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Product spotlight wo 10/7 baby carriers

Starting off with baby carriers! 

Ftm any questions? Stm any advice? 

Re: Product spotlight wo 10/7 baby carriers

  • I love our lillebaby. It adjusts as baby positioning needs to change and distributes weight nicely. Link to the one I have in spoiler. 

    My one regret was not getting suck pads (attach to the straps and front of the carrier. The point being they are removable and easily washable) to go with it from the start. Now I think it's a waste of money until the next baby is almost here.

    LILLEbaby The Complete All Seasons SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier, Stone - Cotton

  • I absolutely love my Ergo360.  Tried the baby ktan but couldn't get comfortable with it.  My ergo has been used through two kids from them being a newborn straight through to 18 months.  It's worth the investment! 
    *No reason to buy the additional newborn insert.  Just throw a few recieving blankets in there and it works just fine! 🤣

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  • I love ring slings for smaller/younger babies. I'm a tula girl for the back. I'm not as big of a fan as wearing them on the front as it really hurts my back to wear on the front. I did have a different carrier that I wore that was facing out on the front that I liked. No idea of the name. It was a product I was asked to test and provide a review for. 
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  • I still have my old Tula.
    Is Tula still around?
    Honestly, I could take it or leave it - mostly I used the stroller w/ Emma. Or carried her. It was just so hot when she was a teeny
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  • @runwmusic Lillebaby just came out with a new carrier that has three seat positions so you can back carry earlier (a narrow, middle and wide seat). 

    I like Lillebaby and Ergo carriers! I also have a Wildbird sling carrier but barely used it with my first. Hope to get more use out of it this time around!
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  • We still have both my lillebaby and my DH ergo with the infant insert, we never did learn how to successfully use it.  I may have a wrap still, always wanted a Tula, they are so cute and have some good sales throughout the year. 
  • I had a babybjorn miracle, which was super easy to put on but wasn’t great as she got heavier. It worked better for my husband as well, which I’ve heard from some people. We then got a Lillebaby 6 in one which I really like- but have not tried with a little baby. I’d probably use that one this time but need to master putting it on without help ha. We used the carriers A TON. My daughter hated the bassinet in the stroller so we ended up just carrying her everywhere. 
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  • @hayhay87-2 watch some you tube videos! I was nervous at first but once you get the motion down you can easily get them in and out with no help. My son went through some phases of not allowing us to put him down. The lillebaby saved my back. I couldn't imagine not having it!

    I do want to try a ring sling just because of how small they pack but they make me nervous! 
  • just looked at the lillebaby linked by @runwmusic, anyone try the hip position?
    what age did you stop using the carrier?
  • @thumper61 I haven't done the hip position but I still use the carrier on clingy days and ds is ten months. Since he can forward face in it, or be on my back I will keep using it for awhile still. 
  • kiki75kiki75
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    I agree on going with either a dark colored carrier or the suck pads. I have a light blue of the same one. So much slobber. 

    @thumper615 We haven’t necessarily stopped using it due to size or anything but did transition to a Kelty backpack for him for long walks especially over the summer since it creates more airflow between you. It gets steamy when you’re really walking & wearing one. 

    Babywearing International shut down but a number of chapters just transitioned to being independent. They’ll often have meetings where you can see carriers in person and try them on, or check them out to try out, especially if you’re not an average shape so you can find one that fits you best. You can always join your local moms groups on Facebook while pregnant (just be forewarned that the group settings may allow people to see that you’re in it & posts, effectively announcing your pregnancy before you’re ready) to find out about local resources. 
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  • @kiki7 unaverage shape! Yes! I should have mentioned I have a super short torso and lillebaby worked for me. I borrowed a friend's Chico thing she had when I was at her house and ds wouldn't be put down. It was awful. 
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    With my oldest I loved my Ergo but I practiced a lot and comfortable with my Moby wrap with my 2nd and it was amazing. I was so sad when she got too heavy for it and I had to switch back to the Ergo. 

    Wraps are really intimidating at first but there’s a bunch of YouTube videos that can help! 
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    Something I learned with my first is that carriers aren’t necessarily one size fits all and it’s really helpful to try them on your body before purchasing.  My city has a local baby wearing group (former BWI chapter turned independent group) where parents and parents-to-be can attend meetings to test out or borrow different carriers to see what works best for them.  I’m petite and had a smaller-than-average baby so I found that the standard Ergo, Tula, Lillebaby, etc., weren’t a good fit for us but some less main stream brands were perfect.  It’s great to be able to test before you buy and actually love something!  I still wear my daughter fairly regularly at 2 years old.
  • I have a Tula free to grow that I love and used practically every day when DS was small. I still use it, and I also have a standard Tula I use now. I got a lillebaby a few months ago so I could wear him facing out, and I’ve only used it once so I think I’m going to sell it. It was too bulky for me I think. I also have 2 wild bird ring slings that I absolutely love and still use! DS is a huge snuggle bug so I wear him a lot. This time around I have been looking at the Sakura bloom scout carriers. My husband says absolutely no more so 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • I am selling a ktan active and a Infantino Mei Deh style carrier, but still using our Lille baby though only for back carries. I have a woven wrap too I love, but I'm too lazy to take time most of the time to get her up with it. Will change later in pregnancy, as my super short torso doesn't permit any SSC use after first trimester, I can't stand it at all. We do still occasionally put my 3 year old up, lol. But 1 year old is daily, to and from the bus stop.
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  • I had the ergo baby and while I liked it my daughter was not a fan of any carrier except my hands...sigh. Hoping the next one feels differently!
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    Agree with the ergo 360 love! I got the breathable version and I roll up a hand towel instead of buying the infant insert!
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