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GTKY 11/18 Tattoos/Piercings

GTKY: Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings? Pics welcome. 
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Re: GTKY 11/18 Tattoos/Piercings

  • I had a belly button ring before I got pregnant but it came out as soon as my belly started growing and now I have a super ugly scar. 

    I actually almost got my first tattoo this summer but the artist totally made it no fun. I’m already picky and am scared of it looking bad, but I want the experience to be fun too. 
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  • I have a tree on my back, a celtic knot on my left wrist and a little anchor on my ankle (in memory of my grandmother, who was a W.R.E.N. in Halifax in WWII.. she got transferred to Ottawa and never told us what she did there so I like to think she was a top secret code breaker since she was crazy intelligent). I want to get a dragonfly tattoo where the body of it is line art but the wings are watercolour and fade out, in memory of my Dad. He and I shared the dragon zodiac and when I did a run in honour of him a year after he died a huge dragonfly landed on my husband's chest and stayed there until I finished the run and could see it. I've wanted this piece for a good 3 years now, but I'm now waiting until after baby so I can de-puff.

    I used to have my nose pierced and loved it, but I hated how much it clogged things up in there so I let it heal over.
  • I have 2 holes in my ears. Also have 2 tattoos.
    First tattoo is a Pi symbol. I teach math and have a cat name pi.

    2nd tattoo is a horshoe with a rose in it. It's the symbol of the Kentucky Derby where DH proposed.

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  • No tattoos here! I have two piercings in each ear and used to have my belly button pierced, but took it out probably 5 years ago. 
  • What a fun GTKY! I love all of the memories shared in tattoo form.

    I have one tattoo on my back of Jeremiah 29:11. I had it done right before college at a time when I needed reminding that there were good things in the future. I wanted to get a music related tattoo after completing my degree, but I put it off and now I feel like I would want to do it at a different milestone (like if I decide on graduate school someday.) My sister wants to get tattoos together, but we haven’t settled on a design. 

    I have a belly button piercing, which I recently removed. It will be interesting to see how much it stretches or scars during pregnancy! I also have two ear piercings in each ear (though I pretty much only wear one set of earrings these days), and I used to have a third at the top of my ear on one side, but I let it heal over a few years ago. 
  • I’m lame. No tattoos and just the standard piercing of one in each ear. I thought about getting a tattoo to honor my grandma, but I was going through a lot at that point in my life and I didn’t want to make any permanent decisions. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • I'm also boring!  I used to have a bunch of ear piercings but I'm down to one in each ear now.  I also took out my belly button piercing in my mid twenties.  Mine's not terrible after pregnancy.  I just ended up with one little stretch mark going from the hole down to the top of my belly button.  DH has a bunch of tattoos.
  • So I have no piercings (that includes ear) and no tattoos. I've always been terrified of needles. I've thought about getting my ears pierced lately but then I just cringe at feeling like then I'll need to buy earrings and that's just more money.
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    I took a bunch of my ear piercings out for nursing school, but still have 2 in each ear plus my conch and a little stud in my nose. I have about 10 or 11 tattoos... & can't wait to add one for our baby! <3
  • @phinzlabyrinth I can't wait to add one for our baby, too! Have you thought of any ideas?
  • I have a couple holes in each ear. I took out my nose piercing earlier this year. 
    I have 6 tattoos, that I've been collecting since I was 19. Including my son's bday in Roman numerals on my rib cage. Not sure what I'll do for this small bean, since the other side has a tatoo as well.
  • 2 tattoos: 1 on my leg that is a heart with a rose together with 3 fav colors of purple green and black.  Other on my hip of a butterfly with the Virgo sign inside of it.  Current piercings have double pierced ears with a cartilage piercing on the left ear and 2 side cartilage piercings on the right ear. Took my belly button piercing out years ago.
  • @literatureandink Last year I started a big piece on my upper arm/shoulder that will eventually (hopefully) be a sleeve! i have the birth-month flowers of all my siblings, plus my mom's favorite flowers, so I'm thinking I will have to add baby's birth month flower (the first april babe in the family!) :)
  • @phinzlabyrinth that’s such a rad idea!
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