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GTKY - What do you do?

Stolen from our friends in May:

What do you do for a living? What does your spouse/partner do? Do you love your job?
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Re: GTKY - What do you do?

  • I'm a substitute teacher, my husband is a shipper/reciever. I love my job, I dont have to do lesson planning or marking but I still get to facilitate learning. High school is honestly my favorite to sub, they are so hilarious and most of the time you dont have to work as hard to get them to do what they need to. I subbed a grade 4 class today and they have the attitude of high school students but way less maturity and control of themselves. It was exhausting, in my opinion it takes a special person to teach elementary full time!
  • I work in a nursing home as a care worker.
    My husband works for UPS in our local warehouse, loading and unloading the trucks. It's good work but unfortunately they only give part time hours ever so it can be rough in the slow season.
    I have a love/hate relationship with my job. Most of the time I love it. I'm in a great small home where it's all women and we have a wonderful team of workers. I love my residents like they're my own grandmother's most of the time, but sometimes we have a day where everyone is super needy or one of the residents is acting out and then I just don't want to be there.
    I'm also super not a morning person and have to wake up at 6 am for work so that doesn't help matters lol
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  • I am a physical therapist and work at a small local hospital outpatient facility. I have a specialty in neurology and I do love what I do on most days! My husband is the director of research at the solar energy industries association. His company is in Washington DC, but he works from home in Maine! 
  • DH and I have a small farm (that barely makes money but we're trying). He's a freelance video producer/editor and I'm a freelance writer, plus I manage a local farmers market in the winter. We like a lot of things about being freelancers/business owners (mostly the flexibility) but we're not getting where we need to be financially right now.
  • I’m a lawyer. I work for a governmental entity, which is nice because I don’t work law firm hours, but less nice because I don’t make law firm money. But I do feel like I’m helping the community, which is one of the best things about what I do. DH teaches high school math. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • I work for a community/technical college. I teach remedial math and tutor college math. I also do some academic advising. I like what I do, but with only having a bachelor's degree, I can never teach higher than remedial math in a college setting. Some days it's hard when I know I'm teaching adults elementary school math - the course starts with adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing. I'm not full time, so most semesters I work 2.5 days a week, which I love so that I can spend more time with DS and save on daycare. Ultimately, I would love to be full time somewhere doing academic advising, but I worry that I'd miss teaching.
    DH works for a local college as the math lab coordinator. With both of us in math, we're hopeful our kids will like math.
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  • I work for a health insurance company in the producer commission department.  I pay the insurance agents their commission.  It's super exciting... haha.  DH works for the same company as an underwriter.  
  • I work for a tech platform in the social media marketing space- I'm on the client management side with brands and it's usually fun and interesting but a little like dealing with 12yo sometimes where they want everything and you have to tell them no. But I also get to hear about new products and most of my brands are fun.
    DH works in warehouse logistics-basically all the warehouse set ups, labels, barcodes, scanners etc to make a warehouse run. He is in an office and his company basically builds solutions for warehouses to run with.
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  • I am an event planner. I had an independent wedding planning business for 6 years before having DD. I've since switched to planning corporate events. I work PT (3 days a week), which is great for work/life balance. DH works in public service.
  • I’m a dog groomer :) Been a groomer for 6 years, it’s a very tough job even more so when pregnant. I love it don’t get me wrong but standing, lifting, and fighting with dogs all day pregnant is super exhausting. 
  • I'm a senior manager at a non-profit working with international medical schools and in US graduate medical education. I really love what I do for the most part now that I'm in a senior role, but dealing with personnel issues is my least favorite and we seem to have a lot of those lately. 

    DH is a software developer at a very small company that sells Point of Sale (POS) systems. He likes developing, but hates his company and can't wait to resign when baby comes! He is literally counting the days to becoming a stay-at-home dad. 
  • I am an HR Recruiter a Large Community College. I love my job. I love HR and Higher Education so this is a perfect match for me. My Hubby is a branch manager for a bank. He also really loves his job. 

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  • DH and I both work sales jobs. My job is great but gets stressful at times. There's also the added travel that comes with the job, but it's going good so far. 
  • I am an ER nurse and currently working weekends only so we dont have to pay for child care. My husband is a propmaker/grip in the movie industry. We both love our jobs but just before finding out I was pregnant again, he had signed up to return to college for an engineering degree so he one day can have a less physical job. He also doesn't want to move to follow the movies should they leave Atlanta so engineering would give him more flexibility with where he could work. This baby will slow down that goal some but hopefully he can still work towards that. I was planning on returning to school for a masters to be a nurse practitioner but will now wait until the littlest is in pre-k.
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    Both my hubs and I are air traffic controllers.  He has been doing it about 6 years longer than me and before that I worked for TSA. Funny thing is I have a degree in Criminal Justice which is useless now lol. Our job is exciting and can of course be stressful, but most of the time it's pretty awesome. I'm not a desk job person at all (worked in a law firm 3 days before quitting) and so I enjoy this type of work, always makes you think and solve problems.  Only thing that sucks avout it right now is no one knows Im preggo yet and if I were to have to puke, I cant leave what Im doing. I would have to find a trash can and keep going until someone else could take over. So I am SUPER thankful that hasnt happened yet because it has been adding a bit of extra stress worrying that it could. 

    Edit: forgot to add we get no paid maternity leave. 12 weeks unpaid through FMLA. Otherwise we have to use our annual & sick leave. So Im saving up but it makes it hard not to leave early/call out when Im SO nauseas some days. 
  • I am a 4th grade teacher and also a “student”
    as I am working towards my Masters. Most days I enjoy my job, but it is a struggle dealing with the entitlement many students possess and the lack of administrative support as they keep throwing the “latest and greatest” programs at us to implement. DH is a diesel mechanic as his civilian job and a machinery technician in the Coast Guard. 
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  • I'm a bridal consultant and a voice actor. I definitely love my work but currently am worried the number of hours I work aren't going to be enough for mat leave, but I've been so low energy I don't know how I would do if I add on more work. Getting into audition season though so hoping to land a couple big spots to help supplement.
  • @Brags0607 I just read yours and until I got to YH I legit thought it was what I wrote! Lol. I am a teacher as well and am finishing up my masters! I’ll graduate in May! 
  • I’m a Professor in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. I just started a tenure-track position at a new University, definitely an adjustment but so far I love it. The university really supports new faculty which means I have a lower teaching load and my schedule is extremely flexible for the first two years. Which is great because it’ll cut down the cost of child care. My DH is a special needs assistant at a high school and a basketball coach (he’s the one with all the patience).
    Me: 28  DH: 29
    BFP 08/25/19, EDD 05/04/20
  • I work as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital on the surgical unit, so I take care of people before and after they go to surgery and help them get stronger to go home! My husband works in the marketing department at a business downtown that finds extended stay living for companies relocating their employees to different cities. Very different careers but we both love what we do! 
  • So many interesting careers here! 

    I am a maternity RN. I do L&D, post partum and occasionally work in the NICU. I love my job for the most part! 

    Hubby is a geologist! 
  • I'm the buyer at an independent bookstore (honestly, dream job), but I'm looking to add copyediting on the side to make a little extra money. My husband teaches writing at a local university. He's not technically a professor in his current role, but he does have his PhD and it seems likely he'll be able to move up within a few years.
  • @aresee Your job sounds amazing. Before I turned to the dark side and started law school, I got my master’s in publishing. I totally wanted to either be a buyer or a book publicist, but then I got super interested in my class on publishing law and the inevitable genes kicked in. (Did I mention that I’m related to A LOT of lawyers?) 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • Right now I'm an independent contractor and do a mix of different things. I'm working on starting my own business though as a voice actor and will be a stay at home mom once the baby gets here as well.
  • Up until a few months ago I was an association manager for various nonprofit and trade associations. I enjoyed my actual job, just hated the toxic office I worked in. Between that and the ridiculous commute, I decided to do what was best for my family (and my sanity) by accepting a position working at DD1's daycare. Not only is it super close to home and I get to be in the same building as my own kids, but since I work there I don't have to pay tuition, which for 2 (and soon to be 3) kids, really adds up to a significant benefit. I also work 1 or 2 days a week at Starbucks. My husband works for USPS.
  • @mercury94 A publishing master's sounds fun! I do really love my job. Working at a small business always has its challenges and I do get burned out sometimes, but I love being part of this industry.
  • I’m an elementary music teacher.  My husband is a foreign language teacher.  I love my job but I feel like there is more that I can do to help other teachers and I do but I don’t get the pay boost.  I love my students and teaching! 

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  • I'm in the process of becoming an architect! Finished my Master of Architecture a year ago and now just need to work and log my hours and then write the board exam to become a licensed architect. My partner is a small business owner in the construction industry. 
  • I'm in Human Resources at an insurance company. It's way more interesting than it sounds. My spouse is in law enforcement. 
  • I'm in Financial Operations and my husband owns a food truck and catering business.
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