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Any moms in school ?

I’m finishing up my last year of grad school and due two weeks before graduation 😅 wondering if there are any others moms out there in school while pregnant ?  

Re: Any moms in school ?

  • I'm in my last quarter of grad school right now. I finish up on Dec. 10th after I finish presenting my capstone in Chicago. I've been going part time since Sept. 2016 and I am so ready to be done.
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  • I am in school finishing my degree. I’m a Registered Practical Nurse now and am upgrading. Been going FT. My final placement ends in April😳 So I’ll have to have the babe then write my board exams. 
    I hear you about being done. I am so over it. Nursing is a second career for me(was a Vet Tech previously), so I’ve been in school my entire adult life. Did my diploma for nursing then started the degree right away. 
    It’s so exhausting with school and I also work.
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    I was finishing part-time grad school when I was pregnant with my daughter. In fact, she was born a month before the semester ended! I was able to take my last two classes partially virtual. I think I missed one class meeting of each. I honestly don't know how I made it through the semester I was in my first trimester (I only remember one of the two courses I took that semester.)

    ETA I had to do a 24-hour urine collection on a day I had class. That was cool, carrying around a cooler of pee.
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  • I am three classes away from my BA. I was going to finish next semester, but now I'm questioning my sanity!
  • I'm also in my last year of grad school, going full-time! Baby is due three days after graduation 🤞 planning to take some online classes in the spring to allow for more flexibility if needed and petitioned to finish my internship at the end of March rather than end of April. 
  • I have a paper due and literally had a giant ugly cry about it cause of how much I hate and don’t want to do it. Totally irrational. LoL. 
  • smashley09 I feel that 
  • This is how I feel about being in school right now 😂😂 more power to you guys!

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