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Those with twins

i just knew I was having twins. So I went for a scan at 7w6, and confirmed twins. Baby a measured 7w4, and Baby B was said to have a yolk sac but no fetal pole. The doctor told me it most likely is not viable. I am 8w1 today, and going for another scan at 10w6. I’ve googled hours and hours worth of reading. It sounds like it could be possible that Baby B is behind, and maybe hadn’t developed the fetal pole yet? I know twins can be up to a week apart in growth from one another. 

Im desperate for a miracle and to see two heartbeats in three weeks. Does anyone need have positive stories here ?

Re: Those with twins

  • If you weren't as far along I'd say possibly it could catch up but at 7w6d you would likely be seeing a heartbeat for both babies. It's more than likely a vanishing twin. I'm sorry about baby B but wishing you the best of luck with baby A.
  • I found out at 8w4d I was carrying twins. At that point they both had strong heartbeats. I went back at 9w and some change and baby A had stopped developing, a vanishing twin. It’s so common to have vanishing twins and most people don’t even know they’re carrying two babies due to not having dating ultrasounds until one twin has vanished. That’s the problem with such early scans. It’s emotional and not your fault in any way. Best of luck. 
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  • I did IVF and transferred two healthy embryos (doctor said 30% chance both would stick and they did). They were very similar developmentally in size and growth starting early on. Baby B was always a day or two behind Baby A but it wasn't a dramatic difference.
    I've seen  you post this question on many boards and - I'm saying this kindly - it's unlikely your twin is viable. At 7+ weeks the fetal pole should be there, and there should be a heartbeat. I really hope you don't stress yourself out and invest too much in this emotionally until your next ultrasound because I'm afraid it will lead to disappointment :( It would be lovely if I'm wrong and your Baby B grows strong and healthy but if I were you I'd try to let it go until then and just be thankful at least one baby is growing and on track.
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    Ugh. I appreciate the honesty. The only way I can move on is for there to be no trace of twins on the next scan. I hate this. 
  • I understand! I'd hold my breath before each ultrasound out of fear one of my twins would vanish because it is such a common phenomenon. The trouble with early ultrasounds is knowing you had two to start with and then experiencing the heartbreak of losing one :(
  • @kikihyoos You will most likely see baby B’s sac for several more weeks. Everyone is different but I believe it can be a couple of weeks into the second trimester before the sac is completely absorbed. *TW* The vanishing twin may also cause bleeding during your pregnancy *End TW* I know it doesn’t happen to everyone but some, including myself, have a harder time absorbing the sac and in turn have episodes of bleeding.
  • K, yeah I’ve had no bleeding. Doctor did say it could take weeks too. That’s why my next scan isn’t until 3 weeks from my last one 
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