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Fit Friday 9/27

What's everyone been up to this week?

Re: Fit Friday 9/27

  • I fought nausea really hard all weekend and the beginning of the week, so no workouts for me. Getting out and walking helped a little, but it was not a good week. That said, I do think I may have turned a corner. Yesterday and today have been a lot more bearable. I may try to get a short, easy workout in this weekend.
  • Trying to start small- 15 squats and planks. Goal is to hit 80 squats by end of October and keep at it. 
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  • Oh gosh the nausea was really hard this week for me too!! Also the hormone migraines. 😰 

    BUT! I did hit my goal of working out every other day this week. Totaling about 2.5hrs of Purebarre. I also walked and stretched. 

    I think next week’s goal will be to keep the every other day as well as trying to do a lap swim at least once.  

    @aresee Don’t worry, the energy will come and you will def be able to do more workouts. 

    @sanpelligrino Good job! And that’s a great goal. 
  • Sports bras are getting tight... Ran 5 miles Sunday, 3 miles and 4 miles on the treadmill during the week. Also, did T25 from Beachbody. 
  • I slacked big time this week!  I went to one HIIT class followed by a 15 min arms class on Tuesday.  Work has been a bit crazy this week so I ended up having to skip the rest of the classes I had planned on going to.  Hoping to get more workouts in this coming week....
  • wow you ladies are killing it. I had some cramping last night after the minimal workout i did. :(
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