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UPDATE: private group info

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there seems to be some general chatter and support for taking Dec 2019 Moms to a private group. I know some ladies have replied hoping to not feel left out, and I can say that each one who has commented thus far would 100% be welcomed in. this wouldn't be something where we "voted" people in, but we would come up with some guidelines to make sure people who weren't total drive by's didn't get in. the point is that some women have expressed feeling they would be more open knowing that their posts weren't public. it appears someone sets up the group and is an admin to admit members, and we can have additional admin as well (need to get clarity on the # of admin).

so that being said - let's take it a yes/no vote, leave it open until friday (that's a good 48 hrs to catch everyone). and we can hash out any concerns/guidelines once we are set up.

ALSO - to be clear this would mean moving ALL posts over to the private group, my prego brain can't handle looking in too many places.  ;)

UPDATE: private group info 44 votes

70% 31 votes
29% 13 votes

Re: UPDATE: private group info

  • fyi - i can't see who votes which way.
  • Should we pin this to the top so people see it right away when they log in? I say that having zero knowledge of how to actually do that. 😂 
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  • @lucylivesinwa you smaaaaart. i think we have to ask the @BumpAdmin gods to pin it for us
  • if anyone wants to nominate any one else can you comment by the end of the day today? and then if the ladies who are nominated are ok with it, i will do a separate comment for each individual name and then the "love its" will be how we decide. and if anyone is nominated who doesn't want to be, just comment that!
  • I don't care too much to be an admin, I'll let you ladies take the honor! But I love that you thought of me!
  • If I wasn't starting my new position in 10 days I would absolutely admin. But I think I'm going to be pretty scarce once I start, so I'm not sure how much I will even be able to participate, let alone admin. 
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  • Thanks @CapricaAndrea, its really sweet of you. But with everything being so up in the air health and work wise I don't know for how long I would be able to contribute. 

    I agree with @anniemarie887, @blueskychicago12, @cpk3535, @k_mama91 for admins. And all of the other girls who also decided to decline. 
  • If you gif too many people don’t want to be, I can totally take it tho! I am not busy whatsoever 
  • Thanks @mrszoobear!  I'd rather not be an admin, but looks like we've got some great ladies who are up for the task!😊
  • Thanks @mrszoobear. I’m not sure what it entails or if I could commit. But maybe. 
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  • I think the point of having admins (pref 3 for easy majority) is that if things got heated we would decide if that person(s) would remain. I don’t foresee that happening, but I am an insurance agent so I tend to “plan for the worst” 🤣
  • @anniemarie887 you do what I do to some degree- I manage retail and deal with worst case scenario and coddling craziness on a regular basis 😂.  I have to be the calm at the center of the storm all the time, particularly because I manage a group of guys, and most of them have no customer service or organizational skills.  Now I’m trailing off into the job board material, I should hop over there and complain for a bit!  🤣
  • Haha. Totally @cpk3535 sometimes I also say I spend my day babysitting idiots.
  • @anniemarie887 that reply got a good out loud laugh from me 🙌😂
  • anniemarie887anniemarie887
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    Ok I’m gonna do the individual posts with usernames.... your “love it” is a vote for that person. We want to have 3 admins to easily have a majority if an issue were to arise. voting ends Sunday evening so that Monday we can move to private!
  • Quick question- will someone please post a link or group name for the private group once it is ready?
  • How are we notified of the PG? Is it through a private message? <3 
  • Yep! I know Sunday isn’t over... but I’m gonna start inviting people :)
  • Ok! So I started inviting people and we can see if this link will work for you to request access: https://forums.thebump.com/group/1381-december-2019-moms

    also it looks like the “admins” are myself, @k_mama91 and @cpk3535
  • @anniemarie887 a message came up after I pushed “ok” that said something about “duplicate”....don’t know if it went through so I did it again.  Sorry if I did it twice!

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  • @anniemarie887 Help me lol I guess I don’t know where to look for a private message 🤦‍♀️ I used the link above and got the same message @KTZ17 did. It asked why I wanted to be in the group and when I hit submit it said something about a duplicate whatever. Let me in!!
  • @KTZ17 and @k_mama91 word on the street (aka me stalking the nov group's post) is that you need to accept from a computer, sorry! someone else in that post also mentioned the duplicate message but just kept clicking and after 4x it worked
  • @rjgmcmanus and @ninrms got in - can you give any feedback on what worked?
  • @anniemarie887 Yeah, I'm on a computer, I haven't been on the app in days because it's been down (hence my being behind on basically every post). Pretty simple--just went into my inbox, saw the invite, clicked the link and accepted. Easy. :-)
  • I tried asking to join the private group from the desktop (OMG fix the app already) and I got some weird error message so I don't know if the request went through.

    That said I will probably be on here less until they fix the app because I don't have computer access as frequently as I have mobile access.
  • *headbang* - @bookworm492 did you get the invite in your inbox? not sure why this is being so difficult, i'm thinking we should keep posting here this week until i can get everyone in the private one 
  • Good to know I'm not the only one having major issues with the app. Mine completely blocking me from all my stuff 😤
  • Ugh I’m hoping they fix everyone’s apps!

    @anniemarie887 Do we want to take this week for people to accept the invites and get technical issues worked out before switching over? Say go live on Monday the 1st? 
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