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Do you see a faint positive.

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Hi everyone! Potentially pregnant with my second. I was expecting my period today but have missed it. I did have a bit of pink spotting but no actual flow. Took a test in the middle of the day and here’s what I get. Am I crazy or is that a faint line? 

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Re: Do you see a faint positive.

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  • So sorry I’ve never done this before. I didn’t know. Not trying to hurt anyone. 
  • So @mgirl2014 you think it’s ok to just walk into a board, not read the rules or figure out how things are done and apologize because you didn’t know? It would have taken you less than five minutes to figure out how this board is ran. You’ve been a member since November 2017, so you’ve had to have some idea about how things work. 
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  • @blackgirlmagic to be fair, I had my account for 2 years before even looking at the community 🤷‍♀️ but I clearly saw that I needed to "read this first!"
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