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Nursery and Nesting Thread

Put all of your great ideas here! Ask for feedback, ideas, etc! 

Here are some questions to get started:
- What have you done to "nest" and get ready for baby?
- What color schemes / themes are you considering for the nursery?
- Are there any crafty ideas you have and what are the chances of them actually getting done?

Adapted from another BMB. 

Re: Nursery and Nesting Thread

  • Hi moms! I just started cleaning out our nursery (it’s been called “the wedding room” in our house the last 2 years). My favorite feature is that it has a door that attaches to our master bedroom (as well as a door that goes into the hallway). I have all my crafting supplies, old wedding stuff, etc to go through. I’m excited to get it totally cleaned out, clean the carpet, and buy a ceiling fan. We’re thinking purple and green as color scheme for our little girl—selfishly my favorite colors 😂
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  • We are actually moving states sometime in May/June 😬 so this baby won’t have a bedroom until we’re in our new house. We do have a relatively large nook in our current master which is where we’ll  be putting the bassinet, changing table, and rocking chair that we used for our daughters. I’m having to be very go with the flow because of the move and that is not my forte. Most of my nesting is going to consist of purging everything we don’t need. 
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    - What have you done to "nest" and get ready for baby?
    We officially have a nursery in construction and it's exciting!  Oh my gosh, I've cleared out SO MUCH STUFF from my house so far.  I've always been a slight hoarder so I managed to accumulate a lot of unnecessary things.  I've cleaned out and organized every room and closet in my home.  We have two extra bedrooms in the house right now, one with carpet and one without.  We have turned the one without carpet into a spare room for any overnight guests in the future.  The closet and dresser in that room have all of my art supplies in them right now.  The room with the carpet is our nursery though.  We went out and bought new carpet for the room, and my partner has the entire room primed, including the trim around the ceiling, floors, and window.  He's painted the door and the window sill white, and all that's left to paint are the walls the final color.  He's also going to paint as much of the rest of the rooms in the house as possible before the baby arrives... which seems like an impossible feat. 

    - What color schemes / themes are you considering for the nursery?
    No theme, really.  We are doing very light purple (a super light lilac or lavender) walls with white trim.  We are getting new carpet put in there that's a very light silvery grayish (it looks a lot nicer than it sounds) and it really looks nice with the gray crib that my parents have bought for the baby.  I need to get artwork for the walls, but I'm not really sure what yet.  I need a rocking chair of some type (I think I registered for one) and a dresser/changing table.

    - Are there any crafty ideas you have and what are the chances of them actually getting done?
    I have cross-stitched a few things that I think would look really lovely in the nursery but I sort of want to do a custom piece in there that has her name on it.  I could easily get it done in January/February.  Just have to decide what I want to do, really.

    @corgmom I love that your nursery has a door directly to your bedroom as well as one to the hall.  That seems so helpful!  We are doing super light lilac walls in our nursery.  I've never been hugely into the color purple but my partner showed me some nursery ideas with light walls and I fell in love.  

    @miss.sally I'm not hugely into matchy-matchy rooms either.  I like things that flow together, but don't necessarily look like part of a cookie-cutter set, so to speak.  I wish I could start and maintain a Pinterest board full of nursery ideas/inspirations but Pinterest and Facebook are both blocked at work, and I suck at using my phone for Internet things.  I need a computer at home!

    @dunder_mifflin Omg I love your nursery inspiration!!!!!  
  • - What have you done to "nest" and get ready for baby? Baby will be in our room until probably age 2ish because we're in a tiny townhouse still, so no nursery this time. What we are doing is starting to work on rearranging our bedroom to make room for baby's things. I'm doing a fair amount of reorganization all over the house so I can find the space for baby stuff again. I'm starting on repairing my cloth diapers. 

    - What color schemes / themes are you considering for the nursery? Mint/stars/dragons for bedding things primarily, although I'm also very fond of rainbows. 

    - Are there any crafty ideas you have and what are the chances of them actually getting done? I don't think I'll do anything really crafty since we won't have a nursery. 
  • @Malidocious I have the Pinterest app on my phone and it is great! I use it a ton for basically everything. 
  • @mrsc918 ceiling fan for sure. Baby won’t be a baby forever so having a fan is way more useful! They make so many cute ones now so I think it’s totally fine. Also I love the wallpaper!! That’s the same one I was looking at when I thought LO was going to be a girl. Haha
  • @Malidocious I’m a slight hoarder too.

    DS is getting moved to his “big boy room” hopefully next month or January (we want to move him before the baby comes so he doesn’t blame her for his ousting and to have less change all at once). Right now he’s still in the nursery. He will stay in his crib (it converts to a toddler bed but I hope he sleeps in a crib forever lol), but it’ll be moved to the new room.

    The rest of the nursery will stay the same for baby girl. It’s a gender neutral gray and is travel themed. Maybe I’ll post pics later. we used an online interior decorator (decorist) for the nursery and I love it.

    For DS’s big boy room, we are doing truck theme since he loves all things trucks. we are getting a loveseat so we can all read DS stories for bedtime as one big family on the couch. Also getting truck decals, a truck pillow for the couch, truck rug, a truck themed bookshelf. And I think that’s all we need for his room? We figure we’ll revamp his room again when he is a few years older and he can have input then and actually make it his legit big boy room :-)
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  • @miss.sally LOVE all your inspo! We have very similar styles! I really like this crib that we are going to get, although I heard Babyletto is a PITA to assemble so we'll likely pay for assembly.

    @dunder_mifflin @mrsc918 I LOVE that wallpaper!! Big fan of florals and I think that will look beautiful in the nursery!

    @silverhope a loveseat is such a great idea for DS room! I'm sure you'll all get a ton of use out of it

    We're planning to do neutral furniture (see above crib, paired with a natural wood and white dresser) with accents of bright colors- think bright pinks, greens, purples, blue, orange. Finding a nontoxic rug that has those colors is going to be challenging... so I might go with a regular rug I find  :#
  • @mrsc918 that’s one of my top contenders! Lol! It’s in one of the I spoke pictures I posted :) so sweet, I love it! I just have to convince DH to spend that $$$ on the wallpaper haha. Show us what it’s like when it’s up. 

    @Malidocious lilac sounds so gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it.

    @lemonlove86 can’t wait to see it all together 

    @miss.sally loving the boho vibes! 
  • @keeksie84 I love the mural! I planned to do one before DD1 was born, but couldn’t decide on what to paint and never got around to it. Then our house got hit by a tornado and we had to rip apart the whole thing when she was 2 months old, so I’m kinda glad I didn’t! We’ve also rearranged her room a few times as she got bigger, which would have been complicated with a mural to work around. 

    Re: Montessori, we’re not diehards, but I’ve really embraced the general philosophy, which I interpret as designing your environment with the kid(s)’ maximum independence in mind. In her room, this meant we removed everything that’s not appropriate for her to touch and that she can easily access and put away everything that’s in there, including her clothes (once I open the closet door). Another example in our home is we moved diapers, wipes, and self-care stuff under the sink in the bathroom. We also installed a mirror (at her height) inside the cabinet door, so now she helps get ready to change her diaper and brushes her teeth there. I let her take the lead and ask for help. I find it really benefits her and eliminates a lot of struggle! 
  • @orbmaker thanks! It was really fun to do. So sorry to hear about the tornado! We're likely moving in the next few years to a bigger home and it sounds too sad to paint over two murals, lol.
    I think we're going for montessori lite. I love all the things you suggested, especially the low mirror. I've got to figure out the clothing storage for her because I'm going to be keeping all my sewing stuff locked in her closet, so it won't be an option for her clothes. 
  • @keeksie84 wow you painted that yourself?! That’s impressive! It looks so good! I love it!! 
  • We’re doing a Harry Potter themed nursery! 🤓 Not going to go overboard because I personally don’t like huge murals and things in a nursery (I want to easily change it back to a “normal” bedroom) but I have some cute paintings, one of a dragon and one of an owl sitting on some magic books that I’m going to hang up, and have some pillows and a stuffed owl around.

    We’re going to wait til after our shower in early January to set up the nursery as we’re hoping to get most things for it gifted to us. We have however cleaned out and organized our basement which is amazing and we are working on getting our interior doors replaced upstairs... currently the door to the nursery doesn’t even have a handle 😝

    @Malidocious our nursery is a light purple too! It’s actually the color that came with the house. I wanted to paint it gray, but DH convinced me otherwise too. Less work for me!

    Here’s some of my nursery inspo:

  • @keeksie84 Sprout just made a really cute children’s wardrobe I hacked something similar from the ikea kallax shelving system for DD1, for a total of maybe 80 or 90 bucks. I think the asterix is that you can’t have too much out a time, since it overwhelms a young kid and they make a big mess, so you kinda need to store “extra clothes” somewhere else. 
  • @creativesoul63 yay for Harry Potter!! Can’t wait to see your nursery when it’s all done!! We just went to New York and saw Harry Potter & the Cursed Child on Broadway. Sooooo good!! Can’t wait to read HP to my kid!
  • - What have you done to "nest" and get ready for baby? sorted through DS's baby clothes and the clothes that have been given to us recently. Oh, and I bought a used PNP. 
    - What color schemes / themes are you considering for the nursery? Our theme is "get as much sleep as possible and hope that DS will be ready for a toddler bed around 2.5 yrs (when the baby will be 6mo)."
    - Are there any crafty ideas you have and what are the chances of them actually getting done? Nope, and zero. 

    I've always been missing the nesting/decorating gene! My nesting usually just involves cleaning and organizing. 

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  • Our “nursery” is currently a playroom for DD. All I’ve done so far is get her a big bed and move the crib/toddler bed into there. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to move her toys out. It’ll be fine because honestly she doesn’t spent a ton of time playing in that room lately. Some toys will go to her room and some will go to our living room. I’m unsure what to do about bigger items like her kitchen and dollhouse. We have some spaces that will work but I need to think about it.

    we have a dresser with changing table top, a glider, and allll the baby things in the basement. That will be my project over winter break, I also want to paint. The room right now is tan and teal (we moved in this summer and didn’t change any paint colors). Not sure what color we will paint. DD’s room is navy and I thought I’d hate it but it’s kind of nice! Her decor (lots of coral, yellow, light greens and blues) really pops. I like that it’s dark bc it helps in the summer time when the sun is up at 5 am. 

    For decor/artwork I’m going to search Etsy for cute prints. That worked out really well for DD’s room.
  • @dunder_mifflin I like the peonies! 

    Thanks for reviving this thread! A good reminder that I need to start sorting through clothes and also get the nursery painted! I did make progress over winter break. 90% of the toys are moved out and the dresser and glider are moved in. I need a bookshelf and a bedside table, so a trip to the furniture store is in order.
  • @dunder_mifflin I'm obsessed with your nursery!! It looks great!! I vote for trees
  • @dunder_mifflin I like the trees too - nice color break up from the pops of pink 

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  • @lemonlove86 @kantobean @chichiphin
    thank you all so much! I really love the forest mural because it’s different and unique, but actually plugged in the numbers and did the conversion form USD to CAD and it’s wayyy over budget :( It’s like $600. Even the peonies are a splurge at half that amount. I may just leave the walls white and do some beautiful frames prints/ artwork instead in the end, it depends on what we receive at my shower and what we still have to purchase after. I may convince DH to do some picture frame mounding instead as a focal wall. 

    Anyone else have pictures of their nurseries??
  • @mrsc918 WOW!! Gorgeous!!! I love that wall paper so much! I was considering it heavily, it’s absolutely beautiful! It all looked like it’s coming together 😍 

    Lol, we need to get a move on, we made a master list on excel of everything we need to have done before baby and it’s such a doozy since it includes organizing parts of the house we dumped stuff when we moved in and replacing all of our bathtub/sink faucets. Total of 51 fairly big “to do” items 😰

    We ordered our glider/recliner today (the one in the picture) and crib mattress and I’m so excited for them to come in. Going to order some more things tomorrow and next weekend. Goal is to have most of nursery complete by end of month and then the decor done mid-feb. thankfully she’s due end of March and I’ll be starting leave likely March 11 or 12th so I hope to have those two weeks to get some things done if she doesn’t make an early appearance. 
  • @dunder_mifflin thanks lady!! Omg I totally feel you on the list of 24737282 million things to do that include none-baby stuff too!! I totally feel like once baby is here, everything else will be out the window for a loooooong time haha 
  • @dunder_mifflin @mrsc918 gorgeous rooms!  I think you should both give yourselves major props for what you’ve already checked off your to-do lists.  Looks beautiful! 
  • @dunder_mifflin I am right there with you on the nesting thing, but don’t stress if you don’t get everything on your list done before baby arrives! It can be a work in progress for a while.

    Our nursery needs to be painted and definitely doesn’t look as nice as some, with the crib and dresser that we used for DD that have her bite marks and such in them. I did order some prints from Etsy today and I’m excited to get those hung and framed!
  • @dunder_mifflin I love your nursery plans so much, especially the flowers. But I’m partial to flowers and bunnies because that’s what my two year old’s room is. One alternative to the mural is to look on amazon for individual flower wall decals. That’s what I ended up doing. It’s tricky to get the groupings right (but they’re repositionable so you can play around) and you probably need 4 or 5 packs to do a full wall, but they’re around $25 a pack so your total output could be about $125 vs $300.
  • @mrsc918 So beautiful! I love the pops of purple and green. 
  • mrsc918mrsc918 member
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    @momoftoddlers Thanks!! The lighting and coloring isn’t great bc of my phone (iPhone 7 lol) but I should prob note that the wallpaper flowers are actually very neutral color not pink or purple at all. For anyone that was considering it! That’s what we wanted since I don’t really like pink lol And the little pops of color around the room are a kind of dusty rose! 
  • @uno_mas @kantobean thank you so much for the encouragement :) tackling things slowly, got the glider and ordered crib mattress this weekend, next weekend is full of to-do’s we are excited to tackle.

    @momoftoddlers great idea! I had that thought, I’ll source some items for sure. I may go smaller on the peonies or even have them done in white. But the mock-up makes it seem like it is more blush than it actually will be in the room. I’m loving the neutral vibe I have going right now in there, lol.
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