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Positive first trimester screening test.

I went for my 12 week scan and bloodwork. It came back as positive for Down syndrome. I am being referred to a genetic specialist. The nuchal measurement is 1.7mm/1.07MoM (which when I googled said it was normal but my doctor said anything over 1.0 is high?!) my Free B-hCG level is 3.19 MoM. PAPP A Level is 0.98MoM, PIGF level is 0.74MoM and MS AFP is 0.85 MoM. Does anybody have any insight to these measurements? How many of these markers are higher than normal or not where they should be? 

For my first baby these screening tests came back positive for spina bifida, went to genetic counselor had an ultrasound there and everything turned out fine. first baby is healthy as can be. Just wondering if anyone has had multiple false positives?

I will love my baby no matter what but wasn’t expecting another positive test! Any reassurance or positive thoughts please :) I’m worrying but staying positive

thank you! :)

Re: Positive first trimester screening test.

  • @tpop5 I don’t have any experience with this but thinking of you and hoping you can meet with the genetic specialist soon! 
  • @tpop5 your nuchal measurement seems fine at 1.7mm

    Since you have tested for a high likelihood, you should be able to get the NIPT covered under insurance at little to no cost. The genetic counselor will probably offer this. This will give you a more refined risk score. You can also do a CVS or Amnio that will give you a true yes/no to a chromosomal abnormality. 

    Good luck. 

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  • @tpop5 Like @chichiphin said, you should be able to get the NIPT covered. I had abnormal results with DS. The blood test came back high risk for T13 and T18. The measurement was normal, which I would think 1.7 is in the normal range. I got the NIPT blood draw as soon as my OB called with the abnormal results. That came back low risk for all trisomies. We chose not to do the invasive testing.  DS doesn’t have any of the trisomies.

    Good luck. I hope things work out well for you. 


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