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Testing in 5 days, I think?

So last month was a big blur due to moving from my house into my SO and I's RV. We have been ttc for about 6 months and I have been great at tracking my cycles up until this last month when I forgot to.  My cycles are about 26 days and the last flo I remember was at the very beginning of August but I know I had one in between 🤦‍♀️ we baby danced quite a bit the last month so 🤞 I think my testing date is September 16th and usually by breasts get super sore at least a week before but this month nada. I really hope this is my month!! Who else is testing with me?

Re: Testing in 5 days, I think?

  • It sounds like you’re in the TWW (two week wait, post ovulation).  Try posting in that thread.
  • Hi @wintersmama Welcome to TTGP! 

    This board operates a bit differently than some of the other boards on The Bump. First of all, we generally discourage one-off posts, as it helps keep the board organized and less cluttered. Take a few minutes and read through the pinned posts at the top of the board, it will give you some guidance as to how we operate. 


    Once you look through that, you can go ahead and introduce yourself in the weekly Newbie thread. Also, my best advice here is to just start lurking! Read through our daily threads and questions threads, you'll get a feel for the board. In this case, after your introduction, this would definitely fall under our TWW thread for today. 

    Good luck! 

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