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Baby Photos on Social Media

What are your thoughts to posting photos of your babies and children to social media platforms? It seems like our Facebook feeds are a flood of baby photos right now and I love keeping up with all the faces and precious moments but we decided not to share any photos with our son's face on social media until he's old enough to understand a little about how the internet works.

We have a lot of long distance relatives and most of my husband's family lives overseas so in the meantime we've been using the Tiny Beans app which is actually great, it gives us a calendar of our baby's photos and includes a section to track milestones and special moments. I'd recommend it even if you are posting to social for all of the grandparents who aren't on Facebook and Instagram to be able to keep up with the baby. It also includes liking,commenting and photo flashbacks which makes it feel a little more social than a shared folder of photos or something. 

Even though I ultimately think this is the right move, sometimes I feel a little left out of the social media baby boom that's happening with all of our friends right now. Is anyone else keeping their kids off of their social networks? How do you feel about it?

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  • We use google shared photo albums to share the majority of our pictures.
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