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What My Pregnant Self is Eating..

Now that I am out of the first trimester food has been sounding so much more enticing. I have a few craving.. Reese Peanut Butter Cereal, Lucky Charms, like I did when I was pregnant with my son, cupcakes and anything cooked with sage. I wish my cravings were slightly more healthy, oh well! 

Anybody else having any pregnancy cravings? 

Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating..

  • I've been wanting spaghettios and deviled eggs (not together!!), and I have an unholy love for string cheese. Haha but I'm trying to be really good with my eating. I got in trouble for gaining 4lbs with my doctor so early. She wants me gaining nothing (10lbs at absolute max) bc I'm already very overweight to begin with. 
  • @babyroma
     spaghettios and deviled eggs and string cheese sounds much healthier than the crap I listed. I really do *try* to eat healthy. I use to love snacking on yellow peppers and now I can't even stand the taste. If I make myself and my kiddo scrambled eggs I feel like gagging just from the smell. 

    My doctor yelled at me for losing weight in the first trimester... I had to kindly remind him that I cut out beer. Which wasn't my main source of sustenance but definitely was an avid beer enthusiast. LOL Doctors and all their opinions  :D
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  • All the fried food and sweets. Someone make me stop.  :D
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  • @mrstomommy1114 Haha I ate tons of mac n cheese the first trimester bc I love the heck out of it and it was generally a food i could keep down. Its been hard to limit myself on carbs because....I mean...they're freaking delish. DH always harasses me bc I dont eat enough veggies. I dont hate them, but I havent been wanting them. He'll leave for work and tell me "eat a veggie today...and i dont mean one single pea!!" Oops. 
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    My big cravings have been chips and queso, flaming hot Cheetos, salt and vinegar chips, sour patch kids and sweet tarts. May god have mercy on my hips 😂
  • No cravings, just very impressionable haha. I have been wanting Costco chicken salad recently, so a coworker is (hopefully) going to hook me up at lunch tomorrow. If she forgets I might secretly cry in the bathroom 😂
  • @craftywitch YES to eating ALL the pickles. I had 3 giant pickles on a stick at the MN State Fair this past weekend. Woops!

    @doodleoodle DH and I had the Chick-fil-a spicy chicken sandwiches for dinner tonight! Soooo good. 
  • Ice cream. All the ice cream.  Other than that nothing specific except carbs and generally unhealthy things 
  • Still on the poultry and potatoes bus, but my cravings are generally all over the place. 
  • Def loving the pickles but I've been making virgin bloody marys like crazy lol. UGH SO GOOD. I even dress them up with olives and everything haha
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  • @kmj1426 I haven’t really craved OJ but it’s SO GOOD when I’ve had it. Like better than normal. 
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  • @kmj1426 I haven’t really craved OJ but it’s SO GOOD when I’ve had it. Like better than normal. 
    DH: 34
    Married: May 2011
    TTC #1: May 2015
    DS: 10/20/2016
    TTC #2: June 2019
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  • Flaming hot Cheetos with lime has def been a steady craving! But I’m getting mild heartburn already so I’ve been trying to limit myself. I’ve REALLY been wanting some raw sushi. Tried to eat cooked to see if it would subside my craving but no such luck. Definitely going to be my first postpartum meal 🤣
  • @kmj1426 Wow I must be impressionable but really cold orange juice sounds like it would ridiculously hit the spot now... must find this!!!
  • I have been guzzling vitamin water Zero (XXX flavor). We’ve been out for days and last night I was THISCLOSE to having hubs go out and get me some. We’re going to the store today so hopefully I survive until then...
  • The other day I was teleworking and really wanted a delicious snack, but our home doesn’t have much in that area. So I sprinkled marshmallows and chocolate chips on a piece of Hawaiian bread and microwaved it. Spread peanut butter on another piece. Put em together- PB s’mores sandwich.  
  • GIVE ME (almost all) THE FOOD!
  • I absolutely LOATHE pickles  :#  If any pickle juice gets anywhere near my fries or sandwich I freak out. 

    I still have a lot of aversions. I did enjoy some good sushi yesterday and have been making a lot of soup.

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  • @nhh11 he must be an alien. We were travelling yesterday and when we were at a rest stop I saw mnms on the counter while paying for my sons meal and bought a bag for myself and tore into as soon as my child wasnt looking 🤣🤣
  • @rikiteacup I’ve been really into apples myself lol. Going to an orchard sounds so magical! 
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  • @jvk2012 how about chicken sausage? I think the main difference between any kind of sausage and ground turkey is the spices. You would need to add them to your turkey so it's not so bland. I hope you used 93% turkey. Sometimes you need the extra fat for taste.
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    Current go-to breakfast until it abruptly and unpredictably becomes terrible: Raisin Bran with banana on top. Yum.

    @rikiteacup I just ate a pink lady apple! Think I’m going to get some honeycrisp this weekend :)
  • @rikiteacup, next time I'll definitely use turkey/chicken sausage if I don't go with regular sausage.  I used 99% turkey.  Mistakes everywhere!  I did Google sausage seasonings to try to add it and make it better but meh, it didn't help.
  • @zseirecarg I mean, I would be OK with that 😂
  • @allthingsfeta as long as the salads have fruit and feta or goat cheese I'm all about salads. 

    @zseirecarg 2 orders of breadsticks seems like a solid order! 
  • Chicken bacon ranch sandwiches 😋 and pumpkin pie!
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