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FTM Check-In September

Stole this from April 2020 group (who stole it from another group lol)!

Some questions to start the conversation and continued discussion for the rest of the month! 

EDD / Weeks+ days: 

How are you feeling? (Emotions, symptoms, etc):

Upcoming appointments: 

Rants, raves, questions: 

GTKY: How old is everyone and their SO? 

Feel free to add! 

Re: FTM Check-In September

  • I'll start!

    EDD / Weeks+ days: 3 weeks and 4 days

    How are you feeling? (Emotions, symptoms, etc): I'm excited and anxious! I'm not even 4 weeks yet but I have officially missed my period. 

    Upcoming appointments: Had the first of two HCGs today. I go back on Monday to make sure it is rising appropriately. First sono on Oct 4th and then New OB on Oct 24th. 

    Rants, raves, questions: I want to tell the world but I also have a lot of fear too. I was planning to tell my family after the first trimester screen but I don't think I can wait that long. I'm thinking after the first sono. Have you all told your family yet?

    GTKY: How old is everyone and their SO? I am 35 and my DH is 33 (turning 34 in a couple months)
  • EDD / Weeks+ days: 4+5 (do you count from LMP or from ovulation...  I don't have 28 day cycles, I don't know how that works)

    How are you feeling? (Emotions, symptoms, etc):  Terrified (deep down I want to be excited but have only ever known disappointment).  I have insomnia, my only symptoms are at night, hot flashes and tossing and turning and I can't shut off my brain and indigestion and lots of dreams and I cannot sleep.

    Upcoming appointments:  Early ultrasound 9/17.  I need this.  I'm terrified of this.  I hope it's not too early.

    Rants, raves, questions: I want to sleep through the night and I want coffee to get through the day.  Also I want my RE or OBGYN to give me a due date (even though due dates are never the real birthday).

    GTKY: How old is everyone and their SO?  I am 38, my husband is 36.
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  • *Lurking from STM

    @pirateduck Due dates based on LMP assume a 28 day cycle.  If you know your O date through tracking BBT and OPKs, then that is the more accurate way to go.  For that, you would just count the number of days since O, and then add 2 weeks.  Example, I O'd on Aug 12, which was 4 weeks ago.  Add 2 weeks, and I am 6 weeks along.  They usually won't give you a due date until they confirm via ultrasound.  I'm also in official due date limbo right now, but I'm very confident in O date.  
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    EDD: 5/3/19  *please stick, baby*

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     @pirateduck ; <3  It seems like I am feeling really similar to you. It's kind of scary these early weeks. Hoping both of us have an uneventful first trimester.
  • 5weeks 4days based on LMP. 
    How are you feeling? (Emotions, symptoms, etc): Anxious mostly. Trying to be excited but it’s hard. I stopped all my supplements for anxiety until I talk with the midwife on the 25th, so it’s been creeping. I also don’t think I’ll be able to get enough hours for maternity leave as I am in school completing my degree. Im a diploma nurse now and am upgrading. This was a surprise. Renovating our house as well and started a new job a couple months ago. It’s all pretty stressful.

    Upcoming appointments: first prenatal with midwife on the 25th. Had an appointment with my GP but that was a waste of time. He’s so awkward lol. He didn’t do anything cause I’m low risk, which is great. But I was hoping for some BW to check levels, or something to make this more tangible.  

    Rants, raves, questions: I guess you’ve already read my rants lol. 

    GTKY: How old is everyone and their SO? I just had my 33rd bday on the 9th. DH is 35. 
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