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Group 2 (2/8-2/14) check in w/o 8/19


Re: Group 2 (2/8-2/14) check in w/o 8/19

  • @jvk2012 Thanks for the reassurance. I haven't felt anything yet and we aren't finding out the sex. I don't want to find out and am excited for the surprise. DH and I are planning on cleaning out more of the room tomorrow that will be the nursery. Maybe that will help it be more real. 
  • @burr1371 I don't really feel that "connection" either. Everyone is like "oh are you so excited?!" and I feel bad but I'm like, "uh...yeah, yep..." not because I'm not happy about it but I'm also not like a lot of people with their enthusiasm. Which is weird as we went through IF but -shrug- I dunno if it's because being pregnant has been miserable and I hate it or what haha.
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  • @Swiftlet Thanks! You described exactly how I am feeling. We were trying and everything, I didn't think it would happen so quickly. I wasn't even that sick the first trimester, I just am feeling blah.
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