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Who's pissing you off today?


Re: TW Tuesday

  • My son's piano teacher. She seems to change lesson days and times almost every week. Last night I completely forgot about his lesson because of all the changes. 
  • @modoodles SO annoying! Does she charge you for a missed lesson?

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  • A lot of random much as I whine about not having symptoms and it freaking me out, maybe being annoyed by everything is a symptom, lol

    1. My aforementioned coworker (in the randoms thread) who is hacking/sniffling away and sounds like a troll trying to talk over at his desk (like 10 feet away from me). WHY DID YOU COME INTO WORK??!? 

    2. DH for continuing to blow me up about the health insurance dilemma. Just tell me what you want to do (he started a new job last month and is pro/con-ing taking their insurance vs. going onto mine) and we'll do it. I don't think I could really care much less after 5+ days of this.

    3. My friend who started TTC last month and is like ah man well 2 cycles down, hopefully not many more to go! I always want to be like, do you know how insensitive that is to me seeing as I think this was our 27th cycle??? I said something to her like "oh yeah it's the worst" and she did the whole "I pray it doesn't take long for us but if it does, I know it's God's plan"...she always used to do the whole "god's plan / timing" thing to me throughout our IF and it drove me INSANE. Maybe I'm just ranting to rant at this point, haha
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  • @b_1029 Your friend is being awfully insensitive.  Does she know it takes an average of 3 cycles to get pregnant?  That would drive me crazy.  
  • @b_1029 You are a good friend to stay patient with her. 
  • blaf322blaf322
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    @b_1029 you're a kind friend... I have a friend who says they're trying but they're basically just NTNP and she said something the other weekend about how she "could be pregnant!"... as she binge drank at a party we were at  :|  I was thinking to myself... please don't let her speak to anyone dealing with any kind of IF issues. They will, definitely, be annoyed by her. I was an I'm already PG.

  • My MIL.

     *tw loss mentioned** 
    We had only known we were pregnant for a week before I had my mc in September and we had planned to tell them about the pregnancy in person at Thanksgiving- it would have been end of first tri. Anyhow, after the loss, my DH was wrecked, and i messaged her. She said she would call him after work that day. She never did. A couple of days later she sent him a message saying she didnt call and was busy because she has her own life. She still has not called him. It is 2+ months later. Sunday night she tagged him and his siblings in something on fb saying her kids are number one, no matter what is going on in her life she would drop everything to be there for them. Dh sat on it for a little while then commented on it, "yeah except for two months ago when we miscarried and you said you were going to call and you still haven't." She got angry that he said anything about it and then ended up deleting the post. I've gotten to the point where I haaaate this woman. She will be my twatwaffle for life. 
  • @modoodles that is awful. I am so sorry. 
  • @modoodles   That is awful.  Good for your H for saying something.  

    @b_1029   You are so patient to even put up with her.  

    My H is driving me crazy about telling our parents about this pregnancy.  He wants to make some dramatic announcement at Thanksgiving since we will all be together. :neutral:   We are super close to them and it is hard to not say anything.  My MIL offered me wine and bourbon sauce on Sunday and I turned both down.  SHE PROBABLY KNOWS ALREADY.  

  • @b_1029 wow you're friend is being incredibly insensitive. I'm sorry you're having to deal with that. Hopefully if you ignore it enough, she'll get the picture.

    @modoodles omg I cannot believe your MIL! I'm fuming, and I'm not even personally involved. I'm sorry she was so unsupportive. 
  • @modoodles she sounds like a real gem.... she'd be my TWFL too

  • @rachelredhead We're supposed to get the same amount of snow tomorrow! I'm in northern Ontario so no Thanksgiving for us.  I do work for a school board though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day on Thursday (we've already had 2 so far this school year). 

    @modoodles she sounds like the MVP of TWs 
  • modoodlesmodoodles
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    @b_1029 I'm sorry your friend is being insensitive.  

    @JessDG Hahaha your husband sounds very excited! Is this your/his first? 

    As for my MIL- we aren't planning to tell her about this pregnancy. I removed her as a fb friend a while ago, and my DH said she can find out on fb or through the grapevine- he is not calling her. My SIL is also being a twat. My MIL told her about the mc, and she has also never called or even texted DH. She told their dad that she refuses to reach out to us because we didn't tell her personally. So, it's just dumb all the way around. 
  • stlbuckeye132stlbuckeye132
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  • @modoodles makes sense... b/c, clearly, your MC was all about her and you should have taken more time to think about how your SIL would feel ::eye roll::

  • @modoodles omg I am so sorry. that's horrible.
    married 10.2016
    ttc #1 11.2017
    dx: unexplained
    letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
    iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
    iui #2 10.24.2019; bfp 11.4.2019; edd 7.17.2020

  • @stlbuckeye132 I don't deal with them anymore. I have absolutely nothing to say to them. Just silent hatred and the hope that eventually they regret how they've acted. 
  • @modoodles   This is our second.  Last time both sets of parents knew the same day we did.  Not sure why he's being weird this time!  Also, I applaud you for taking a step back from your ILs.  Sounds like they are super toxic people.
  • My TW goes to whoever took a 💩 in our work bathroom and didn’t even attempt to flush. 🤢🤢
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  • @modoodles sorry your inlaws appear to suck.  Do you spend any time with them over the holidays?  
  • @millpe that would send me straight from nausea to actually vomiting. Gross!

    @magnolia305 we won't see them over the holidays. They live 3 hours away and dh never went back there for holidays before he met me, and he sure doesn't plan to at this point. We go to the Dells every Christmas and I always host Thanksgiving. They were all invited months ago but turned down the invitation. My FIL is coming for Thanksgiving though, so my DH is really happy about that. 
  • @millpe I will never understand what grown #ss adults do in bathrooms like we are their mothers. 

    @[email protected] You definitely get the in-law prize.  Glad they aren't on the holiday docket.

  • I don't coherently have a TW but I want to thank you all for making me smile.  People who have unrealistic expectations of how fast a human can respond have sapped my last energy.

    Down to 5ish more hours of work.
  • @modoodles well I am glad you don't have the stress of dealing with MIL over the holidays!!  
  • Someone had the audacity to microwave FISH in my office over lunch. FOR REAL?????? It's going to stink in here until Christmas. 
  • @mamasoup77 this makes me want to stab everyone when someone does this in my office! The worst.
  • blaf322blaf322
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    @mamasoup77 well, I'd just have to murder someone... No jury would convict when they found out why :D 

    Side note, I have a friend who SWEARS it doesn't stink if it's fresh fish. Ummmm.... yes, girl. It does. Stop breaking the unspoken office code of conduct.

    ETA... obviously kidding about the murder. I'm not a psycho lol

  • After work, I went for my yearly physical at my doctor's office. I should have just canceled and let my OB take charge of my thyroid meds--which she most likely will anyways. But I needed a new script, so I went in.  Took an hour and 15 minutes---and the nurse had to stick me 4 times to get one tube of blood.  I am so crabby about it.   I am normally super understanding about wait time--but I was late getting my kids and I am just so tired of getting poked.  
  • This one goes to the one particular coworker who tries her best to get everyone else in trouble and boss everyone around like she's a supervisor. Yesterday she disappeared for an hour and we are extremely busy this week. And then when she came back she went into the bathroom and was on the phone for 30 min. We could hear her. She was in charge of closing last night. Walk in this morning and all of the trash cans were overflowing and and the back bar sink was disgusting. I talked to the other girl who closed with her and she said she had told her all of the clean up was done. Ppffffffffff. Chyeah.....
  • My boyfriend's batshit crazy BPD friend from college that he continues to stay friends with despite her being a complete user of a person who lives to be a chronic victim (he says, "she doesn't have anyone else, I can't just abandon her").  She's in LA for a week bouncing from couch to couch with various men she's promising to sleep with and wants my boyfriend to drive down and chaffeur her to some other random friend's house.  Now she's pouting because he said the only way he's coming down is if I come with him and she "thought she was going to get him alone."  Ugh.  She's awful people.
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    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
  • @kboydbowman oh absolutely not! After a comment like that I'd abandon the $hit out of that one. 
  • @kboydbowman yeah that is not ok.  It's time for BF to take a step back from that friendship. 
  • My sister is my main twatwaffle. We haven’t spoken in years. She last came to a party I threw for my family in STL to introduce my six month old son (who is now six and a half BTFW). I called her two thanksgivings ago to say I loved her. Crickets.

    The last nail in the twatwaffle is that she has yet to acknowledge the birth of my almost four year old daughter. Not a single comment, gift, letter, call, message, message through anyone else. Nothing.

    My daughter who is already reading at three and is working on her writing wants to write my sister a thanksgiving letter to say she loves her and wants to see her soon.

    i know that if I send it my sister will thing I engineered it to manipulate her. 

    At least my SIL is like a true sister. She’s basically my BFF.
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