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Weekly Randoms 11/18-11/24


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  • @Swiftlet major anxiety! The babies room is a hot mess of junk plus we would like to paint and put new flooring in. Haven’t ordered the crib or bedding or looked in the newborn clothes bin. But I know where the pack n play is and realistically that’s where this kid is sleeping for awhile. 
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  • @Swiftlet Right now our nursery has furniture (crib, dresser, rocker) and then literal piles of stuff everywhere from the shower and the move. I need to go through it all, organize it, put it away, and figure out what we still need AND send out thank you cards, but it will have to wait til after Thanksgiving. Can't believe the holidays are here already.
  • @Swiftlet So. Much. Anxiety about what needs to be done. Thankfully we have most of the nursery all cleaned out and the crib and dresser set up. But we still have our old TV in there, a little safe that is insanely heavy and need to clear the top shelf of his closet. But I have been gifted so many hand me downs and things for the little guy and that is all just shoved in huge pile in the corner. THEN I need to find places to store things like the Costco size paper towels and toilet paper we normally just kept in the spare room, and random things like that. But thankfully for the most part it is coming together but we still have so many little things, that it is driving me bonkers not having them done. Especially with the craziness that is the holidays coming up. 
  • @Swiftlet My nursery and my bedroom are both currently unfinished concrete and wood right now, so anxiety is high. H was supposed to have it all finished before end of Feb, but there's pretty much 0% chance of that happening at this point. We have boxes of baby stuff in the dining room, crib in a box in the garage... It definitely keeps me up at night :|
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