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The Great Big Registry Post!

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I’ve seen a lot of posts lately talking about registries so I thought it might be helpful to have one place to discuss all things registry and what goes on them! For FTMs - TTM+:

What’s going on your registry? Links welcome!

If you’ve had a registry before, what are must haves and what is really not needed or used?

Brand recommendations!


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Re: The Great Big Registry Post!

  • As a STM, this is what I currently have:
    Bathing supplies- hooded towels, soap, lotion
    Car seats - might need additional seats or to get a booster seat early
    Diapering - diapers, wipes, diaper cream, nicer portable changing pad
    Feeding - formula, feeding pillow, maybe nuesing pads(I only formula feed, but might be helpful before I dry up), bottle drying rack
    New baby carrier - thinking lillebaby all seasons 
    Sleep - sound machine, maybe new sheets if this one is a girl
    For DS - new sheets, dresser, bookshelf, potty traing supplies
    I'll probably add extra stuff if this one is a girl because I want girly stuff

    FTMs - please ask any questions you have!

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  •  Anyone live in a small space and have recommendations for the absolute necessities or brands that work well in tight spaces?! We live in a one bedroom apartment in nyc. 
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  • Here’s my question: what items are worth the splurge? I’m in love with the Bugaboo Fox stroller set but it has a hefty price tag. I would think, though, that a great stroller would be worth the splurge because you can use it for multiple kiddos. 
  • For those of you who built two registries (say Amazon and Target) - how did you decide which items went on which registries? I have started an Amazon registry, and it is the way I would be more likely to shop (especially for long-distance friends), but I know some of my family would prefer to go to a physical store...

    I know I could use Babylist and add items from multiple places, but I hear the purchasing experience isn’t great, and I want the completion discounts. 😊
  • So... I’m going for the “forever” car seat instead of a carrier car seat. This was my sister’s suggestion. I am looking at strollers, and most are either paired with a carrier seat or require a carrier seat. I’m so lost. 
  • We are lucky that baby's due date is about 1 yr after my niece was born - we've got a few of the bigger ticket items already as hand-me-downs (car seat, carrier). 

    We have two kinks in our registry-
    1) We rent a small 2 bedroom apartment. Just figuring out where we would put any size stroller when not in use has been a struggle. We just don't need/want a lot of equipment or toys.

    2) We want to avoid brand new baby things (as much as is feasible). How do we tell people we appreciate onesies/clothes/blanket gifts but please buy used for $2 at a thrift store and not $15 at Target? Can my registry just be diapers and toiletries? lol
  • @ejoseph16 My stroller that paired with my carrier also worked fine without it. We got the 4ever car seat when he was 3 months old because daycare wouldn’t let us leave the carrier. So, we started using the stroller without the carrier at that point. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • Here is what I have so far:
    Feeding- New bottles, bottle warmer, breast pump (I’ll be buying with our HSA), breast feeding pillow, pacifiers and clips
    Sleeping- Muslin blankets, bedding, sound machine (second portable one for on the go)
    Activity- Bouncer seat to replace RNP, Kick N Play Piano (was DD’s favorite and we lost it)
    Boy clothing
    Glider board for our stroller
    Carseat/Nursing cover 
    Diapers and wipes (still undecided on cloth again)
    Lotions and baby wash
    New ear/forehead thermometer 

    I’m sure I’ll add more as we go and I hope to do lots of shopping around Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

    *Just bought a Snuggle Me Organic this morning and found a coupon code for 20% off if anyone wants it.

  • @ejoseph16 We had a bucket seat with DD for the first year and then switched to the 4Ever after that. I know it’s more expensive to do, but I really preferred having the bucket seat in the beginning. I didn’t have to wake DD getting in and out of the car, plus it clicked right onto my stroller. It’s all personal preference though, you can certainly find a stroller that doesn’t come with a car seat. We have the City Select and all of the attachments come separately.

  • @danibean19 maybe you can say on shower invites that you’re having an “eco friendly shower” and while you appreciate any gifts, you would prefer recycled and gently used gifts - that way they will also be helping to give your baby the gift of a healthier planet! 

    My bff lives in an apartment and the building allows them to leave the stroller in the first floor foyer tucked under the stairs. Their place is safe but if you’re worried about theft you could probably use a bike lock. 
  • Are things like wiper warmers and bottler warmers and obviously extra conveniency stuff actually useful or do they just sit around taking up space?
  • @literatureandink we never had a wipe warmer. I wouldn't get one if it were me. We had a bottle warmer as ds was definitely particular about the temperature of his formula. 
    As a side note for anyone that plans on formula feeding, the formula mixers are awesome!
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  • @literatureandink we didn’t have a wipes warmer so I can’t speak for that. I was afraid she’d get use to warm wipes at home and fuss out and about so we just didn’t get one. However we did use a bottle warmer. We supplemented with formula bc I couldn’t pump enough and I would make a small pitcher for the day. She didn’t mind room temp milk but didn’t care for it ice cold out of the fridge. I agree with @Kathryn0903 the formula mixer is awesome! 
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  • I agree with @Kathryn0903 and @ChelleCPA on the wipe warmer. I never had one because I was afraid he would get used to that at home and I knew that daycare wouldn’t have one and I wouldn’t have warm wipes when we were out. 

    I had a bottle warmer, but I quit using it when I quit pumping (my supply was super low abs I’d get like 2 ounces in a day, so I just switched to formula for my sanity). I didn’t want to serve super cold breast milk out of the fridge, but DS had no problem with room temperature formula.


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • babybisonbabybison member
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    @ejoseph16 We skipped the bucket carrier and started with the 4ever. We also used a Graco Modes stroller which had a seat that turned from a bassinet to a sit up style. I'm sure it could accommodate a bucket seat, but it wasn't marketed that way. 

    For those who are nervous about waking your baby up when you take him/her out of the car, we never once had an issue. If DS woke up, he was asleep by the time we got inside. I just tried to keep him in the same cradle hold as the seat. And our garage is nowhere near (15 stairs up) our front door. 

    I loved the wipe warmer! I don't know if DS cared, but touching a warm wipe in the middle of the night is much preferred to a cold one. Still use it 2 years later. 

    ETA: I put a lot of feeding items on my registry that I didn't end up even opening because we did baby led weaning instead of traditional purees. I would wait on that stuff since it's 6months+ away anyway.
  • I'm a FTM! We're using so that we can add items from lots of different stores and people can choose where they actually purchase them. The downside is they have to remember to go back on the registry and mark that they've purchased it, but it worked well for our wedding.

    So far what have on there is:

    Cloth diaper shells in various sizes
    My Breast Friend pillow and an extra cover
    Burpy bib packs  (have heard good reviews for the Aden & Anais ones)
    Snuggle Me Organic (instead of a dockatot since you can't get them in Canada)
    A high chair
    Box sets of some of our fave children's books; at my sister's shower we also did bring a baby book instead of a card
    Muslin Swaddles
    Hatch Baby sound machine (apparently can help with establishing a sleep schedule?
    A couple clothing items for examples of styles we're drawn to
    Skip hop baby rinser
    Blooming bath lotus (spongy bath support)
    Gift certificates for the diaper service we plan on using, for a week of healthy meals at a meal-prep place (for the week after birth), and Molly Maid for a pre-baby deep clean

    My mum is planning on giving us a stroller and DH's parents want to give us a crib. Not sure what lotions/toiletries we want to go with yet, still researching that, but those will go on there as well as zip-up footies for newborn baby. Torn about whether I want add a breast pump or not (apparently you can rent them too?) and I feel like there are practical things I'm missing. Open to recommendations!

  • We never used a bottle warmer, we would just heat water in a coffee cup in the microwave.  We also didn't use a wipe warmer.  Someone mentioned in one thread about the pack-n-play accessories.  We thought we wanted all the bells and whistles and never ended up using any of them, just the basic set up.   
  • If you do end up getting a bottle warmer, a travel one can be nice as well for when you're out. 
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  • Speaking of travel! Boon (the grass drying rack people) have a travel size version that I used whenever we stayed overnight somewhere, especially hotels. It was so handy I always include it in baby shower gifts. 

  • Copying @Kathryn0903 format. 

    I will be TTM so I’m reusing about 95% of everything I have. My first two are Fall babies so clothes may be an issue the first year but hoping I can make most items work. We will see. 

    Bathing supplies- hooded towels, infant bath, washcloths, cradle cap brush. Will be stocking up on Mustela soap and lotion, I like that best for newborn phase. 

    Car seats - had to get a new infant car seat (original expired). I prefer the infant until 10-12 months in case they fall asleep, can snap and go in the stroller. Will get the Evneflo Symphony LX after. 

    Diapering - we go with pampers for diapers and Amazon brand for wipes. I like the Munchkin diaper pail. I like the triple paste for diaper rash cream. 

    Feeding - boob, Lansinoh pads, lanolin, breast milk bags, nipple shield (just in case), nippy. Will be trying new bottles this time, the boon nursh. 

    New baby carrier - I really want a new carrier but can’t justify the cost. Using the ERgo 360 and have my Ergo wrap. 

    Sleep - new mattress, Hatch baby sound machine, Infant Optix monitor, new sheets. Will be reusing all my sleep swaddles/sacks. Love swaddle pod for the first 1-2 months then move to
    the ergo pouch that transitions from swaddle to sleep sack. 

    A few items i swear by: Halo Bassinest, Owlet, Hatch Baby sound machine, SwaddleMe Pods, nosefrida, lanolin, lansinoh breast pads, Zutano booties (baby socks are awful), fisher price kick and play piano mat and baby bouncer. 

    I have registered for every baby because I want the discount lol I register at Amazon and Target. 

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    7th Round of Fertility treatment (Femara + Ovidrel + IUI) 12/14 = BFP. DS born Sept.15 
    Natural BFP Feb 2017. DD born Oct. 2017
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  • @Kathryn0903 and @coaster102516 this is a super helpful format - thank you!!!
  • As a side note, if anyone gets the diaper genie, the special trash bags aren't necessary. We couldn't figure out their trash bags and have been able to make regular trash bags work. Cheaper too!
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  • @literatureandink to answer your stroller question, *I* personally see the value in a good stroller. We have the Uppa Vista, and can now easily convert it into a double. But my main reason for splurging was bc I walk a lot. I was taking the baby out for 2-3 walks a day (rain, sun, or snow). It was my escape and form of exercise pp.  

    All suggestions here have been great. The only thing I would recommend is a rubber changing pad. We have the Peanut (but I think  Skiphop makes a much more affordable one now), and it’s been great. I found the early days, pee and poo would go everywhere, and it’s an easy wipe down with warm soapy water to clean - no laundry needed! 
  • Has anyone used the Ergo Embrace for a newborn carrier? It looks so easy and comfy for when they are little, but I think I would also need a more structured carrier for when he gets bigger. 
  • @babyrummom I haven't used the Ergo Embrace but I had two different carriers that I loved. I had the Boba wrap for when my last was really little and then the Ergobaby original carrier (I also had the newborn insert for this one). The one thing I would do differently if I didnt already have two would be to splurge on the Ergobaby 360 instead of the original because I didnt realize at the time that you can't carry baby facing out with the original. That being said, I loved how long the Ergo lasted us through so many stages of babyhood and it was something I couldn't have lived without, especially for cleaning the house and grocery shopping!
  • I don’t have the Ergo Embrace. I gave the original that my SIL gave me used and we bought the 360. Really love the Ergo 360. DH does too. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • What are your thoughts on clip-on highchairs versus traditional high chairs? With daycare providing breakfast and lunch it seems like a waste to have a bulky furniture item just for dinners. Both our dinner table and kitchen peninsula are heavy-duty enough that the weight of a clip on chair wouldn’t be a problem but not sure if they are meant more for casual use/travel versus daily use?
  • @independentgeorge I'm a FTM so don't have experience yet but my cousin was just telling me this weekend that a clip on highchair is the bees knees, especially if you have limited space. The only drawback is that although many full size highchairs now have reclining seats, you need to wait til baby can sit up on his/her own before you can use the clip-on. I don't really see that as much of a hindrance tbh, though, I don't think I would use a high chair to recline.
  • @independentgeorge We used a clip on high chair with our first and loved it so so much. We had a pretty small apartment when he was born, so it was a necessity, but we kept using it when we moved to a house and will be using it again with our new baby. It's a great space saver, easy to move when you don't want it out, and easy to take it with you. We had the Inglesina one. Highly recommend.
  • I had a K'tan which I wanted to love but it is very size specific and the sizes just didn't fit me right. Also have an ergo baby 360 which was my go to for carrying babe to daycare. Probably adding a Moby this time around and DH wants an infantino bc it clips in the front, so he can do it easier.
    We splurged on our stroller- but we were hoping we could need one that could convert to 2. So we have the City Select Lux. Love it! We'll get the bassinet for babe and we might not need a second seat bc by the time babe needs it Kenzie might be good to go to the bench seat or the ride board. if not, we can get a second full seat.
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  • @independentgeorge

    upside of a high chair: 
    baby can sit before they can sit independently. We would put both babies in there while we ate so they could join us starting around 4 months (we also did BLW). 
    So much easier to clean the tray and seat than the clip on. Our tray snapped off and could also be put in the dishwasher. The chair cushion snaps off and can be thrown in the washer. The clip on cover can also come off but it is much more difficult to get off. 
    Higher weight limit. 
    Only downside I can think of is the space, they can take up a lot. 

    Upside of clip on
    Space saver
    baby sits at the table. 
    Downsides: food/liquid gets stuck under the clips (gross & can ruin table), lower weight limit (haven’t seen one that can hold more than 35lbs) and more difficult to clean. 

    Diagnosed PCOS 2013
    7th Round of Fertility treatment (Femara + Ovidrel + IUI) 12/14 = BFP. DS born Sept.15 
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    Natural BFP Aug. 2019, EDD April 2020

  • @independentgeorge I was just looking at the Inglesina that we have, and I forgot to mention that we did add the $15 snap on tray, which helped with some of the issues that @coaster102516 mentions (cleaning specifically). I didn't find it difficult to take off the cloth part and wash it, so that was never an issue. It goes up to 37 pounds, and by the time we were done using it, my son was more than ready for a regular booster seat.

  • @independentgeorge our friends have a clip on and love it. We used the IKEA Antilop high chair. It’s under $30, is relatively small compared to other full sized high chairs and is super easy to clean. The legs come apart, so it’s easy to store. 
  •  For a smaller footprint high chair, we have a stokke Tripp trapp. Ours is the same color as our regular chairs and fits easily under our table so it blends right in. We don't have a tray; DS ate off the table like us since the beginning. We did BLW too. But we do have a glass table which is wicked easy to clean compared with wood. Bonus is it grows with the kid, so as he got taller we moved some pieces around and it's still awesome.
  • I got my Amazon welcome box yesterday. It included a muslin blanket with zebras on it. Too cute. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • There's an in between option for high chairs!  We were in a small apartment when DD1 was born and we have this Fisher Price one.  It reclines, it's super easy to clean - the pad and straps are easy to remove and are practically impossible to stain, and it grows with babe to a booster seat.
  • Experienced mamas- what do you need for clothes? I am so nervous that I won’t have enough/register for enough apparel!
  • @literatureandink In the baby phase, DS lived in onesies and the zip-up full footy pajamas. The zippers are everything. It’s super annoying to snap the ones with a million snaps when you change a diaper at 2 am. We had a few outfits for special events, but it was mostly those for the first few months. We also had the SwaddleMe Velcro swaddlers for bedtime. Again, easier than trying to wrap him in a blanket in the middle of the night. 

    Once he got a little older, we had more of a variety of stuff. With a girl I plan to use dresses instead of so many onesies at home. DH refuses to snap onesies after diaper changes and it drives me nuts. A dress, he just has to pull back down. I’ve still put a ton of the zip-up jammies on my Amazon registry, though, especially for night time. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • My big advice on clothes is to not buy too much. I tried to stock up on sizes and my child ended up being small with weight gain issues, so was stuck in a size for longer and there were a lot of clothes we didn't use.
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