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PIO tips?

Hi, I am new here. Went through two retrievals and getting ready for the transfer. Fingers crossed. Wanted to ask for tips about how to reduce pain from progesterone in oil. I am trying to warm the syringe  before injection and massaging the injection area but as days go by, still, I can barely move my leg...

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  • First, I want to wish you luck with your transfer!  I've used an ice pack to chill my bum before the shot, and a microwaved hot pack for a few minutes after.  I draw up the shot and then wrap the shot in the hot pack for a couple minutes...hubby pushes it in.  And then I walk around for 15 minutes which seems to keep me from stiffening up.  The first week, the shot site keeps me awake and hurts more after a couple hours.  After that first week, they just don't hurt much, at least for me.  
    Hopefully other ladies have some suggestions as well.
  • I put the whole PIO bottle in a hot glass of water for a while prior to drawing up the shot. 
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    Thank you for your reply. For how long? I tried that and also holding the syringe under hot running water for a min or so. I am also lying down for the shot to have my muscles completely relaxed. But I am still in a lot of pain...
  • See if your doctor will write you a prescription for Lidocaine.  I put it on 15-30 before my shot and it helps a lot with the pain!
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  • I have to take lovanox injections in my belly also.  I start by putting an ice pack on my bum (I just hold it in place by my pants) while that’s on there I get the PIO syringe ready and have the smaller needle put on so that it’s ready to be injected and I place the whole thing in a heating pad on high.  Then I get the other injection ready.  After about 5 min my hubby does the belly injection first and then the PIO straight from the heating pad.  It’s very warm to the touch but it goes in super quick.  I massage the area for a few min and then it’s good.  I have some stiffness deep in the muscle but nothing too bad.  The first week is definitely the hardest.  Good luck to you.  😊
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    Thank you! My right side is particularly painful since Monday, which was day 3 of pio shots. I flexed the muscle accidentally and I think that really did some damage. I was in tears by the end of the day, and I am usually pretty good at holding it...
    I will warm the oil for longer. I started lying down for the shots too and trying out a shorter needle. 
  • The needle needs to be long enough to reach the muscle.  Try putting all the weight on one leg and lift the leg up your injecting into.  That makes the muscle relaxed so your not jamming it into a flexed muscle.  This is the best info I have found about the PIO shots. 

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    thank you @stellegalascione! This is interesting. I actually tried injecting while lying down and that seems to really help. Bottom line seems to be that, yes, the muscle must be relaxed. 
    ....But then of course I am paranoid - if it doesn't hurt does it mean it's not working.... :P
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