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Re: Nursery and Nesting Thread

  • @Cristin343, if you didn’t want to commit to the $$ wallpaper, this is a bit of a happy medium one of my old roommates used: 
  • @Cristin343 yes wallpaper is expensive! I spent $350 for mine and I have a very small room. I got my wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals. They are x amount of feet height depending on the measurement of your wall and like 26” or something width so they send you however many you need for your wall (i needed 5), and when you put them on the wall you have to line them up right. The wallpaper I got was awesome bc you could peel it on and off the wall as much as you needed to, and even if it got bunched up somehow (like crumpled together) you could unbunch it and it wouldn’t rip. Plus it comes off down the line easily without taking off your paint.
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  •  @mrsc918 That’s brilliant! I need something forgivable like this since I’m an amateur. I just found some that’s much cheaper and removable/restickable. 😍
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