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1st Trimester


I'm around 6.5 weeks.

What are you all eating for breakfast? I wake up feeling pretty blah and I know I need to eat but nothing appeals to me.


Re: Breakfast

  • Just try eating some plain carbs, like toast, dry cereal, crackers, etc. I know it can be hard to eat, but a lot of times eating nothing at all makes nausea worse. You could try keeping crackers or some other plain carb next to your bed, and nibble a few before even standing up.
  • Eat something, if you don't eat, like @daffodil_shoe said, you will feel much worse. 

    I ate a lot of granola and toast for breakfast in my early pregnancy. Or english muffins. Now I've graduated to pop tarts :) 

    hope you feel better soon.
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