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Product Spotlight - Pillows/Sleep Gear

Each week we'll spotlight a new category of product. Feel free to comment on threads like these throughout your time at the board, not just when they're in their week in the spotlight, if you discover something new OR are new to the board. This week it's.... Pillows/Sleep Gears!

FTMs are encouraged to ask questions & STM/+s encouraged to share their knowledge based on experience. You can use any or all the prompts relevant to you below to share info in an easy-to-read format. Pictures/screen grabs, if put in spoilers, are welcome!

For all...
Any pillows you're using/considering?
Did you use a pregnancy pillow last time? Any reccomendations?

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Re: Product Spotlight - Pillows/Sleep Gear

  • So, I never used a pregnancy pillow last pregnancy. Just added a pillow under my belly and a pillow between my legs. Not sure if I'll get one this time. Anyone have insight on the C vs U shapes? Also, anyone not use a name brand pillow?
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  • I used a U-shape last time, but I was pregnant through a South Texas summer and I got too hot, so I stopped using it pretty quickly. Then I just put a pillow between my knees. I’m sure those pillows are great if you don’t live in the center of the sun, though. 


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  • babybisonbabybison
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    I used the boppy side sleeper. They're two kidney bean shaped pillows attached in the middle. It seemed like the least amount of pillow and also very movable for turning over at night. Plus it's one of the cheaper ones. It gave a lot of back support too.

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  • I loved my snoogle (c-shaped pillow) and I'm excited to use it again. Takes up a bit too much room in our bed though.
  • I didn’t use one my first pregnancy but kind of wished I had toward the end. I’ve been looking at them and don’t know whether to go with the C shape or U shape so any recommendations are appreciated!
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    The back n belly pillow saved me last pregnancy. It's a U shape. I developed really painful carpal tunnel in my 2nd and 3rd trimester and the only position that didn't completely aggravate it was being on my back. That pillow props you up so you can safely and comfortably sleep on your back if you're a back sleeper (or in my case forced to sleep on your back in order to get any sleep). You can also use it to sleep comfortably in just about any position.
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  • C shape pillow I won’t wait this time to use it even though it takes up so much space it is sooooooooo comfortable 
  • what's a U shaped good for ? and a C shape?
  • @sanpelligrino the c is good for side sleeping it helps my shoulder and hips I get pins and needles feelings when I’m further along  I think the u is similar so you can flip back and forth 
  • I had a snoogle and I looooooved it! Unfortunately for my husband, it took up quite a bit of space in our bed.  :D
  • I used a snoogle it was a struggle until the end when I needed it. I am always hot and the snoogle + pregnancy made me like 10000 degrees. My mother made me a pillow case so thankfully I could wash it. 
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  • I used a Snoogle with my first pregnancy and it was LIFE.  I also got a wedge pillow for under my belly later on (I like to keep the Snoogle behind my back for support).  My big tip is to make sure you take it to the hospital, especially if you expect a long stay.  It's the only way I got any sleep through my induction!
  • I'm already using a snoogle C shape because I used to always sleep on my back and needed something to train me to sleep on my side. I'd been trying to sleep on my side and kept waking up on my back, but the snoogle keeps me put. My pug is not a fan of no more sleeping on my tummy though  :D
  • @korthouse Pugs are the best. I have two. I had three, but one passed recently. 


    Me 33 DH 33 TTC since Jan 2019 PCOS

    DS1 born September 2017
  • I used the Snoogle through my last two pregnancies and plan on using it this one. It does take up a lot of room but it’s worth it!   Ever since I have to have a pillow between my legs and one to hug or support my back.  Lol. 

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  • @mercury94 I love him so much. Keeps me laughing and is such a snug!
  • Question for those that have used “C” shaped pillows:  When I sleep on my side I usually flip to the other side whenever I wake up in the middle of the night.  I like the idea of a “C” pillow better than the “U” pillow but how much of a pain in the butt is it to flip from side to side in the middle of the night with the “C” pillow?

    I am typically a back sleeper and am going to invest in a pillow this time around rather than using 4 pillows strategically placed around me!
  • @mandarenee898 - switched from side to side often with the snoggle.   I just pulled the ends of the “c” where I needed them. 

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