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GTKY 9/30 - What do you do?

What do you do for a living? What does your spouse/partner do? Do you love your job?

Re: GTKY 9/30 - What do you do?

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  • @mokay19 No. He does wear a lab coat and hairnet, and he's not in the main factory so in theory QC is a closed air system to the rest -  but it's an older factory without a lot of the safety protocols it really SHOULD have. And some of the ones it does have are degraded. It actually blew up a year or so ago.  :/  The incinerator went BOOM. 

  • I am a Graphic Designer/Photographer. DH is a Supervisor at Costco. He makes more than me and has way better benefits. I would love to work from home and become a freelance Graphic Designer or just start doing more photography than I currently do, but I also think I would work more than I do now if I did that. So going into an office I think is better. My dream mid-life-crisis would be to go back to school to become a Registered Dietitian, a Nutritional Therapist or something with food/health coach. Maybe someday I'll become a Whole30 Certified Coach, baby steps.
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  • I’m a high school band and choir teacher. It’s a ton of work both during and outside of the school day, especially during marching band season (so right now), but I do love it and am passionate about the work I do.

    H is an IT director for a different school district than the one I work in. It’s nice that we both work in education and speak a lot of the same language. He also moonlights as my visual instructor for my marching band.
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    I teach high school English - AP Lang and American Lit and I LOVE my job! DH and I tried to plan this pregnancy to happen a little earlier (around April, so I could have 5-6 months home w/ baby)..but didn't quite work out. DH is an Occupational Therapist - he works at a hospital in both in-patient rehab and acute care departments. 
  • I am a private Nurse Manager employed by a family. I absolutely love it. The downsides are no benefits, although I'm compensated much higher because of it, and practically no job security. MH just started his JD/MBA program but is still currently working for as long as he can handle both - he has spent the last decade working for the DOD.

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  • I’m a program manager for a nonprofit. I have a flexible schedule and good benefits which is nice. DH got out of the army last year and now works as a security manager for a company that contracts with the military. 
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  • Executive assistant at a construction company. I love it. I'm in school for psychology, looking to take it to a Master's in forensic psychology, possibly further. 
    Hubby is a career soldier, 18 years in the Army, deployed three times. 
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    I have a job in property management/construction management in a resort town assisting vacation homeowners in remodeling their condos.

    My husband is an equipment operator and primarily works in excavation.

    I have never had a job I love.  It's just a job.  It pays the bills and allows me to live where I want to and play the way I want to.  It is the best job I've had however and I've been with the company longer than any other job I've had in the past.
  • I’m a financial analyst. Love my job, love my company, couldn’t ask for anything better.

    H is a police officer. It’s his dream job. 
  • I’m in nursing school right now, I graduate in May. While in school I’m a patient care tech in a postpartum hospital unit every other weekend.... so i see all the babies lol. Before nursing school i did SAHM and worked part time from home for a pet insurance company. I was a vet tech for a long time before that... MH works in procurement for a large cable company. Before that he did procurement for a gas company and he was a procurement consultant.
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  • I am a SAHM to my DD which I love. Before that, I wrote curriculums for preschool and kindergarten. I absolutely loved what I did and once this little one gets older I look forward to going back to work. 

    DH is a CPA.  He loves what he does but involves a lot of late nights/long hours. He definitely gets burnt out. 

  • I’m a hospice nurse case manager and it was/is my dream job but it’s very demanding and sometimes I daydream about an easier job with very few people depending on me. But I love what I do and it’s hard to think about leaving it ever.
    MH is a respiratory therapist at a children’s hospital. I think he would secretly love to be a SAHD but we cannot afford to be a 1 income household.
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    Currently a stay at home mom but I’m a licensed professional counselor. Husband recently joined the military in April after working as a student pastor for 12 years. We are moving to another state in December and I plan to be a SAHM until our oldest starts school. I need to figure out all the details on becoming licensed in another state to have for when I do go back to work. 
  • I'm an actuary at a large reinsurance company where I've worked for almost 10 years.  DH never had a chance to go to college until we got together.  I helped support him through a technical college, and he is now an electrical estimator.  I make about twice what he does, but I think he enjoys having a sugar mama lol
  • I am a retail pharmacist where I am also the team leader. We do about 2300 prescriptions a week and I have a team of 2.5 pharmacists and currently 8 technicians, sometimes as many as 10. DH is a machinist at an aerospace engineering company. I like my job most days, being a pharmacist was my dream job but I didn’t realize how many hours outside of a traditional 9-5 it would entail and that’s been difficult with little kids at home. DH doesn’t care for his job but he has good benefits. I would be happy if he wanted to be a SAHD but he has no interest. We make it work. 
  • I work as a scheduler for the radiology department at a hospital/outpatient imaging facility. The pay is good and the benefits are free and I have my own office so I honestly can't complain. H works for a window company, he assembles high tech expensive windows (with motors and remote controls) he likes what he does, but not his coworkers.

  • I am a program manager in a biotech company. Trained as a scientist but now manage & communicate between groups of scientist and business folks. My DH is actually a SAHD, and loves it, has been doing it since DD was 8 months, he could do it forever...but is trying to make a career change by getting involved with middle school sports on a part time basis. Having to be the sole provider in my family has both wonderful and challenging.
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  • @queenklau MH is also a SAHD and loves it. He has been one since DS was born. I totally relate to the being a sole provider. It can be a major stresser at times, but I'm happier working, so it works out for the best.

    I work in the IT department of a major retailer. I work directly with both the business and developers and to help communicate business needs to developers. It is a challenging but rewarding role.  

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  • I'm a SAHM. I really enjoy being with my kids all the time. I was just cut out of that mold. I think in the way that a lot of people would be miserable if they couldn't work, I think I would be absolutely miserable if I had to leave my babies. I miss them even when I have to put them in church nursery. I studied to be an English teacher and I do love teaching. Eventually I'll add homeschool mom to my job title but there will be time for that later. 
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  • I’m a Professor in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. I just started a tenure-track position at a new University, definitely an adjustment but so far I love it. The university really supports new faculty which means I have a lower teaching load and my schedule is extremely flexible for the first two years. Which is great because it’ll cut down the cost of child care. My DH is a special needs assistant at a high school and a basketball coach (he’s the one with all the patience).
  • I work for the local government as a mass appraiser. DH is a welding instructor at a CareerTech.
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