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September Symptoms

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  • Mainly just nauseous and a little achey.
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  • I have times throughout the day where the fatigue really kicks in.. I’ve got the mood swings, but not much nausea
  • Fatigue hits pretty hard mid afternoon. Nausea/throwing up in the morning and some nausea throughout the day. 

    Yesterday my nipples were also sore for the first time this pregnancy. 
  • KFrobKFrob
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    So exhausted.  Nausea here and there, moody, no appetite, I think my nipples are starting to get sore and random dull aches in my boobs, bloated, headachy.  Is rage a symptom? I’m ragey. 

    Edit it to add pregnancy brain. My mind is gone. 
  • @ejoseph16 that gif is me.  I’ve never been so tired in my life 
  • Had a second spike of nausea hit a few days into my 8th week. I could hardly sleep I was so sick. 😷 
    And of course every day completely knackered by the afternoon. 🛌
  • @KFrob rage is definitely a symptom for me too.

     I was all over the place today with my emotions. I’m usually pretty chill and happy-go-lucky. But today I was switching between anger, joy, and tears so fast my poor husband left to get me ice cream before I even asked. 
  • Nausea and so tired. I’m asleep more hours than awake! 
  • I honestly feel terrible right now. I've been so nauseated that I'm barely eating, which on top of my already being exhausted makes me feel wobbly. It takes me forever to get even the smallest amount of food into me.
    I've also had hip pain and back ache and I started crying today because MH was teasing me and turned off the light on me.
    I need this first trimester to be over now kthxbai.
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  • DH says that my most common form of communication is now an exasperated sigh in his direction, so I’m guessing that’s a symptom. And exhaustion. How am I even awake right now?


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  • @mercury94 I do this too, only they are just generic exasperated sighs about everything.  I think I'm giving DH a complex about it.  He's always like "whats wrong?!" 
  • Smells, oh the smells.  Smells have bothered me here and there but today has been rough.  The smell of my Burts Bees chapstick that I'm addicted to now smells like minty vomit.  Also, there is some weird smell in my office today that sort of smells like wall plaster and milk.  
  • Oh the smells 😭 Everything DH makes me
    to try to convince me to eat healthy makes me gag. Poor guy. Also I’m finding it really odd that despite feeling sick all day I only vomit between the hours of 5pm and 8pm. Morning sickness my ....
  • Sooooo sleepy and heartburn, I think because I was low carb to try to get pregnant now all I want is carbs and dairy. All of it. 
  • @littleredm I feel your pain, my sinuses are a disaster! I'm so extra stuffed up
  • The fatigue is hitting me hard this week 😴 And I have to interact with my patients all day... I wish I could just nap! 
  • @littleredm @KFrob ; So interesting about your sinuses! I usually have chronic sinus pain with a migraine once a week, but when I'm pregnant it mostly goes away. Last pregnancy I only had 3 migraines the entire time. I wonder why it's so different for everyone? 

    Heat packs usually help me. And pushing on the pressure points near the bridge of your nose.
  • sanpelligrinosanpelligrino
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    Mild episodes of nausea and food aversions. I am beginning to hate rice. I have a love hate relationship with food which is very hard to deal with.

    No other major symptoms. Some days i'm more exhausted than others, but that's about it. Went on a couple of hikes this weekend and I felt quite winded out and needed more breaks than usual, but it was okay. 
  • It's making me feel better to know I'm not alone in misery hah hah. 6w+4 today and the nausea/fatigue are so real. Also my boobs and bloating have me feeling like a sausage in my work dress 😭. And between the tenderness and the size I keep being distracted by my own breasts hah hah hah.
  • @babybison I don't get what I consider true migraines (I get the aura and that's when I know it's a real migraine.  In reality I probably have them when I get a bad headache too) more than maybe once a year, except when I'm pregnant I get more like 3.  It's very weird how everyone's body reacts differently! 
  • I'm so so dizzy, and my shortness of breath has kicked in big time. I wasn't planning on telling my coworkers yet but I told 2 who I know could keep it secret because if something happens then I need someone to know.
    All the talk of sinus pain reminded me that I had obstetric rhinitis with DS (constast stuffy nose) for like 6 weeks and it was the worst.
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  • Last pregnancy I had nausea and morning sickness mostly in the morning. I’d throw up and go on with my day. It started out that way this time but the last few days it is throw up in the morning, nauseous much of the day and sometimes throw up before dinner. 

    I had more sinus gunk when I was pregnant before and that seems to be here again, but pregnancy seems to help my seasonal allergies and my migraines! I think cause one of my biggest migraine triggers is my cycle. 

    The fatigue is real my friends. 
  • I can’t believe how much the nausea has hit me this week. It was so manageable and light for the first couple of weeks, and now I feel sick allllll the time. 
    The worst part is that I feel especially sick after eating fries.... which is one of my favorite foods. I put fries on the side of 30% of my meals. I even make my own fries. I’m real sad. Might need to slide into the “why is my pregnant self crying” thread if I keep thinking about it. 
  • @emsnedds noooo not the fries!! 😱
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  • 6 weeks today and nausea hit a week ago. I’m nauseous all the time and so tired. My blood pressure is very low, which doesn’t help at all. I’m just a joy to be around!
  • Yesterday I woke up and was oddly not hungry or nauseous and felt fairly normal for the rest of the day. It freaked me out!! Today the hunger and nausea is back as normal! 

    I cant stand the smell of my fridge right now. I have no idea what exactly is making it smell so bad but it makes me want to gag every time I open it. 
  • I woke up at 11:26 last night and did the whole stir a bit and think why am I awake.  Then it hit me, I was over heated and so nauseous.  I sat in the middle of my kitchen floor forcing down saltines and ginger ale.  I'm not sure if it was pregnancy, the prenatal vitamin before bed or both. 

    @kath1414 The fridge is the worst!   
  • @kath1414 the symptoms are very day by day for me as well! 

    I'm also tired of crying all the time already, but then also super grateful to have symptoms that make me feel pregnant. I know I would be super anxious if I didnt feel awful. So, grateful to feel awful? 😭
  • It's hard to be excited about the pregnancy and also hate the process. Biologically, this should be more fun 😆.

    Anyone else feel like they need extra support already? I'm in maternity leggings, but I also put on a belly band this morning. Things just feel too loosey-goosey.
  • I feel achy and nauseous. I hate going into my kitchen. Can't stand the smell of foods. My office break room is beyond nauseating right now.
  • Nausea is really picking up. Puking every morning and feeling nauseous throughout the day. Hope the morning sickness doesn't last as long this time. Last time, it lasted till 26 weeks.
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  • @babybison I agree! Pregnancy should definitely be more enjoyable lol. I was attempting to put my cranky toddler down for a nap earlier while fighting my nausea and a headache and mentally telling myself "this is worth it... This is worth it" lol
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  • Aghhh! So much constipation. You know it’s bad when the ultrasound tech brings up four times how much stool she saw in my bowels! lol 
  • So much nausea. I worked from home today and I was grateful as I threw up 3 times. Just got dinner down and currently sucking on ice cubes. 
  • Nausea. The b6 and unisome combo has been life changing. Sore boobs and mood swings have been on a whole new level though 🙄
  • In addition to the nausea coming and going, I was lightheaded and dizzy several times today. When I mentioned it to my mom, she told me she passed out twice when pregnant with me, so now I’m on strict orders to sit down wherever I am at the time...
  • I've now started to violently gag brushing my teeth.  This happened last time too.  It was the only time I actually threw up with DD2.  
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