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  • The second tri libido showed up today. Might be the best symptom. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • I learned today that apparently I’m still going to be sick sometimes. I thought I was just probe to gag like others have mentioned, but I threw up the apple I ate in the car on my way home from work the minute I got in the door at home. I mean, what was that about?!
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  • Okay, Week 13 has decided it really wants to take advantage of the last rally of first trimester symptoms. I had toast with honey for breakfast and am struggling to keep 'er down, super moody and cranky and tired, and I've had to pee three times in the last hour and a half. Second trimester cannot come soon enough!
  • I’m 17 weeks today and my formerly large bump looks like it shrank back down to where it was a few weeks ago. I’m a FTM but according to google apparently this is common when bloat and constipation start to go away. Thought I’d share for anyone else mystified by a disappearing bump!
  • @independentgeorge thanks for sharing. I’m so curious if my bump is where it should be. Some mornings I don’t look big at all and then other times I’m like “woah!” my belly is huge. I guess a lot of it is water weight, congestion, and bloat. 
  • I find every morning I barely have a bump and then by the end of the day it’s huge!! Definitely bloat! I’m 16+ weeks 

    @korthouse second trimester is pretty amazing. My nausea and fatigue is like 99% gone. Most of the time I barely feel pregnant. 

    I’m still struggling with terrible acne on my jawline and a bit on my cheeks though. I feel like *maybe* it’s on the road to healing now. Fingers crossed. You never appreciate your clear skin until you don’t have it. I don’t even want to look in the mirror. 
  • @independentgeorge same. In fact, over the past week or so I even lost 2 lbs but baby is growing and measuring perfect for dates so that's good. I can see my uterus when laying on my back but dont look huge in clothes, or I guess look about like i have for the past month or so. 
  • Well Bump is spot on with some of these symptoms. Getting nosebleeds and it's super annoying.
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  • I've been experiencing strange uterus pain for the past several days (mostly early in the mornings). I did have cramps around 5-7 weeks but it felt more like period pain and then it went away. This time it's different. Someone wrote here about feeling "aware" of the uterus. To me, it's sort of like that, as if someone is pulling it down. And from time to time I experience sharp shooting pain for 1-2 seconds in that area. There's no bleeding though so I hope it's normal :smile: I also feel like peeing more often even though I may not be able to. It's different from UTI though. 

    Besides, I can totally relate to not being able to eat a lot at once. I go for smaller portions now but eat more frequently in order not to feel dizzy. 

    Overall though I've started being a bit more energetic than before. I have more desire to stay active, read, and generally do something apart from mindlessly watching TV shows and laying down all the time :smiley:
  • @Kathryn0903 I'm worried I'm going to start with the nosebleeds soon. I've been so congested and I feel like with all this nose-blowing it's only a matter on time. I work with wedding dresses on the weekends so I'm really nervous about getting one at work!
  • @korthouse it's rough. I didn't realize I was bleeding and bled all over our cream colored sheets this morning.
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  • I haven’t had an actual nose bleed, but I do have a lot of blood in my nose. I’m real congested and dry and I’ll blow my nose and there will be a lot of blood. 
  • @Kathryn0903 Oh nooooo. The worst!
  • I don’t know what’s been up with this week, but I have been so much more tired and I am at 17 weeks! I thought second trimester you are supposed to get a burst of energy! I feel
    more tired than I did in the first trimester! 
  • Anyone else get really burpy when their stomach is upset? I haven't been sick in a few weeks now, but I get burpy and really uncomfortable like it could go that way.
  • Okay folks I have a few new symptoms as I approach week 13 and the first one may be a bit TMI but I’m going there... I STINK! I’ve never been someone who’s sweat has been super odorous but oh man! When I take my clothes off it’s as though a stink cloud takes my place..my husband insists he can’t smell me..thank god! I don’t even feel hot during the day, really, but clearly all my areas are sweating. Am I the only one??

    other symptoms: boobs look like a road map of bright blue veins and restless leg syndrome.

    That will be all.
  • October in a nutshell: (currently 14w6d) -I've gone from puking 3-4x/week to a non puking streak of 5 days! Wooh! -I told my hubby I'm exhausted from always being tired and hungry and he said he felt like always being those two things doesnt sound so bad (insert eye roll). -I had my flu shot a the beginning of the month, but I am now battling a cold at the end. -I met a new enemy called 'hemorrhoid' this month already. -The bump is showing and I already get people asking to touch my belly and trying to guess the gender based on the shape of it. (P.s. we are not finding out the gender). -Burrittos were my craving last month, but this month it is Oatmeal and anything with cinnamon in/on it. Has anyone else experienced these similarities this October?! I love hearing from yall!
  • @alisonwarnecke Hemorrhoids are the worst and my unfortunate constipation led me to learn that. Sorry you’re dealing with it too!
  • I've started with the foot cramps!  They seems to happen at the most inopportune times. 

    @korthouse I am also super burpy!  I get hiccups all the time too.    
  • liligirl87liligirl87 member
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    @lmac92 Sadly, I'm with you. I stopped using antiperspirant because I've heard the aluminum in it is bad, but I can't imagine it is all just due to that. After I shower in the morning, I still smell it!  :'(
  • @alisonwarnecke Also really exhausted from being tired and hungry and a very picky eater all the time (I am not even remotely a picky eater normally). My bump is showing too! It felt like a rite of passage the first time someone offered me their seat on the bus and subway! It also helps that I'm obsessed with wearing bodycon shirts and dresses to let that bump shine. Last trimester was all about chocolate milk and bready things, we've now moved into pierogies and fresh fruit territory.
  • It seems like you ladies covered all the symptoms I've been having/feeling: heavy uterus, disappearing bump at strange times days at times sometimes, sharp cramps that come and do, stuffy congested nose with blood sometimes, constantly needing to pee, occasional gas and heartburn and worst of all.........people wanting to touch my belly *facepalm*
  • @sanpelligrino I got this shirt on Etsy for my Disney trip. It gets a lot of laughs/attention, but no one has tried to touch me when I’m wearing it. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • 16w 3d this morning i have had mild cramps almost all morning. trying to just chug water. started when i yelled at my kids to put shoes on haha but hasn't gone away in about 45 min. not RLP as it wasn't sudden from movements but now just a dull ache...other than that feeling pretty good!!
  • Ha! To all the ladies who mentioned they stink— I thought that I did too for a while and I was like, “I never stink, what the heck!!” And then I remember back when someone commented on this topic and said that maybe we don’t stink and it’s just that our sense of smell is so much stronger...I thought that had something to do with it. Hehe. Our sense of smell game is strong, ladies!
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