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2 Faint lines Dollar General Test

I am breastfeeding my one year old so I do not get regular periods. I was bleeding for 4-5 days (light flow compared to my usual) and stopped on Thursday but I have been super nauseous and thought that my period seemed weird. I took a test today (so a week since I stopped bleeding / spotting) and saw the faintest line ever right away that got darker over the next hour . I took another test and it did the same. It is so faint I am not sure if it has color. 

What are the chances of two evaporations line on a pink dyed test?

Re: 2 Faint lines Dollar General Test

  • In the same batch of tests?  Pretty good.

    I'd recommend waiting a few days to test again, unless you get AF in the meantime. If you are concerned, call your doctor.
  • I thought I just had AF . So that's why the positive tests and all my symptoms are strange. They were not part of same batch.
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  • I'd think that 4-5 days of flow would be a period...some bleeding is possible with pregnancy, but that seems like a lot of it.  You're saying that both the test line AND the control line were very faint, or you're saying that you took two tests and both of them had faint test lines?  If the control lines were faint, you probably have a bad batch of tests.  If the control lines look normal, you may want to test again in a few days to see what the test line looks like.  if it's still there, call your doctor.  My guess is that you had a period and are dealing with some bad tests, but it's possible that you're pregnant and had some implantation bleeding, or perhaps had a CP so HCG is still showing up on your HPT because it hasn't dropped all the way to zero yet.  but the only person that can confirm anything for you is your doctor, so you may want to give them a call.
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