want’ that may happen along the way. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    All hell broke loose the last couple weeks of my 1st pregnancy (I was 38), and ultimately I had a general anesthesia c-section with days notice. I didn’t see my baby for hours; my milk never came in; recovery was brutal. But you know what - 100% worth ALL of it bc my healthy baby survived and so did I. And here I am hoping to do it all again. 
    Good luck. 
  • @pretzellover I'm not a medical doctor, but I hold a doctorate degree (as well as clinical licensure) in a health field with a specialization in gender, sexuality, and women's issues, so I am considerably more of an "expert" than most.  My concerns are data-driven by empirical research.

    I am not opposed to medical interventions when necessary - sometimes there are good reasons for things like C-sections.  However, the rate of "emergency" C-sections in the U.S. is currently something on the order of triple anywhere else in the world, and it's strongly correlated to the things I talked about above (ESPECIALLY the use of labor inducers, the restrictions on labor position, and limits on laboring time).
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 10/31/19.  Estimated due date 7/8/20 (pending sonogram confirmation on 12/6/19).

    Previous loss - 
    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
  • @kboydbowman Being the patient is a great equalizer. I still think you should surround yourself with the best team of experts you can, and also have a Tier 1 hospital at the ready as needed given your pre-existing conditions. 
    Recovery from a c-section is absolutely harder. But it introduces the least amount of variance into the process, and therefore used for high risk & older preggos like us.
  • @pretzellover this is a complete random, but who REALLY loves pretzels? Unless they are those giant, warm, salted, mall pretzels.. 

    My wtf is going to my face today. Holy breakout! 😳

  • @modoodles 1. I'm a big fan of any kind of pretzel! 2. I was thinking about my face being my wtf today too! My skin is never great, but right now I have three huge pimples. One on my inner right eyebrow/bridge of nose area, one on the left side of my nose (I think both of those are from my sunglasses? no clue), and one on the left side of my upper lip. I literally just looked in the mirror and thought, "cool, I have the Orion's belt of pimples on my face." Ugh.
  • @pretzellover well said... I'm not always the best at articulating what I'm thinking :smile:

    @kboydbowman I've seen that documentary. I'll be honest though, it didn't change my birth plan... but it was a super interesting watch! 
    Wishing you the best of luck as you work out the details of your birth plan :smile:

  • @modoodles I love pretzels. Now that the nausea has kicked in it’s about the only thing that I can keep down in the morning.
    @kboydbowman I feel like maybe you are feeling a little attacked over here which I don’t think was anyone’s intention. There are several things you mentioned that I’m sure most of us have also considered ( like I won’t have an Iv or be induced unless 100% necessary) we were just bringing up the reality that it’s unlikely a hospital will allow that and you should probably go the midwife route, if they will take you and you feel comfortable.  I know near me midwives aren’t allowed to have high risk patients. 
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    You all have broken/damaged taste buds! Pretzels are so "meh."😉
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