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What My Pregnant Self is Eating..


Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating..

  • mandk1233mandk1233 member
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    @noxacanthus McD's fries are the best! There is one very close to my work so sometimes I go over there at lunchtime.

    ETA and by sometimes I mean at least once a week. 😂
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  • +1 for salty and fries!!! I ate and entire bag of skinny pop the other day at work and popcorn is my fave snack.
    The cafe in my office building has a burger stand with amazing fries that I've been digging. I almlst ordered 2 orders of them a few times but had to stop myself lol
  • @noxacanthus @mandk1233 I have gotten a couple happy meals these past few months, haha. The tiny fry containers are adorable and nowhere near the amount I -want- to eat but it makes me feel less guilty. And I don't even ask for the extra fries in the happy meal! Literally the beacon of pregnancy health over here ;)
  • I forgot how delicious Mcds fries are. We stopped at a mcds on the way back from a cabin trip and I could barely control myself. My son got mad bc I didnt want to share my fries! 

    I'm totally using this pregnancy as an excuse to binge on foods I would normally limit. But I'm finding I have less room in my tummy for big meals. I'm eating about 3000 tiny meals all day long! 
  • Normally salty is my go to snack... popcorn, an entire bag of chips, McD fries.. I can't help myself! But while pregnant I'm totally craving chocolate (hello mini halloween choco bars!). So my cravings have totally flipped. Before, if I sat down with a bag of chips I'd have to have them torn away from my cold dead hands or I'd eat them all, but I could take or leave chocolate and sweets. And now it's reversed completely! Pretty sure my baby is 50% chocolate at this point.
  • @babyroma haha oh man I wish my cravings included carrots.. or broccoli, or anything good for you!
  • @kper82 right!? H would be much happier with me if that were the case! 
  • @babyroma Oh man, my partner is worse than I am with the sweets! He has no self control around desserts lol. I feel bad because I'll bring home a giant box of Halloween chocolates and then he eats more of them than I do! He's got no chance :D
  • Ugh meanwhile my husband is in the best shape of his life. When he loses a pound, I gain a pound 😂
  • Ate the pumpkin pie pop tarts my husband left in my truck. Sorry not sorry!
  • @nhh11 Yeah. My husband is losing weight and it's secretly bumming me out. Then again, he's not eating carbs and I'm eating ALL of them. 
  • @kper82 they were pretty good. I don’t know if it’s because I was starving, though 😂
  • Pumpkin pie Pop Tarts are cool and all but has anyone had the maple Oreos??? 🤤
  • @babyroma candy/caramel apples are one of my favorite things about the fall :) That dark chocolate one in particular sounds amazing!
  • I've been in a very soup-y mood lately. This week I made Skinnytaste's cream of broccoli soup for my lunches and it's really good and pretty easy. I also feel healthy because it's basically a bunch of veggies and a touch of milk. Would recommend for my fellow soup cravers :)
  • Ice cream. All the time recently 
  • I feel like I'm never satisfied.  Even when I'm full I feel like there is some craving I'm looking for but I have no clue what it is.
  • Not going to lie, I am living through you ladies. I feel food cravings and increased appetite are an awesome symptom of pregnancy, and other than sugar free popsicles, I haven't really wanted to eat anything. Little jealousy over here haha. Keep the food posts coming
  • rikiteacuprikiteacup member
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    I've definitely been more lax about my food since being pregnant. French brioche + The Greek Gods Honey Greek Yogurt + a glass of apple cider + a banana have been my breakfasts. I feel like I am going to fail my glucose test in a couple weeks...

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    4/05/2019: varicocele repair surgery
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  • jvk2012 said:
    I feel like I'm never satisfied.  Even when I'm full I feel like there is some craving I'm looking for but I have no clue what it is.
    I'm sort of in this same boat...like I always want to be eating SOMETHING, but not sure what it is that I want? Lately I've been eating m&m's because people have been bringing in Halloween candy. Dangit now I want m&ms...
  • I've been feeling way hungrier since 20 weeks and have completely let go of my calorie counting now, but anytime I eat more than a small meal I get heartburn/acid reflux or I spend several hours feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. I need to slowly graze all day instead of having only coffee and then losing my mind at lunch and being in pain all afternoon...
  • Cereal, citrus (I could eat an entire bag of clementines in one sitting), lemonade and chocolate. 
  • @swiftlet I got heartburn just reading that
  • @doodleoodle lol! I haven’t had much heartburn at all but it’s a miracle considering all that acidic stuff I’m into right now. 
  • Has anybody completely lost their appetite? I’ve been ravenous for the last couple of months, but lately have only been wanting to eat MAYBE once a day.
  • @doodleoodle, I haven’t lost my appetite but have noticed a definite decrease in it. For me, I get full easily so I don’t eat as much in one sitting but also find myself needing fewer snacks than previously.
  • @doodleoodle I find myself being hungry but also completely disinterested in food, especially if I have to make it myself. 
  • @doodleoodle I find that I haven't been as hungry lately. I eat less at each sitting, and I have occasionally skipped meals which is very unlike me.
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