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Waiting for first doctor’s appointment - so nervous. Anyone else?

I’m 5 weeks today, and don’t have an appointment until 7 weeks.  The waiting is making me anxious.  I have some symptoms, but nothing severe (which was the same with my first I think..), just some tiredness, a bit moody, frequent need to pee and slightly tender breasts.  But I’m 36 and it just gets me nervous until I see that first heartbeat!  Anyone else with me?  How are you all holding up?

Re: Waiting for first doctor’s appointment - so nervous. Anyone else?

  • I am 6 weeks yesterday and have my first appointment next Friday.  This is my time pregnant and my anxiety is through the roof! I don’t know what should feel right or wrong and of course I google everything! I’m just trying to stay busy and not think about it! I have mild symptoms as well. But I have mild cramping sometimes on the left side and sometimes my stomach. Nothing major and no spotting but makes me worry a bit. So I feel your pain!  Best of luck to you!
  • Good luck to you too!  I don’t remember cramping from my first pregnancy, and it’s really mild but it still makes me anxious!!
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  • My midwife doesn't see me until 8 weeks and it's after my dating ultrasound (same day). I'm 35 and a little anxious. I dont feel great but other times I definetly dony feel awesome. Nothing to do if something goes wrong anyways. 
  • I won't see my midwife til I'm 8 weeks either ... I'm super anxious because, based on dating on old pictures, it looks like, with my daughter, I had a super dark pregnancy test line by like 11 dpo, and that's not the case this time. The line is getting darker, but it's not as dark as it was for her, so now my anxiety is horrible. I've fallen down a pee stick rabbit hole just wanting to be in control of something.
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  • @saladflambe I'm still checking line progression on cheapies too because of my anxiety and my line didn't get dark until this morning at 17dpo. Don't worry too much!
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  • Me. There's no way to know and they scheduled my first ultrasound for exactly six weeks. I wish it was later because it's really hard to find a heartbeat that early and I know it's just going to send me into cloud of anxiety having it so soon. 

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  • Hello,
    So today I'm 5 weeks & 4 days. My first appointment is  Tuesday, 10/15/19. I'm very excited but I'm wondering if we will be able to hear the little one heartbeat since it's so early.  I had my second son one day shy of (35 weeks & 5  days) 36 weeks because my blood pressure was super high and I was told I'd be induced right after my first 9-month check-up. So I'm a little concerned. During my second pregnancy, I was married to my Ex-Wasband, and he kept me stressed during my 2nd and 3rd Trimester.  My current Husband is praying and calm, full of faith, God-fearing Man. So this experience will be different, I declare!!!!!
  • @ttmills620 I had my apt at 6+3 but baby was measuring 6+1. They said you won't see the hb until 6w so if you ovulated late or are off by a day it may be too early. You'll know more you are there and worst case they'll have you come back in a week later. 
  • I am so nervous too! My doctor called and rescheduled yesterday and I had a MELTDOWN.
  • I am only 4.5 weeks along. And my first appointment is almost a month away. I’m losing my mind. Overthinking everything. I’m almost praying for the morning sickness to start as a comfort that everything’s okay. 
  • A nervous wreck over here! I’m 38 with a not so great fertility history. First appt is next week at 8 weeks. I’ve never made it that far. I really wish I felt sicker, I think oddly it would make me feel better about this! 

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  • kiki75 said:
    I know that waiting until 8 weeks seems torturous. Trust me. I'm over here all

    but it's really the kindest thing. This is the sweet spot where it's as early as possible but puts most people into a place where the ultrasound results should be pretty definitive. *TW* When they do them too early and there's no cardiac activity, people can get caught in that maybe you just ovulated late or maybe this or maybe that or maybe if your appointment had been just two days later, you'd have seen something. Then they're in that terrible limbo of "come back in a week and we'll see if the embryo has grown sufficiently". It's much better to spend that time waiting on just the stress level you have not knowing anything than to spend a week waiting for a follow up when you're freaking out. 

    So just enjoy it for what it is today.
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    *TW* speaking from experience, the 6 week ultrasound limbo is horrible. 

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