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I’m tiffany! 8 weeks & 4 days! Due may 13. I’m from Louisiana & this is my first little one! We are ecstatic & just wanted to say hello to everyone & hope all pregnancies are going well! 

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    Hello!  This board operates a little bit differently than other pregnancy forums. 

    We discourage one-off posts like this, and instead ask new participants to start out by reading the *** read this first *** board organization thread to get a run down of all the guidelines we try to follow.  Then, head over to Knottie usernames to learn how to change your username to something more easily recognizable so we can interact with you here.  Finally, introduce yourself on our Introduce Yourself Here thread and tell us a little bit about yourself (although you've already introduced yourself so...).  We try our best to get to know each other and interact on a give-and-take basis.  We have threads here that cover just about everything! I hope you can join us!

    Words borrowed and modified from @shamrocandroll
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