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10 Things Tuesday | 11.5

What's good in your ‘hood?
Me: 34 DH: 38
Married: June 2011
TTC since Feb 2016
BFP#1: 7/7/16 MMC: 8/16/16 
BFP#2: 5/8/17 - CP
BFP#3: 6/27/17 EDD: 3/10/18

Re: 10 Things Tuesday | 11.5

  • 1. Roasted chicken at the grocery store. So dang convenient. Especially when I’m not into food but have a toddler to feed who is. 

    2. Free fruit for kids bin at the grocery store. Helps me and the whole store out when I’m trying to pick some stuff up & DS is hangry & obsessed with bananas.

    3. Vote by mail. I resisted. I insisted on voting at the polls as an important community activity until they took that option away. I was wrong. Now I sit down when I have time and can look up any races I have questions about and then drop it off when it’s convenient. It’s better all-around. 

    4. Neutrogena hand lotion is awesome.

    5. It was a beautiful morning. 

    6. My car is fixed.

    7. DS wakes up like a little ray of sunshine. 

    8. H will be home by tomorrow afternoon. 

    9. My mom is awesome. She just sent DS a sweater she made for him. She always sends the best care packages. 

    10. Allergy shots for the dog. He gets some seasonal allergy and his paw-licking was driving us all crazy, even with daily Benadryl. One shot and he’s virtually stopped. 
    Me: 34 DH: 38
    Married: June 2011
    TTC since Feb 2016
    BFP#1: 7/7/16 MMC: 8/16/16 
    BFP#2: 5/8/17 - CP
    BFP#3: 6/27/17 EDD: 3/10/18
  • 1. This raspberry-sized baby, even if it’s making me feel like death warmed over lately
    2. my dudes, DH and DS
    3. the lunchtime qdoba that got me through today
    4. my half cup of coffee I drink before the nausea hits
    5. My crockpot 
    6. leftover Halloween candy
    7. my mom because I actually don’t know how I would live life without her help
    8. cozy blankets, my book and my bed that I get into immediately after I get DS down. 
    9. Oversize sweaters
    10. amazon prime, which allowed me to order 4 of the above mentioned oversize sweaters to continue hiding this baby bump for as long as I can! 
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  • 1. Heard baby's heart beat for the first time ! 
    2. my daughter WANTS to be a big sis, for now even though she doesnt know its actually happening
    3. DH is dealing with the mood swings well. 
    4. my burger king chicken fries with zesty sauce were amazing
    5. nausea is supposed to be getting worse but for me its died down the past 2 days (got it super early)
    6.lemon water for when the nausea does hit
    7. walks around my parking lot while its not freezing out
    8.fleece blankets 
    9. My roomie scrubs that hide things and also will fit for most of my pregnancy
    10. power naps at work

  • 1. My FIL for loaning DH a car when my mom had to take his to Florida (across the country). It's a long story, but I'm not trapped at home with two kids and no car.
    2. Baby that loves naps. 
    3. Also crock pots, both of them, because I can put in less effort to make like 5 days worth of food. 
    4. My tiny dog's broken foot is healed, hooray he can join the family again.
    5. Big dog's ripped up claw is healed, so HE isn't running around with cone of shame which can severely damage small children.
    6. Sunshine, it's been hiding, so I love seeing it.
    7. Halloween candy, leftover and belonging to my children.
    8. Dr Pepper. Because gag coffee smell even right now.
    9.It's cold enough to use weather as an excuse to stay inside.
    10. I had a burst of (forced) energy yesterday, and got our garage shuffled out enough to get my car in.
    Me: 31
    DH: 30
    Married 7/18/15
    1st born at 35+4 on 6/6/16
    Team green turned BLUE!
    BFP 1/1/18, due 9/7/18 Team Green

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  • 1. I found something that helps my nausea right now. It’s carbs... 🤤
    2. First US is scheduled for Thursday!
    3. Husband will also be home from Vegas on Thursday!
    4. Today was my longest work day of the week and now it’s over so it’s all downhill until the weekend
    5. Now that it’s dark super early I don’t have to feel guilty going to bed 
    6. Had some amazing onion rings for dinner
    7. Bubbles baths
    8. I get the whole bed to myself for 2 more nights (aside from the dogs)
    9. Finally announcing to our parents this weekend!
    10. It’s cold out but not too cold yet. Perfect hoodie weather. 
  • Okay reading you alls made me feel better...

    1) Fall Weather - I love it!
    2) Working from home
    3) Nausea is telling me the little bean is sticking in there.
    4) My mom - She's the best.
    5) My hubby is pretty awesome too.  He wants to make sure the house is finished by June.
    6) I'm glad I don't live near my extended family so I'm not tempted to tell them too early.  We have a plan for revealing at Christmas.
    7) We currently have the extra budget to afford Wegmans meals that I just have to put in the oven when I get home.
    8) Dunkin - Living on egg and cheese wraps right now.
    9) Bubble baths (although I haven't had one in forever, maybe tonight)
    10) Having this where I can be brutally honest about how I'm feeling without judgement or fear it will hurt someone else's feelings.

    Sorry for the late post, yesterday was rough - really missing my dad and found out that I have a cyst on my right ovary. 

    Me 29 DH 33
    Married 10/2016
    TTC since 04/2019
    BFP 10/12/2019, estimated 6 weeks
    EDD 06/07/2020
  • I love this positive 10 things!

    1) Last (hopefully) round of revisions to my masters thesis!
    2) DS's language explosion and his joy of reading.
    3) 10 yr anniversary tomorrow <3 
    4) DH's goofy smile whenever he remembers we've got a LO on the way
    5) It's finally not a thousand degrees outside
    6) Mint tea helps with my nausea
    7) Having time to sew again
    8) Early bedtimes <3 
    9) And naps
    10) The first holiday season DS might possibly remember. <3 

    @horsesmeetbaby I hope your week is getting better. Sending you happy thoughts. 
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  • I love this positive thread! (List below doesn't include family/friends because those are of course..)

    1) Finally cool weather
    2) Leftover halloween candy (others have said it, and it's so true)
    3) Kitty cuddle naps
    4) Netflix binges
    5) Amazon. I was sad when my favorite blush was discontinued in stores, but I quickly ordered it :).
    6) The Amazon. Because we should celebrate the earth's unique rainforests!
    7) Hot chocolate
    8) Being safe. I live in CA and have not been affected by the wildfires or power shutoffs.
    9) Gummy prenatal vitamins
    10) Kitty cuddle naps. It's on here twice, because it's kitty cuddle naps.
    1. Fall weather, love it. (even though today's a tad too chilly)
    2. Got to wear my new sweater dress on Monday and new sweater today due to #1
    3. Nausea (and symptoms in general) have been really manageable. They're there, but I fully expected to feel like death all day every day. Some days are worse, but then it backs off
    4. Friday!!! Of a long weekend!! 
    5. 1st interview for the Job-That-I'm-Not-Sure-About went well, though I'm *still* not sure if I want it. The questions they asked got me all excited, so maybe I am interested? 2nd interview is next Thursday
    6. Less than a week until my first appointment! 
    7. Went to a "parents group" brown bag at work on financial planning. Even though I didn't know anyone there very well, felt nice to be able to talk about it a bit and be openly happy. 
    8. Will tell my parents next week! Will be so nice to be able to talk about it with someone. Hopefully all goes well at the appointment so it'll be a happy conversation
    9. Husband has been amazing. He's always been considerate, but has been stepping it up lately and more proactive about getting chores done so I don't have to. He was super proud that he remembered to replace the litter pad without me having to ask, and refuses to let me near the litter box (it's my cat...he doesn't like cats).
    10. Speaking of cats -- I'm with @mariabele on kitty cuddles

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