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September Healthy Check-In

A place to check-in about your healthy habits-eating, exercise, mindfulness etc. Please share your tips, recipes, weight loss or whatever else regarding your healthy habits.
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Re: September Healthy Check-In

  • I need my eating to fall in line with my work outs. I’m great at working out. I’m terrible at portion control. So I’m trying to focus on the kinds of foods I’m eating. Trying my best to stick whole, real foods. 
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  • I have jogged the last two days!!! Yay me!!! Also I started back doing intermittent fasting! Hoping to lose 5 to 10 pounds by the end of the month!!!
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  • I haven't had any caffeine in about a week. I have gone back and forth for years with no caffeine and then I start up again and have zero control. I only had headaches for the first 2-3 days and now nothing since then. I've gained 10 lbs since June, so I need to get my eating under control. 
  • @modoodles Oh, man, I bear you on getting your eating under control. I’m like a broken record. And then wonder how I’ve gained 15 lbs since May as I’m eating a cupcake. 
  • @tyrion_ Ugh. Homecoming parade and SO MUCH CANDY tonight. I'm my own worst enemy. 
  • Dh has been on a health kick this summer and lost a ton of weight. Ive been watching my eating all summer and gain 2lbs. I was bad about snacking at night. So I cut out snacking after 7pm. 

    @modoodles i stopped buying candy because it would be eaten in a day.
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