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Magee or local hospital

Hi there! I'm pregnant with my fourth and trying to decide where to deliver (and therefore which OB to go with). I live near New Castle, so a little over an hour from Magee in good traffic. My first two were precipitous labors with vaginal delivery. #2 came in just 2 hours 15 min, and that's from the time I woke up. I almost delivered in the parking lot. I had both of them at Sharon Regional, which is 25 minutes from me. My third I had at Magee via C-section after a failed attempt to turn him from breech position. I'm 99% sure that a scheduled C-section will be preferable this time around because I contract so hard with the precipitous labor that there's a big risk of uterine rupture. Sooo….I partly prefer Magee because I'm 39, had gestational diabetes last time, and generally feel they can handle complications better. And it's a nice hospital. But delivering at Magee means finding an OB in Cranberry, so a 45-minute drive with two toddlers to each appointment, including in the winter. And if I happen to go into labor before a scheduled C-section, I'll be showing up at Sharon Regional with a doctor with no knowledge of me. Any advice or other things to consider?
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